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  1. Do you mind me asking how you know so much about this? Whatever you're comfortable with sharing... And you must not read my posts, because I've been pretty critical of Larissa, especially with regard to her children. And I thought she had only two. She's so vile.
  2. I canNOT stand Pedro's sister. First of all, I don't believe for a second that the grandmother is not well or needs to see Pedro. Second, she keeps referring to Chantel's family as "gringos" - obviously in a disparaging way. I guess TLC is okay with using terms like that to denigrate other people? And then she tells that tramp Coraima, in what is a blatantly set up bar scene, that she is going to move to the U.S. and "live off of Pedro" and live in his apartment, because that will "set her [Chantel] on fire." And when they were conspiring to throw Coraima at Pedro again, how ugly. They're both disgusting. And what's up with Pedro admitting on camera more than once that the only reason he's being nice to Chantel's family is to manipulate her into helping him get those witches over here? I really don't know why I'm watching this shit.
  3. I think you underestimate Rinna. JMO.
  4. Hmmm, she's starting to look like Fernanda. Well, I'm glad to see she's hit the big time with some rough looking strippers and a weird clinger-on BF. At least she's not feeling guilty about those little kids she left behind and is able to go out and have fun! (I really hate her.)
  5. It's creepy watching someone so blatantly and unashamedly restructure this show to her liking. She came to RHOBH and almost immediately started breaking down who she felt was the queen with her outing of LVP and the alleged Munchausen gossip, and from there, she just chipped and chiseled away at her until she finally broke off and left. And now she's rebuilding with her bestie. Lisa Rinna is a disgusting pig, the ring leader, and the others were only too happy to follow along. I don't think I'm going to watch anymore.
  6. Teri313

    Corey & Evelin: The Bae of Pigs

    I realize it’s funny characterizing Corey and his family as whackos living on a compound in the deep woods in a cult, and I also realize that it’s TLC driven, but I find it kind of insulting. I feel like we’re filling in a lot of blanks here with information that isn’t necessarily correct. I thought his parents were actually very sweet and welcoming to Evelyn, even with her crappy personality and insults. It’s not like they’re polygamists with teenage brides in prairie dresses, with chain links fences and concertina wire surrounding the property and family members armed and patrolling to keep the law out. A lot of families where I live who own a lot of land give pieces to their children when they become adults to build houses on and raise their families so they can grow up close to their grandparents. Maybe I’m a little more sensitive to him being made fun of because I have a lot of land and live in a remote rural area, but I love it. I don’t feel isolated or like a weirdo. I just find it peaceful. And if Evelyn felt trapped there, she wouldn’t have stayed for six months. She’s no shrinking violet. If she wanted to leave, she would have. THAT SAID, I realize that he is his own worse enemy when it comes to image and how people perceive him, so I can't defend that. He's a dork and a doormat.
  7. Teri313

    S07:E39: Cherie & Avion

    Wait... ... ...so, she thinks because they handed over his phone/device and she was able to delete her nasty photos, it's all over??? All she wanted was to ensure that her photos were no longer out there. HUH??????? Once your fucking photos are out there, THEY'RE OUT THERE! Go ahead, delete them from his phone. Where else did he save them to? This is SO stupid.
  8. Teri313

    S01.E12: Baby, Come Back!

    Anyone else notice all the signs in English when Jenny was in the rickshaw? A car that looked like a taxi that said "TOURIST" on the windshield, store fronts that said "JAGGA BUS SERVICE," "BABA CYBER CAFE," "[indecipherable] PAINTERS & PRINTERS," sidewalk signs that said "PHOTOSTAT/PRINT OUTS/RESUME/FLEX BOARD/PUMPHLETS"(sic), a billboard across from the employment agency of a Honda scooter with "2999 LOW DOWN PAYMENT Love is Growing" - and tons more. The employment agency even had a sign next to the front door that said "Computer Operator, Security Guard, Housekeeping, Banking..." But she can't find anybody to speak English with. Even the employment agency guy clearly had SOME English, which she didn't understand either.
  9. A couple episodes ago, when Ronald made that remark to Daniel about human trafficking, I swear, my blood ran cold. It was so creepy. I just wanted to scoop that kid up and get him out of there. I felt the same way when Mae was in Morocco. As much as I don't want to think Azan would do anything like that (traffic her), you just never know. He always took a lot of interest in her and was so quick to be affectionate, barely paying attention to her mother. But I guess it would be pretty brazen of him to be involved in something like that and be on a TV show.
  10. Nice claws on the girlfriend.
  11. Oh my God, I'm so over Tiffany repeating the same shit over and over and over. "He's put me through so much." "We've been through SO much." "I don't know what the future will bring." "I don't know if I can trust him." "One mistake by Ronald and everything we've worked SO HARD for will be over!" Blahblahblah, UGH, please stop and move on. Also, I must not have been paying attention, because I don't know exactly WHAT he has put her through. Can anyone fill me in? Is it just admitting to her that he's got an addiction and a rap sheet? What exactly is the SO MUCH that he has put her through? As Karine would say...drama, drama, drama...
  12. LOL, that is totally him! How in the world did you make the connection? If you go on his FB page, he announces that he will be on TFC. Anyway, GOOD catch from the way back machine, dreamkiller. (And P.S., yes, I do remember when it was good. That's why I don't watch it anymore.)
  13. Who believes that Eric would really sell everything he owns and follow Larissa to Brazil if she gets deported? I sincerely doubt it.
  14. Okay, so it's a Colt sticking it to Larissa video. Kind of funny actually. He's terrible in it, but I get the point.
  15. So not only will Pedro bring his vile mother and sister over here to live, but he confirmed to Chantel that he will continue to pay for/support them! Maybe his warehouse job can support them in the DR, but how will that work here? And his mother was so nasty, screeching and harping on him because he's not doing enough to get her over here asap. And the sister telling him to get a divorce. Why is he so blind to how nasty they are? I'd be ashamed of them if I were him.