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S16.E13: Bomb Cyclone

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What a bunch of unfulfilled hype!

The Wizard had a fire.  OK.  Bad.  BUT, they were not in the middle of a storm.  

They kept showing some icing, but then when the FVs were hauling crab aboard, there was almost no ice to be seen!  Certainly nothing like we saw in the early seasons of DC.

I will say it is interesting to see Keith come up empty so often and so deep into the season.  Then again, on the "scoreboard," he was well over 100K pounds, which was 3rd best.  

Bill falling asleep is very bad.  Of course, it is likely a producer was there to roust him before things got cray cray. 

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Josh is sitting over on the port side looking out the window and doesn't see a HUGE wave crashing in from there?  Useless waste of space, that one.  No consideration of the danger the crew faced.

And I really dislike Harley's attitude towards his crew.  There IS a point where it is unsafe to have a crew on deck, and I think he was at the point last night.  But his attitude is, "This is what the job is."

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is it my imagination or is this the third week in a row we've been inflicted with Josh and Casey?  or will next week be the unfortunate third week the Cornelia Marie will be inflicted on us? 


that fire really didn't live up to the hype did it?  I will say that I've missed Keith and the Wizard crew.  I'd much rather have seen them than Josh and Casey repeatedly. 

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