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S02.E08: Lucky Shoes

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Tiff going off at that skants infomercial taping was hilarious.

Why did that little girl Tiff was babysitting have a Jojo Siwa look? Was Jojo even born then?

When Keith accidentally blows sh!t wide open. Yikes.

Now they're going to have to get rid of the FBI woman. Not kill her but put her in huge scandal that will destroy her.

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This really was an LOL episode for me.  Tiff's rant was great.  She didn't know the fundie world well enough to give the classic, "Unfortunately the Lord has not seen fit to bless me with children yet.  It is my greatest hope to be a mother, and I am sure with prayer and keeping His love in my heart I will be blessed with a large family.  I follow the path He leads me down."  Then she could have gained sympathy.  It would have been a better answer than &^%$#.  😺

I loved how they were poking at the FBI agent during the dinner.  Her whole we need to be nice comments were perfect.  Then Keith comes in like a human hand grenade.  Is there anything he can't destroy? 

Where can I buy some skants? 

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Every second of Mo, Dawn, Connie, and Marcus at dinner was perfect, loved it all. The beats of Mo's neverending saga were beautifully timed throughout, and I adored everyone ganging up on Connie for "taking the FBI bitch's sides." And of course here comes Keith to blow everything up - I laughed when Mo told him to go away because they were doing Black shit.

God, Blair and Tiff arguing over having a baby was so much fun. I loved Tiff promising to do all the work of hiring the people to do all the work, and Blair getting grossed out when she started infantilizing  the semen cup. The Trump kid bit was executed really well. Trump was the first thing I thought of when the girl said her dad told her she looks hot in makeup, and there was that moment where one of the boys called Tiff a nasty woman, too.

I really hope someone is able to revive/resuscitate Roger. Not that he's any prize, and his relationship with Blair is totally twisted because of how they both constantly use each other but resent BEING used by the other, but the closeted gay character committing suicide is just... ugh. For a show that normally does the unexpected so well, that feels so tired. I did really like the scenes at the election party, though. It's interesting to see how vicious Blair gets when someone pokes at his vulnerabilities.

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