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S01.E06: Episode 6

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Damn, I guess Marian is the real OG of the Wallace family. I know she thinks that Sean is soft for not being willing to torture a kid in front of his mother but he won some points from me for not being completely batshit crazy (as opposed to the first episode where he hung someone upside down from a building and then set him on fire).

And of course insecure, well-intentioned Billy is the reason why the Danish woman ended up almost killing 1-3 members of the family. I know he was trying to help and he was being human, but damn, Billy, this is why they don't let you help with the torture projects! Just stay upstairs and make some more cakes. I think he already misses Baxter the dog.

Part of me was shaking my head when Alexander walked into the torture room and saw what Marian and Sean were up to. Uhhh, remember how Sean and his men killed all those travellers like a week ago? They didn't murder them with soft kisses.

I did notice that the Wallaces put plastic sheets all over the house they're borrowing. It was very thoughtful of them not to want to make a bloody mess in someone else's house. It does seem like common courtesy - if you're going to torture and murder someone in your house, at least try not to leave blood everywhere!

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I used to think Reservoir Dogs was the bloodiest thing I'd ever seen, but this show puts that to shame. Man, even with all that plastic everywhere, Mom still gets blood spatter all over the kitchen.

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