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S06.E12: Chris Is Us

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Wonder what forgotten corner of the NBC commissary this was found in? The comedy special that Sasheer Zamata plugs is over three years old...

I'll be curious to see how many more they have.

The game went pretty good for the most part, until the utter disaster in the final round. Which was all on the celebrities.  Awful clues for the ones they missed. The Jessica Chastain clues might be show record on bad clue giving, until it was surpassed by them trying to describe Bernie Sanders.  The civilian did great when he got reasonable clues.

Did I misunderstand Zak's story, or does Zach Braff really get offered free hotel rooms?

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27 minutes ago, BobH said:

Did I misunderstand Zak's story, or does Zach Braff really get offered free hotel rooms?

I thought that was odd.  I'm not surprised that some places would comp a celebrity, maybe in hopes of a mention on social media or something, but I have to imagine they'd work a little harder to make sure it was really the person they thought it was.  I don't recall him saying where it was, but I imagine it might've been outside a celeb-heavy area where they might have more of a protocol established.  Maybe it's something to try, at any rate.  Do you think they'd buy that Zach Braff likes to visit the Motel 6 by the beach in Santa Cruz? 😉

Nice surprise to have a new episode tonight, although I guess it's been in the can for a while?  Good one overall, until that dog of a final round.  I guess they won't always click, but yikes.  Susan Kelechi Watson is really a beautiful woman, and I spent the whole episode trying to remember what I recognized her from before I remembered it was the Mr Rogers movie from last year.  I really thought we were going to get to see the perm box she was on!

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Too bad about Celebrity Name Game. Susan and Jon just spent way too much time on a few of the names. Plus bad clues. Sad.

However, I was really impressed with Jon and Sasheer and then Joel and Nikki in the Hands game. They worked really well together.

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