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S16:E08. Mayday: Scandies Rose

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As winter slams the fleet, the Coast Guard responds to a mayday call and captains and crews brace for the loss of friends. The clock is ticking on the cod derby. Sig and Monte track an opilio horde near the Russian line.

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Heartbreaking about the Scandies Rose.   Honestly with everything that has happened since January I forgot.    Wild Bill during the memorial his crew had just choking up was so sad.    But Bill and his crew said their names, often.   

At least we didn't get Josh's Hawaiian vacation in the middle.    But that After the Catch had to be so hard for them to do, even though it was months ago.   Seeing it again had to be tough.

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Finally had a chance to finish watching the episode and the Mike Rowe aftershow.  Everything was so well done.

Loved that we only had a couple of minutes of Josh Harris, looking higher than a kite and making excuses for why they left $36,000 worth of crab on the ocean floor. 

Casey knows the crew messed up the count.  They'd done that before, but Josh got them to count better by setting up a process where they would have to pay him if they were off by a certain amount.  Apparently, they forgot how to count on subsequent trips.  I wonder if the crew wanted to go home, so they fudged the figures to make it look like they had more than they did.  

I hope Johnathan and the Time Bandit start fishing again.  Ruck the Fussians!!!!

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Heartbreaking episode. Monte just losing it broke my heart. Junior crying broke my hear and Bill's crew just made me bawl. 

I love that Monte always seems to kick ass when he is in the captain's seat.

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Watching now and, OMG, Monty's pure unfiltered grief made me cry buckets. Then I realized his shitty year bled right on into this 2020 hell. Hope he is doing okay right now. I send him virtual hugs.

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