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Season 22 Live Feed Summary

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Votes to evict:

  • Keesha: David, Nicole A, Ian, Nicole F, Tyler, Christmas, Kaysar, Bayleigh, DaVonne, Janelle, Enzo, Dani, Memphis.
  • Kevin: No votes received.

Keesha evicted 13-0.

Edited by Nashville
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BB Basement powers:

  • Disruptor - Allows power holder to secretly rescue a single Block nominee and force the HoH to select a replacement.  Must be used on one of the next two nomination ceremonies.  Won by David.
  • Replay - Allows an HoH to play in back-to-back HoH competitions.  Can be used on the current HoH or one of the next 2 HoHs.  Won by Dani.
  • Blocker - Prevents a single HG (Power holder, or someone of their choosing) from being selected as a PoV ceremony replacement nominee.  Power must be publicly exercised during the PoV ceremony after the PoV has been used, but before HoH selects a replacement nom.  Good for next 3 PoV ceremonies.  Won by Christmas.
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