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S01.E06: Episode 6

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S01.E06: Sea Creatures


Vying for a spot in the semifinals, the teams build their biggest sculptures yet: whimsical sea creatures made from coastal plants and beach waste.

I loved that Ralph and Jim's fish was made out of a surfboard. The eyes made of buoys was also a great idea.

Ryan and Andrew's seahorse was so pretty. I liked the way they draped the plastic to create seaweed.

Henck and Yan's turtles had such great expressions on their faces. Ha, and their shady miniature versions of everyone else's sea creatures made me laugh. They were smart to listen to the positive comments that Jordan and Sarah get consistently about their use of color and make a conscious decision to emulate that because the colorful section at the bottom was so pretty.

Jordan and Sarah, on the other hand, were not very smart in deciding to abandon their usual use of color and just use succulents for the octopus tentacles. It's a plant challenge, people, USE MORE PLANTS. By choosing not to use many plants and almost no color, their octopus looked unfinished.

I felt so bad for Helen and Andi when their crab started falling but it was sweet to see everyone run over to help hold it up (ha, but remembering what happened in the mobile challenge, I'm guessing that if Eoghan and Declan hadn't already been eliminated, they would have ignored all the hubbub and just kept working on their creature). Instead of telling everyone to just let the crab go, I wish that they had carefully removed each of the supports so that they could set the crab down instead of letting it fall over. It was painful to see it collapse and all the plants come out. I guess it was a good thing that Helen and Andi had already given their crab a grumpy expression because it looked extra grumpy lying flat on the ground. I was glad that they managed to put enough of the plants back in to have something presentable before time was called. And very nice of the two hosts to help out.

On the Great British Sewing Bee, I love seeing the contestants have tea together while the judges deliberate. On this show, I love seeing the contestants walk back from the field with the different team members mixed up and with their arms around each other.

Congratulations to Ryan and Andrew for winning again! Ralph and Jim snuck under the wire because of the major mistakes that Sarah/Jordan and Andi/Helen made.

I would have eliminated Sarah and Jordan because they chose do have an incomplete looking octopus with no color and almost no plants. Andi and Helen lost because their crab collapsed under the weight of all the plants but at least they were on their way to having a colorful creature made of lots of plants.

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Henck and Yan's sculture was nice, but the story about the mother turtle and the baby irkes me, because that is zoological nonsense - turtles are not parenting their young.

Ryan and Andrew deserved to finish first, their sea horse was STUNNING.

Another thing that grinds my gears is how casually they mention foreign plants grown in the UK. Horticulture is such a big factor in introducing foreign plants to other ecosystems (so called alien species) and it the can become a massive problem for native species. I work in the environmental sector and did my thesis on alien species - so I have very strong feelings about that.

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I actually thought the octopus was the best.  Sometimes less is more.  It had lots of plants - every tentacle was stuffed with moss.

The face on the mother turtle was terrible - sorry guest judgess. And they lay their eggs and swim away.  There's no maternal instinct to look out for the little ones.

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These posts about turtle parenting have me giggling. I think the statements about the environment each week are a little tiresome for me - especially last week’s, which seemed forced. It’s reminiscent of Sergio on Project Runway. 

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That female judge was harsh!  

Question:  Is that blonde person a woman or a man.  Has a man's voice but I can't tell. Is the name Andy?

I'm so glad Ryan and Andrew won!  I'm still distracted by the missing tooth. 


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The crab Andi and Helen made was beautiful, BUT the fact that the welding on the pipe broke is quite frightening and not good. That means the welding work was done crappy and WHY is there a welded pipe in the program, when they know there is going to be a heavy structure on such a thin pipe. The choice of voting them out was complete unfair!!!! 

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