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S01E04: The Red Lake

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Man, as soon as Nimue met up with that coach full of faes and the humans that help them, it was so only a matter of time before it ended with her discovering all of their dead bodies.  Well, at least the child survived.  And it did lead to Nimue reclaiming her sword and going into beast mode against those Red Paladins.

Oh, hey, Pym is back and is... hiding with the fish monger's son (who has an one-sided love for her, apparently), while making eyes at come random Viking dude.  Fascinating!

Merlin gets himself a bottle of fae fire now, since this King Rugen dude is easy to fool and his zombie army are as slow as snails.

Nimue and Arthur are in the "bickering and hating on each other" phase of their relationship, so that means that they'll probably be hooking up by the next two episodes.

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I think this would have been a more interesting show if it had just been the story of Pym. She's really the only interesting character IMO, aside from maybe Merlin. I'm really having a hard time getting invested in Nimue, Arthur or Morgana. 

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Pym is alive, hurrah! I am glad to see her, probably being the most likable character, even if she is stuck in her own subplot making eyes at some Viking guy while trying not to get caught by the red cloaks. It kind of cracks me up how hard they take every second of screen time these guys have to remind us what total asshole sacks of crap they are, even being petty dicks to Pym and knocking her blood pail over. Why not just have them all kick a few puppies or something, like we get it, they're the bad guys! We caught onto that fact several murders ago! 

The plot with Merlin was decently interesting at least, with the fairy fire and the king of the zombies, although maybe the zombie king should consider training his zombies to run a bit faster, more 28 Days Later and less The Walking Dead. Plus, Nimue actually did something (even if it was after seeing the very obviously going to die people die) and showed some personality beyond being sad and scared, she even came up from a body of water, so thats something! 

I really want someone to explain the whole fey thing though, why do some of them look like normal people and why do some have horns or leaf skin and stuff? Do they have powers other than Nimue? Are they human/fey hybrids, and there are full fey somewhere else? Its episode four, I think its time to explain this big ass plot point. 

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