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  1. I watched “Murder by Magic” - my 1st MM episode - mainly because of Andrew-Lee Potts, whose performance as Conor in Primeval I used to like. While I enjoyed the plot, I was kinda disappointed to discover that Mr. Potts couldn’t seem to act his way out of a paper bag. 🙁 Maybe he was trying to appear brooding, but it came across as just flat. But that won’t stop me from watching more episodes.
  2. And that nanny’s knowing smile
  3. I think it was because of her repeated violations of Dan’s restraining order. The woman she mentioned killing Dan to was the court-ordered therapist interviewing her re: the custody hearing. Dan seemed extra chilling tonight when at the party he told Betty’s friend to mind her own business and attend to her own affairs. He may have had a point, but surely there was another way to make it, e.g., “Betty has a good friend in you, but please know that you don’t hear both sides of this.” Yeah, my sympathy for Betty is almost gone. If your tactics don’t get you what you want, wouldn’t you
  4. It may be just me but re: that Hawaii photo - Jer, the Hobbits want their feetsies back. {{{shudder}}}
  5. I haven’t read the books so, please, no spoilers - But is Dead Wife (in homage to Mad Sweeney, shall she be known forever more) still after the blood of someone in love? Cuz one character who spoke a lot about being in love in this episode was Salim, and I’d hate for him to get hurt. His is such an open heart. I know Mama-Ji was trying to steer DW in another direction, but I couldn’t tell if she wrote anything on that check other than the bill.
  6. Thanks, Dot - that’s what I’m hoping for! Surgery is one of the few times I long NOT to be special/the exception. Just let me blend in.
  7. I’m a little behind on watching and so just recently saw the episode with the Pallas’s cats at Prospect Park Zoo. Ohmygawsh how fluffy are those critters? And why is it that the amount I want to hug one is directly proportional to how likely it is to rip my face off?
  8. Oh, I believe that utterly. I’m in the early stages of a cataract in my right eye. Not looking forward to eventual surgery, mainly ‘cuz I was born without a left eye. A surgeon’ll only get one shot with me, and I’m not looking forward to staring down the gun. 😳😳😳
  9. I’m new to this thread, so I may have missed someone else mentioning the following, but there are 2 feel-good movies I always make time for: Bloodsucking Bastards with Pedro Pascal as a boss at a telemarketing firm who has some interesting motivational techniques (also stars Fran Kranz, from Cabin in the Woods) Knights of Badassdom with Peter Dinklage - a romp where a weekend’s LARP goes horribly wrong. Also stars Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) and Summer Glau.
  10. Dot, congrats on making it through surgery! That must be a huge relief. Hopefully the blur will resolve soon.
  11. I had no idea, either! She always seems to me to be a bit childlike, which may be a helpful attribute around some animals. Her devotion is sweet to see. The other zoo shows are fun, too - to see both the animals and their keepers. I did think the Chester Zoo show was a little heavy on the breeding activities, but that’s a big part of their mission. There’s also The Zoo, a series on Starz about the Dublin Zoo.
  12. Ok, we definitely need a gif for that! 😳
  13. When I watch these episodes I often think that my reactions to the hoarders say a lot more about me than about them. If I were Matt and she wouldn’t give me the address, I’d haul it to a dump. Grrrrr. But i’ve got the luxury of remote reactions. If I were on site I’d like to think I’d be more considerate (although maybe not as patient as Eric), knowing that I can’t expect a hoarder to act rationally.
  14. I’m only 40 minutes into the overload episode when I realized this could have been a really short show: Sandra knows she can’t keep anything on the property. Sandra doesn’t want to let anything go. Sandra says she’s got a place for everything - the magical warehouse. Matt could toss absolutely everything into the trucks and ask for the address. Truck it on over and stuff it all in. Even that would have been kinder than what Eric and Michael maybe legally could have done by just trashing it all. And my gnashing of teeth continues.
  15. Aaaaggg!!! (This is the prettiest head exploding gif I could find.)
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