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  1. I think you're on to something. lol Yes, that's what it looks like. So funny.
  2. And don't forget about Robyn's U-Haul rental that she wouldn't let Kody return because she didn't want to have to unpack it. Or did they finally turn it back in?
  3. As someone who is married to a realtor, it makes me cringe when I hear Andrei's dumbed-down idea of what being a realtor is. It's like he thinks the job is to hard sell people into buying/selling something. First of all, he shouldn't be pressuring anyone into buying or selling anything. His job is to help them find a buyer or their new home and get them over all of the hurdles of the sale. He also won't be pressuring buyers into buying a house he has listed, because he won't be talking to them at all - their own broker/agent will be representing them. And from what I know, dual agency transact
  4. I thought it was funny when she said to Dr. Now, “So… it’s the same old, same old with you. Whatever. You can at least do me a solid and raise the milligram on my medicine until we get the pain gone.” It sounded like she was confusing him with her drug dealer.
  5. I was worried about poor Tamara during their day-of-the-wedding antics, and she's an adult. They are ridiculous.
  6. I really don't believe for a minute that Kody is motivated in any way by COVID safety, I think it's just a very convenient excuse to continue living with his real wife. If he went to NJ with Christine and Ysabel , not only would he be away from Robyn and his favorite children for that duration, but he would have to quarantine for a few weeks once they got back, right? Presumably at Christine's house. He certainly doesn't want to spend that much time with her, and he's not about to sacrifice that time away from Robyn, even for a kid who is in as much trouble as Ysabel is. He really is a piece o
  7. So, Kody got a taste of (self-gratifying) COVID monogamy for an extended period with his favorite wife, and now declares that he doesn't "give a shit" anymore because he doesn't enjoy polygamy. Well .... guess what Kody? Your wives have been uncomfortable for YEARS, and they have been told that they need to GET OVER IT and THEY ARE SELFISH if they are unhappy or jealous. I have always been a little open to hearing his side, but I'm done with Kody. DONE. And really, fuck you Janelle for giving him the excuse that he's "tired" - "tired of having to facilitate the conversations." [finger down thr
  8. A five head, lol, it took me a minute, but that's funny...
  9. She actually looks good. Has she lost a lot of weight? Or is that just some computer magic going on there???
  10. I understand she was faced with leaving because the 90 days were up and it looked like they weren't going to be married. So why was she flying off to France, which clearly freaked her out, instead of back home to Ukraine? I'm assuming because Ukraine was closed down and not letting people in, correct? So my question is, if we have somebody here on a visa and they literally can't go home because of a pandemic shutting everything down, would we still make them leave? Or have them file for a temporary extension until things open back up?
  11. It's easy to hate Mike right now, but I can't help but wonder if all of the humiliating things she said to him after arriving here didn't trash his self-confidence and make him fear committing to her for life. I mean, if a man did half the things to me that she did, damn... Imagine, as a woman, your fiance/significant other told you that you were low class, uncultured, fat, uneducated, and unattractive - and all in comparison to him, who is above you - and harped on you for everything you put in your mouth. I'm pretty sure everyone would be calling him abusive, controlling, and a misogynist. A
  12. Carole: "It's a great day for gay men, bad day for young women." Was she drunk tweeting? I think the whole premise of the show is what makes for a "bad day for young women."
  13. Some Yara before and afters...
  14. TLC kicked her to the curb because she's suing them. She says they never reimbursed her for expense money they owed her (airfare, etc.) and they didn't step in and do anything when she told them that Ryan "raped" her and they forced her to continue filming with him. Oh, yeah, and they didn't help her when she was being attacked by fire ants or pay for her medical care. She also said that she is suing because she is the first person on the show who is in the position financially to take them on, and that they take advantage of a lot of the cast members because they tend to be broke.
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