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John and Kristianna: Smudge Sticks Cannot Provide Enough Cleansing

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Their WE tv description reads, “John and Kristianna struck up a relationship online and fell head over heels for each other after just three months. Unbeknownst to Kristianna, John is planning for a wedding ceremony on the very day of her release. Will John move too fast for his newly released love?”

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3 hours ago, zenme said:

How does he not know right off the bat how many kids he has? 

Old family joke. 

Someone once told my father that they had met a man in Louisiana who looked just like him.  He asked my dad, "Do you have a brother in Louisiana?"  Dad responded, "Nope.  I don't think the old man ever traveled that far south."

I suspect there are a LOT of guys out there who may not know for sure how many kids they have.  They are probably used to the potential of "extra credit" where the not-a-wife tells them that her 4th (5th? 6th?) child is his, and the not-a-wife isn't sure either.

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