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S02.E05: Batman's Back Man

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Awakening from his coma to find Gotham in shambles, Bruce Wayne immediately jumps back into the Batsuit; Two Face attempts to forge a criminal alliance with Bane, as they're the only two Big Bads left in Gotham's criminal underworld.

Airdate: May 1 / 20

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This Batman / Alfred dynamic is converging with Lego Batman...

Alfred going 10 rounds with a shipmate over scones deserves a flashback...

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Wow, so this episode showed that this show could EASILY be what I said in Season 1 that I kinda wished it would be- a show that was a revolving ensemble about different characters in the DC universe (or just Gotham/Batman universe) and not necessarily have to be about Harley every episode.

Lego Batman Movie is a good example of what it reminds me of, just more adult. I really liked this episode a lot. I wish it could expand and be like this more, because Harley is getting more and more annoying.

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21 minutes ago, CletusMusashi said:

I really hope that when Joker makes his inevitable comeback, presumably after Bane finds him in that big hole in the ground, that he gets his ass handed to him by Macaroni.

Where is the book imprisoning Superman? Maybe it too fell in the hole...

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Those beginning and end scenes with the toxic fanboys were EVERYTHING. I'd think the "Release the Snyder Cut" guy was meant to take shots at the Birds of Prey hatedom, except season 2 would have been close to finished by the time that movie came out. The writers just seem to know very well that type of fan that ruins near every fandom--particularly no nothing know-it-all misogynist nerds who make it their hobby tearing down anything even vaguely feminist or inclusive and won't shut up about said movie or show despite claiming not to waste their time with it. 

Ditto on Batman and Alfred's relationship echoing The Lego Batman Movie, except Alfred is much more snarky to Bruce here. For an episode focused solely on the Batfamily, I'm surprised Robin didn't make an appearance, or at least get a shout-out. Like maybe he was grounded for trying to take up the Bat mantle without permission, because it's pretty clear Alfred's the one making the rules at Wayne Manor.

And Bane gives us a brutal reminder why he is one of Batman's most dangerous foes...now if only he can stand up to Two-Face.

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Yeah, I wonder where Robin was in this one. And where's Dick Grayson? You'd think NIghtwing would have been worried over Batman's disappearance. Maybe he just doesn't exist in this universe.

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