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S01.E02: Episode Two

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Still reeling from the revelation that his uncle was a spy for the British Government, Alex is kidnapped and interrogated by an unknown group of paramilitary agents. It will take all his hidden skills to turn the tables on his captors.


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I was debating whether or not Alex had really been kidnapped or if it was a test. I'm glad he realized it was! 

How dare they try to deport Jack and put Alex in Foster Care! This only served to make me dislike these people even more for recruiting a teenager to do their job. The fact that Point Blanc is an Academy for troubled teens is no excuse. Put in a new young looking agent. 

I will need them to not be as obvious about how Alex was going to get loose. As soon as he handed Alex the papers with the paper clip.....


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You aren't the only one watching!  I'm enjoying this despite always figuring out things out early on. For example I knew right away that the agency was "testing" Alex with that kidnapping. Looking forward to the next episode.

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