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Season 22 Live Feed Summary

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Triple Eviction Night

Eviction #1 - votes to evict:

  • David: no votes received.
  • Kevin: Enzo, Dani, Tyler, Christmas, Nicole, Memphis.

Kevin evicted 6-0.


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Note: Individual PoV participant lists will not be provided for the remainder of the season, as all remaining HGs will participate in all remaining PoV competitions.

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Note: As a F4 PoV holder who is not already on the Block, Cody cannot take either nom off the Block - nobody is available to serve as a replacement nom - but he does have the sole vote to evict tonight.

Cody votes to evict Christmas.

Christmas evicted 1-0.

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F3 HoH comp is a 3-part competition:

  1. All three F3 HGs compete against each other in Part 1; the winner “fast-forwards” past Part 2, to be one of the two contestants in Part 3.
  2. The two F3 HGs not winning Part 1 will compete head-to-head in Part 2.
  3. The Part 1 victor and the Part 2 victor face off against each in Part 3, with the winner claiming Final HoH.
  4. The FHoH selects which of the other two remaining HGs will join them to comprise the F2.


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Votes to win BB22:

  • Cody: Ian, Da’Vonne, Kevin, David, Dani, Tyler, Memphis, Christmas, Nicole.
  • Enzo: No votes received.

Cody wins BB22 by a vote of 9 - 0.

Da’Vonne wins America’s Favorite Houseguest prize of $25,000.


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