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  1. I wonder what Ron's children from his previous marriage(s) think when they see him standing up in the hay loft proclaiming to Brandon, gesturing with his arms wide spread, that "All this will be yours one day, ALL THIS."
  2. This is clearly Julia's problem - she never applied for the job! She could be making $10-$12 an hour.
  3. Why did Lee make everyone ruin their sleep patterns to take turns doing 1-hour watches over Delores? Wouldn't it make more sense to have one person do it, like anchor watch? That all seemed just a bit dramatic to me. Also, I get why he was pissed at her, but his reaction seemed way over the top. I think his cowboy boots were too tight.
  4. I almost feel like he was trying to conjure something up to make his B&B an attraction. You know, haunted weekends in the country inn. And getting the show involved to get him publicity and get Amy to confirm that it is haunted. Whatever it was, he had something going on that he wasn't being honest about, and I have a feeling Amy and Steve walked out of there shaking their heads.
  5. How weird was "Evil In Erieville, NY"? That owner of the house, Elvis Restaino, was so cagey. It was like he had an agenda having them there. He's what appears to be a successful designer from California (http://www.elvisr.com/), and he buys this house in a small farming town in nowhere NY state off of the internet, site unseen (in person anyway), with plans to turn it into a B&B? That sounds to me like a really stupid business decision. Which makes me wonder if getting on the show was to get free publicity? His interview with Steve was so awkward. Steve seemed really uncomfortable and the guy was definitely holding back and trying to answer questions carefully. Then we find out he's been trying to "communicate" with the resident dead with homemade blocks and some kind of weird jar thing with a spent dandelion hanging in the middle of it. What is this guy's deal??? He told Steve that all of the activity started AFTER he started this "communication." So if there was nothing going on beforehand, why would he do that? And when Amy tries telling him he needs to shut down the portal he opened, he pretty much showed them the door. No interest in shutting it down. I feel like it didn't go well and the editing at the end was abrupt and incomplete. I wish they had just shown us the whole thing. I found the house on Zillow: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/3704-Eaton-Brook-Rd-Erieville-NY-13061/30839100_zpid/
  6. Remember how he said that he paid a big chunk of his debt down? I think this show had something to do with that. So that may have had something to do with his tolerance level. That was his mom's ring, so I'm wondering if she, after seeing Natalie toss it into the suitcase, took it back. I would have. I also think they need to stop playing this childish game and have a conversation to clear the air and actually talk about how he feels about taking that step again.
  7. Hey, she's just a struggling mom working hard to get her kids to the states, right? Isn't this how they all do it? (P.S. I did her the favor of blurring her nips out.)
  8. I agree. I will never in a million years believe that he really came here for Danielle, but it's good to see him doing a real job - and not FO - and contributing to the country in a positive way. I also think it's nice that he reached out to her to in friendship to end the BS and drama. And he's pretty much assured that she won't be showing up on his doorstep now, so he's safe from flying binders. Love that he's got his dog too. Was she doing FO? Please tell me no nudes.....................................lol!!! Anyway, it's good to see them both behaving and being okay with normal life, unlike some of their fame-whore counterparts.
  9. The post you put up a few back where she's talking about Libby made me think she had a pretty good command of the English language all of a sudden, but then this one seems more her speed. I wonder who wrote the other one for her ... ? Ericee?
  10. Have they ever done a paternity test? Seems like the first thing the attorney would recommend doing.
  11. Libby addresses the tampon string photo ... I still think they put the photoshopped version out there themselves after the fact to get attention. https://soapdirt.com/90-day-fiance-elizabeth-potthast-truth-on-tampon-picture/
  12. I really think it just boils down to their egos about being "celebrities" and not being willing to go back to a normal job where nobody knows you. And even though Libby and Andrei have better than minimum wage jobs (although I don't have high hopes for Andrei as a realtor, he doesn't have the patience), they are both big fame whores. And as far as the second string players - the sisters of the "stars" of the show - they're even hungrier, since they play a small, second fiddle part. There's no clear way to advance, so they take this cheap but high visibility route. They really need to be thinking about their children when they do this shit.
  13. Edited to remove photo since Christina confirmed that it was photoshopped. Although it wouldn't surprise me if they did it themselves to get attention.
  14. I just saw your post over there today ... I have no words ... except maybe, that poor baby of theirs. Especially when she gets a little older.
  15. So I'm rewatching Season 5 and I think Sandy should be doing the same thing to learn from herself. First of all, when you find yourself in a pickle because you fired a perfectly good chef in the middle of the season, and your bosun's chef boyfriend just happens to show up (like it wasn't planned or anything), don't whine to get him to agree to take the job. Just offer it. It sounds childish and unprofessional. PWEASE, PWEASE Tom, I'm weally in a bind! Also, when a previous charter guest (Johnny Damon) shows up, it's probably not a good idea to greet them with a reminder of their last charter if it wasn't great - first words out of her mouth: "Oh my gosh, I'm so happy you came back so we can make it right for you - especially in the food department." Edited To Add: When the bosun radios you that one of the crew is having a medical issue/heart palpitations, your response should probably be, I'll be right there - not, Tell her to come to me.
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