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  1. So I was listening to Auntie's Advice the other day and she was talking about how when Shane told the fertility doctor that he was having sex with Lacey five times a day, and getting paid for it by her, he wasn't kidding - that he is now part of her cam girl gig and they are a cam couple. I'm so disgusted. Her poor kids. (Sorry if this is old news. I just heard it.)
  2. Good idea - how about Anna? She can pack up her kids and bees and head to the farm. Mike is a nice guy, Uncle Bo is growing on me (I know, I laughed as I typed that...but he seems harmless and like he has a good heart), and Natalie is a PSYCHO. I'm getting a Rhoda Penmark (The Bad Seed) vibe from her.
  3. I meant to post this last episode, but I forgot ... It's one thing to throw the ring. It's another thing to throw HIS MOTHER'S RING. I have my mother-in-law's engagement ring. I've had it for 34 years. I can't imagine at anytime - back then until now - EVER tossing it into suitcase oblivion. Hearing it hit. Looking like I didn't give a shit. I haven't seen tonight's show yet, so I don't know if she redeems herself, but for now, that's my take.
  4. I'm going to have to disagree with you there. She has consistently complained about the menial tasks she's given, like they're giving her low-level work to intentionally keep her down. In my one example, she was bitching about having to clean the jacuzzi. Hey, that's my take. I just don't see her as someone with a rational head on her shoulders. She might be a "hard worker," but she is also unpredictable (or predictably hair-triggerish), inappropriately challenging to authority, and an extreme hot head. And we KNOW that she has the ability to control herself, because she does so with Captain Lee - albiet to manipulate the situation - but she is clearly capable of it. I think she just wants to be higher on the food chain and that's where she loses it.
  5. I haven't read this whole discussion, but enough to feel like I'm the only one on Ashton's side. I don't like him when he's drunk, but sober, I like him. I think he is a good bosun. On the other hand, Riley is consistently inappropriate in the way she talks to her superiors, and it's not just Ashton. She was exactly the same way with Chandler and Ross. She goes from zero to 60 in a split second over basically NOTHING. She gets pissed because they assign her work that is consistent with her rank, 3rd deck hand, but then she complains that they treat her differently and don't let her in. We've had plenty of female deck hands on this show and they have been treated just the same as the guys, and I feel like Riley is no different. To lose your shit at your boss the way she does, you'd better have a really good excuse, and an exit plan. I can't imagine ever talking to my boss like that. She has a very distorted sense of her place in the hierarchy of the boat and what is appropriate. And I think Kate has been so inappropriate inserting herself into the situation and egging Riley on. I would LOVE to see Kate have to manage her for just one charter, and see how she handles it when Riley feels disrespected because she is told to fill toilet paper dispensers or vacuum. Because, you know, that's 3rd stew level crap. Just like cleaning the Jacuzzi is 3rd deckhand level crap.
  6. I pretty much hated her right out of the gate. Her air of superiority was a real turn off, but then she goes on to tell us how she fell hard for some guy she met in the States, followed him to South Africa, then decided almost as quickly that he was an asshole. So she, in all her wisdom, leaves his house in the middle of the night and GOES TO A BAR where she starts drinking with people she doesn't know, gets drunk, and and hooks up with the NEW love of her life, the bartender, Syngin. She makes immature choices based on her inability to say NO to herself, and then tries to justify her actions by selling us a bill of BS. Like why is it so hard to simply call Syngin when she gets in to let him know she's safe? If she can't even commit to that, how will she ever make it through a marriage? I also feel sorry for whatever children she brings into the world. I remember a while back, a couple in Alaska who were really into winter outdoor sports. They had a baby and said the kid wasn't going to hold them back. The baby would just have to basically keep up with them. So they strapped it to one of their backs and went out cross-country skiing for the day, and when they got back, the baby was dead. It froze to death. Sorry, I know it's a terrible story, but Tania has that same kind of arrogance about her and it made me think of that poor baby.
  7. What the hell did Terry do to his face? I don't watch Botched, but happened upon an episode today and his face looks so messed up. Like he did cheek implants? Something to his eyes? There he is sitting next to Paul and making fun of him, but really, the joke is on Terry. Paul looks great, like himself. I'm kind of sad for Terry that he went that route.
  8. I don't watch this show, but I know Terry and Paul from RHOC and RHOBH. However, I just came upon an episode of Botched and what did Terry Dubrow do to his face? Damn, he looks so different! Cheek implants? Eye something or other? It looks like the only thing he hasn't touched is his nose, which is the only thing I would think he would fix.
  9. I LOOOOVE those gibberish subtitles, so awesome. It's like trying to subtitle someone who's loaded.
  10. I couldn't help but take notice when Sasha's father said to him at the airport, “We want you to live a good normal life. Not like we do here.” I wasn't expecting anything like that. I don't actually even know what I want to say about it, except that it's sad.
  11. I don't recall them ever explaining what the big crime is about Anna having kids. It can't be a Muslim thing, right? We've had other 90 Day Muslims on the show for women with kids (Mohamed, Azan, Aladin...). So is it a Turkish thing? I just don't understand why it's shameful in their eyes. Because she is divorced?
  12. I really don't know how you sort all of this out Christina. What a convoluted mess. I just have one question - why didn't Laura get paid by TLC? Does that mean that Aladin didn't get paid either?
  13. He seems to be getting some kind of celebrity coaching on his physical appearance. She should be worried, because once he loses some weight and starts working out, Rebecca's going to find herself (in the words of Jesse's stepdad) out of his league.
  14. Or he'll friend you on FB for $80 - yeah, no thanks. lol
  15. That is hilarious!!! He loves you so-so-SOOOO much. LOL Thanks so-so-SOOO much for sharing that. :-)
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