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Shavel and Quaylon: How Do You Say Your Name?

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Shavel and Quaylon’s WE tv description reads, “Incarcerated for over a decade, Quaylon met Shavel seeking companionship during his lengthy sentence. After months of calls, visits and letters, their friendship quickly turned into something more. After two years together, Shavel is looking forward to the release of the love of her life and starting a life with her 5-year-old daughter in Kansas City. What she doesn’t know is Quaylon’s family expects him to return to Texas upon his release.”

Quaylon went to prison at 17.  He used that time to get many prison tattoos.  

This couple is so in love, so meant to be that neither can pronounce the other's name correctly.  Let's hope they marry right away so when the the judge says, "Do you, <insert name>, take <insert name> as your lawfully wedded . . ."  they can respond, "Who?" 

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For those looking to soak in Shovel's wisdom, apparently she's written a book: Shovel's Book

Don't miss the pic of Shovel, mouth wide open, with strings of saliva on full display. Some editor doesn't like her.

I was googling her to find out what her 'business' consists of, but nothing came up. I still think she probably sells those godawful outfits she wears on the show.

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