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Robyn Dixon: Beautiful Backup for Bethesda's Baddest

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This thread is to discuss Robyn Dixon, a howife whose life can sometimes seem unsettled. Despite a beautiful family, cameras have shown Robyn and her ex-husband, Juan, to be at odds. Yet last season, they both hinted at a stronger connection, and perhaps even a remarriage in the future. While often seen as a follower rather than a leader, Robyn's quick temper and swift hands have made her Gizelle's favorite enforcer and my odds on favorite (before Monique's flame-out) to really beat someone's ass. Yep. Totally would have loss money on that bet.

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I saw some of you posting about Juan chasing the love of his life in Europe. Who was this and when did it happen? We’re Juan and Robyn broke up at that point? I know she said he cheated in the past but I assumed it was with groupies. 

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On 12/24/2022 at 10:53 AM, Chatty Cake said:

I saw some of you posting about Juan chasing the love of his life in Europe. Who was this and when did it happen? We’re Juan and Robyn broke up at that point? I know she said he cheated in the past but I assumed it was with groupies. 


Juan Dixon Was Cheating on Ex-Wife and Current Partner Robyn for Years

Leila Kozma - Author

DEC. 13 2020, UPDATED 3:28 P.M. ET

"I think Robyn eventually put a wall up and then just didn't give what I felt like I needed from [marriage], so therefore I got it elsewhere," Juan Dixon confessed in a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. 

He and Robyn Dixon got divorced in 2012, only to rekindle the old flames a few years later. So, what led Juan to cheat on her? 


Juan Dixon openly admitted to cheating on Robyn Dixon in a recent episode of 'RHOP.'

As Juan revealed in a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Potomache started cheating on Robyn in an attempt to combat the overwhelming sense of loneliness he experienced while pursuing a career as an NBA player. 

juan dixon cheating

"I filed [for divorce] ... It's the hardest thing I've ever done in life. To raise two kids, [...]  less than two years apart, by myself pretty much, because Juan was in the NBA. He was constantly traveling. I'm changing diapers, [...] I'm not getting sleep, and I'm walking around like a zombie, like, I don't have time to even give two s---- about what he was doing," Robyn admitted in a previous episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. 


Juan started pursuing a serious relationship with a woman named Cris Sanchez in 2009, only a few months before he was infamously waived from the Atlanta Hawks. He and Robyn got divorced in 2012. 

He described Cris as "the love of his life" in an interview with The Diamondback in August 2016.  

juan dixon cheating

The year 2009 marked a turbulent period in Juan's career as a professional basketball player. In September 2009, Juan signed with the Atlanta Hawks. He left the team before the season kicked off, and by November 2009, he was playing for Aris Thessaloniki F.C. 

Everyday life at the team was anything like the NBA player was accustomed to. Minimal security and a difference in opinion with the coach led Juan with little choice but to leave — but his time in Greece came back haunting him shortly afterward. 


Sometime around January 2010, Juan signed with the Unicaja Baloncesto Malaga. 

"Everything was perfect in Spain," Cris told The Diamondback. 

Juan stayed on the team for one month. In February 2010, he got suspended after a test he had taken while still at the Aris Thessaloniki F.C. came back positive. It proved that he was taking a steroid, Nandrolone, at the time. 

He and Cris moved to Turkey in 2011, but they struggled to make a home there as well. 

juan dixon cheating

In 2012, Juan and Robyn got divorced. Unfortunately, there's little information available on how long he continued dating Cris. 


It's understood that she decided to travel to Europe with Juan only months after they first met. 

"You would think that because he is Juan Dixon, he has a lot of support and people, which he does, [...] But on the same token, he is a loner. I wasn't going to leave him by himself," Cris told The Diamondback in 2016. 

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I read a lot of comments about Juan coming off as not being that into Robyn but I tend to chalk it up as they’ve been together a long time even with their split in the middle and I don’t think Juan cares for the cameras. He’s not into the dynamics of the show.

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I thought this was an interesting take on the Juan and Robyn situation. 


"He’s the one buying hotel rooms for women who aren’t his wife. He’s the one who cheated on her when she was at home with small children. And he’s the one who told the world he was only with her for the kids.

Like, give me a break. If you have to be mad at someone, Juan seems like a logical place to put your anger.

Is it that hard to understand why someone wouldn’t be ready to disclose that they’d been betrayed by their partner? Especially since she’s already been so candid about the previous issues in their relationship.

Also, Robyn is hardly the first housewife to take a beat before disclosing infidelity or troubles in their marriage.

Real Housewives of New York, Ramona Singer refused to discuss allegations that her husband had cheated on her during the taping of the season 6 reunion. Sure, Andy Cohen was annoyed, but she hardly got the Robyn treatment.

On Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer Aydin waited years to disclose that her husband, Bill Aydin, cheated on her during the early years of their marriage.

And you know what, I’m not mad at them about it. It is honestly ok for the occasional thing to be private, especially when people’s families are involved."


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Infidelity is a very painful thing for the betrayed partner because everyone puts the blame on the betrayed partner, especially if the betrayed partner doesn't act as people think they should or act fast enough. They're blamed for having low self esteem, for being stupid, for being weak etc.

So you have Robyn, who was happy to get re-engaged to Juan, having to deal with the crushing blow that only months after the new engagement, he's cheating on her again. So she was depressed about this man cheating on her again and everyone's voices in her head about how he don't want her, they have a fake relationship (which is why she's still angry at Wendy to this day), he's never going to marry her.

I just find it interesting this new marriage happened right after they got back from Mexico where Karen accused her of having a fake relationship and a wedding that would never happen and she gives the middle finger and her ass to kiss in the wedding video.

But for everyone asking why Robyn married Juan, why did Juan marry Robyn? He couldn't afford an apartment near Coppin State? Maybe he didn't want to be put on Child Support but I don't think he was paying CS now while just living with Robyn.

Good luck to them, though.

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I agree that Robyn was trying to figure out how to react to the incident and kept quiet. Some couples are determined to cohabit for financial reasons or because of young children. Usually there's a tacit agreement that the couple don't embarrass each other and the children. I think we see this play out between Robyn and Juan sometimes (his anger when she calls him while the cameras are rolling).  I don't think they are a couple "in love."

That this incident occurred during production is probably why Robyn was being so cagey about the wedding and changing her mind so often. She and Juan were trying to deal with the fallout. I can see Robyn driving a hard bargain with Juan in order to punish him. I don't think she (or Ashley) will ever provide the true details about their marriage/divorce agreements. I think these are two transactional situations at this point.


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As to Drivethroo’s query above, Juan’s college coaching status seems especially tenuous currently, and living in an apartment close to campus compares unfavorably vs cohabitating with easy-going Robyn and his kids in her fancy new house.  Sure hope she’s smarter than Ashley, though!

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