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S03.E05: Mommy and Me

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Ted has a household staff that makes lavish meals but he stops at the pub to get an egg sandwich for breakfast?

Baby the baby was so cute. I loved when she sneezed at the library and everyone went awwwww.

Since the gender roles are reversed in mermaid society, it makes sense that the men raise the babies, but poor Ryn. And I'm kind of sad that we are going to miss some potential hilarity with Ryn and the baby (her confusion about babies carrying their poop around was great).

Ugh, Ben and his need to be the hero. Of course that resulted in him injecting himself with even more. Ryn is going to be furious when she finds out that he dug up Donna's body to do this.

Ben's dad sniffing around Helen and Ryn about mermaids is not going to end well.

I can't lie - all of the recent underwater fight scenes have done nothing for me because I could never tell which mermaids I was supposed to be seeing or who was winning.

I had a hard time feeling bad for Brennan at the end. "I got your back" does not mean "I will lie for you." What Xander said seemed reasonable - he was drunk and didn't see what she thought she saw. Even if he admitted that he saw two men, that doesn't mean he saw them taking a baby into the water.

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7 minutes ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Ryn Learns To Be A Mother On Land

Ted Has Questions About The Mermaids

Ben Feels Like The Baby's Father


Maybe Ben is the father.. Kid looks more like his than Mate's... Brendan did seem extra angry when its totally in the realm of possibility that xander may not have seen what she saw.. Seeing as to anybody not in the know.. That sounds crazy... But I'm guessing it was to continue to make xander wonder how much he's gonna compromise to keep the secret... I can't stand the Robb character maybe its cuz he feels like he's just here to get in the way.. So temporary or maybe its his face.. Or maybe I'm tired of whites presenting dogooder and the WOC falling for him... Which really sucks cuz I havent really liked Ben since he grew his hair out and hero wanna be mermaid dad Ben certainly isn't It... Ryn had me dying at the Library... Having a child sit in poop does sound crazy... And.. Could they not have found some minority babies up in Vancouver or wherever it is they film... I'm pretty sure the Indian looking lady's baby and the baby of the white lady next to her were twins.. And babies features aren't always developed so just some shade of brown probably works... Such a small concession goes a long way... Well can't say I'm surprised Katrina joined up... Holding out hope its a long con.. But what does Tiara actually think she can do... She's been in the world any real strike would have countries all over the world out in their waters scooping up mermaids... 

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When the mermaids are in the water I can't tell them apart.

I'm afraid way too many people are learning about this. Maddie's going to end up telling Robb, both of Ben's parents will know, and then Xander will tell Brennan...I didn't see a problem with Xander saying he wasn't sure what he saw. It was dark and they were drinking.

So I get the whole thing about some sea life males reaching the kids, but I think the real reason the show is doing this is so they don't have to work with an infant. It's like a sitcom where they love the leadup and the birth, but don't know what to do with the baby once it arrives. I forsee then bringing Baby Hope back when she's a toddler (which may be soon in mermaid time). 

The Robb/Maddie thing just happened too fast and I don't get it. He can go at anytime.

So I put this on for my son several weeks ago, thinking he'd like it, but instead my 8 yo did. She's binged the whole thing twice, and last night she made me stay up until 3am to watch the new episode on Hulu. I can hear her in the bedroom right now talking to Levi and Mate on the screen, "Just let her keep the Baby!" She's also watched all the interviews and outtakes on YouTube.

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I can understand that the show didnt want all baby all the time (even if Baby is super cute!) but I would totally take some more of Ryn doing human parenting stuff. Oh that mommy and me class was so cringy and hilarious. "All these babies would be eaten." Especially the increasingly horrified look on Maddies face and her frantically rushing Ryn out of the room. 

Maddie is playing with fire with this guy, I hope she doesent tell him about the merfolk, I dont think he would keep that a secret. Dont make Ben letting that guy die be for nothing! 

Yeah, Ben has apparently never read a comic book, or else he would know that injecting himself with creepy serum that gives you powers or transforms you into something very rarely ends well. 

Sad that Ryn cant keep baby Hope, but it makes sense that merfolk society has men raise the children, considering they're a matriarchal society with often switched gender roles from the traditional ones from our society. Nice to see Levi again at least!

I dont really consider this some big betrayal by Xander of his partner, even leaving aside that we know he is lying to cover for the merfolk. It was dark, they were drunk, oceans look weird at night, it makes total sense that he wouldn't have seen anything.

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At one point I wondered if Robb was a hybrid or mer-descended. May just be a coincidence, but he was quick to want to set up base there and his sense of smell was stronger than Maddie's.

I don't REALLY think he is, but that would have been interesting. I do think Maddie trusting him will come back to bite her in the ass. 

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