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Blood And Water

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I liked it. But Puleng was sometimes frustrating me, especially her lack of communication. I can understand that she didn't immediately tell Fikele what she suspected, but there are other things that would have gone better for Puleng if she talked to her best friend Zama. First, of course she should have told Zama that she was going to a new school. And she should have told Zama that she was using her mother's name so that Zama wouldn't have told Chris her real name.

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I’m in episode 4 and I really love it. The storyline is already a hook (it’s really hard to mess up a long lost/missing sibling plot) but then setting it in Cape Town, and casting dark skinned actresses as the leads just made it a much watch. 

Some quibbles - Head Girl isn’t Student body President. It’d be an appointment by the Principal with input from the faculty. It won’t be a popularity contest. (And even if it was, the idea that Fikile losing because she’s been “exposed!” as a rich girl in a school full of rich kids is ridiculous. If anything, Wendy’s article should have made the rich kids circle the wagons). I also don’t like that Wendy’s social consciousness is depicted as a hypocritical parody and a front for a petty, vindictive nature. I mean, it’s realistic. There’s something to be said about Wendy being the metaphor for the kind of corrupt politician who runs on a social justice platform, only to come into office and loot like the best of them... I just felt uncomfortable with it. I also didn’t like that the Noble Poor Scholarship girl that won the stolen election was a white girl. Although I liked the race reversal of Fikile having a Sassy White Girlfriend. 

Wade is adorable, but I keep worrying they’ll turn him into a nice guy so I’m on the fence. (Still in episode 4). I also feel that someone is going to die - Fikile has Doomed Little Rich Girl written all over, and her affair with swim coach isn’t helping her potential fate. (Also, what a douchebag, cheating on his pregnant wife who’s risking her health to support his entitled ass). But I also see Wendy as a strong contender for “bit off more than she can chew” death.

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