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  1. Teri313

    Russ and Paola: You're the Only Juan for Me

    Does anybody here believe for a second that Pao is truly suffering from some kind of anxiety about letting other people hold the baby? I think she knows it's something that some women experience, and she conveniently incorporated it into her act to keep Russ' mom from holding/bonding with the baby. Everything she does seems like an act or manipulation, with the smirking and controlling behavior. I just finished watching Pillow Talk and they all seem to be buying her BS about not feeling comfortable letting others hold the baby. And I also don't believe for a second that "she won't even let her mother hold the baby" - I just do not believe it. I think Russ told his mom that so she wouldn't take it personally and be hurt by it.
  2. From InTouch: "According to Ashley, they met in Jamaica while she was visiting the country for a wedding. During her stay, she went out with a few friends to a bar, and they met and hooked up. They didn’t stay in touch after she left, but when she got back to America, Jay found her on social media and they started messaging. Eventually they were talking all the time — and it wasn’t more then six months before she was traveling back to Jamaica to visit him again. During her trip, Jay proposed, and they decided it would be best it they moved to the States together. On her Instagram, Ashley even wrote a tribute to her friend whose wedding it was. 'This girl and this wedding is the reason I met [Jay],' she shared on a picture with her girl. 'It was a beautiful wedding and an amazing vacation! This trip changed my life in so many ways and my life wouldn’t be what it is today without YOU!'"
  3. Please tell me that's not Kim Zolciak and her daughters...??? The middle one kind of looks like her younger daughter.
  4. His GFM is still up and it's raised $4,155. It clearly states that it's for legal fees, so why is it still up if GFM doesn't allow this? And who are these suckers who are donating to it?
  5. That doesn't really look like her at all. Are we sure it is? Also, what's up with it being a photo of the photographer taking the photo?
  6. Teri313

    S07:E34: Taylor & Christian

    She didn't seem very bright.
  7. Teri313

    S07:E34: Taylor & Christian

    I'm only a few scenes into this episode, and am totally distracted by the fact that Tallulah seems like she's really strung out on something. I know she has her schtick - quirky daughter of A-list celebs who has issues - but the way she's acting in this episode seems different. She seems high and a bit out of it, but also trying to focus in on the job.
  8. Teri313

    S01.E07 Broken Promises

    Deavan is a shitty mother. To put her 3(?) year old in a position where she is sleeping with a strange man she doesn't know is so inappropriate. And he's clearly there to have sex with her trollop of a mother - he said so - and then you put your daughter in between you and him. She's a complete idiot. I don't necessarily think he will molest her, but then again, how do we know that he wouldn't? She doesn't really even know him. When Drucilla grows up, I suspect she'll have lots of horror stories about her childhood, thanks to her mother.
  9. Teri313

    S01.E07 Broken Promises

    When they get here, do they need to be quarantined? A friend of mine moved to England and took her poor cat, who had to be quarantined for months. She went and visited her, but the cat really went downhill because she was caged in a strange place for so long. She should have just rehomed her in the U.S.
  10. Teri313

    Portals to Hell

    I'm watching the LaLaurie Mansion episode (my first) and was kind of shocked to see Katrina and Jack using a Ouija board. Is this typical for them? From all the paranormal stuff I've seen on TV and read, the use of Ouija boards is a big no-no.
  11. It's so low and childish to say shit like this about other people. If you've got a beef with them, then stick to the subject. But to bring up vaginal odor - what a loser thing to do. And how does she know this? Her low and childish brother?
  12. Jay, unintentionally exposing his true intention of coming here for a green card: "I make mistake and I’m sorry for it. But don’t call the cops and then lose my freedom! Just over one woman?! No, no, that’s not the way to go. I could have got taken to prison and held right there until they send me back to Jamaica or something. Don’t [fucking] do that…don’t [fucking] do that. I can simple go and find someone else. Marry someone else and stay in the U.S. – if I want. Simple. So don’t feel like you’re [fucking] God where I have to kiss your ass. ‘Cause that…that’s not the way it is."
  13. I will never defend Ashley, because I think she's garbage, and I totally agree with you that hooking up with a 17 year old is just wrong. I wish his parents had put a stop to it, since Ashley wasn't decent enough to do it herself when she found out how old he was. But his mother wasn't around and I'm sure "Skinz," Jay's role model, was proud. It sounds like he was following in his father's footsteps from a young age. I mean, he bragged about nailing one of his father's girlfriends, for God's sake. So as gross as Ashley is, I don't think she seduced him or stole his virginity.
  14. I'm not talking about a 17 year old child. I'm talking about a 20 year old man. I'm also talking about the GFM and how it was written. And I said nothing about skin color or that underage children aren't children. I'm talking about one person - Jay - and that the constant references to him being young are, IMO, an attempt to give him a pass for his bad behavior. Ashley sucks equally, maybe more, but that's not what I was talking about.
  15. I think the same thing happened to Eric's daughter Tasha as well when she got screwed by her father and his evil wife.