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  1. What's wrong with asking if her brother is gay? And Babs hasn't looked well since her stroke, IMO. All the girl did was ask. Wow, talk about a short, bitchy fuse.
  2. Nope, not alive. He died after the move and they replaced him.
  3. On Pillow Talk, Yara was trying to get Jovi to rub her feet and he didn't want to and said, "No, I had a long day at work today." Does he have a new job???
  4. I remember a while back on a Real Housewives reunion show when one of the women referred to her gay male friends as "My Gays" and Andy Cohen said that he found that term personally offensive. I'm not a big fan of his, but I was like, AMEN to that, Andy Cohen! I always found it to be incredibly condescending and rude, and it seems like he single-handedly put the kibosh on that being an acceptable or funny label.
  5. Looks like new teeth too. I had no idea who she was. Wow!
  6. I hope he was driving, because she looks blitzed. We know there was at least one empty bottle.
  7. He came out to her and they separated. Then a few months later, they were trying to work out some financial stuff and they had an argument. He left in his car and she chased him and rammed his car, lost control of her car, crashed, and died. And she was pregnant at the time with their second child. Really terrible.
  8. Well...I suppose you could go Uptown: Or you could go Downtown: LOL
  9. Exactly. As originally designed, four-poster beds have four tall posts at each corner of equal height that can support a panel over the bed and draperies to prevent drafts from seeping in.
  10. So according to the B&B's website: "All of our accommodations are complete with deeply comfortable mattresses, period furniture, modern bath accommodations. In addition, you’ll find gas fireplaces, thick luxurious bed coverings, plump over-sized pillows, and antique four-poster beds. The walls in our rooms are papered in petit fleur coverings and a superb collection of 19th century photo art can be found throughout the inn." Then there are pictures of the beds. Nothing says thick and luxurious more than a ... quilt? And I just see normal sized pillows and no four-poster beds. (So
  11. Why do they call her Mimi? Did she ask them to, or was it a little kid-mangling pronunciation of grandma that turned into Mimi?
  12. Does she ever take pictures of anybody/anything else without her face in it? Ever?
  13. I'm losing interest in this show's PT for this very reason. It's like because they know her personally and consider her a friend, they won't say anything negative about her. I want PTers that are seeing the same thing we do and commenting on it honestly without being guarded or biased. Or loud and obnoxious cheerleaders.
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