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S02.E06: Arthur Ponzarelli

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Interesting, the parallel made between Tiff and Trump, when Tiff shares a name with the least (in)famous Trump.

Mo and Blair’s giddiness about going off to do “hat stuff” was awesome. “I feel like we’re in a musical!” and then synchronized heel clicks, that’s the kind of levity I need right now.

I wasn’t all that jazzed about Keith returning, but his growing friendship with that Lehman brother (can’t remember which one he is) was intriguing. I’m interested to see where that storyline goes.

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The penis, she's trickier than she looks. 🍆🍌

Mo's perm is fabulous. Al Sharpton would be jealous.

Dr. Gabe Egon. That's better than TBD Group.

Whoa, Mo thinks Blair is trading on legislation before it hits the street. Timely.

Dayum, Dawn's mama is definitely gangsta. Good casting.

Hey, the band's getting back together!

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Aw, I was so sad to see that BM won't be back until later in the year! The retro craziness is just what I need to escape from the current craziness.

I loved Mo asking the female FBI agent about her current relationship and his not-missing-a-beat "I don't give a fuck!" when she starts gushing.

The Lehman brothers are so effing creepy and hilarious. The Phantom song done via text-to-speech voice was surreal.

Andrew Rannells looks adorable in a hat.

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On 4/13/2020 at 7:37 PM, Dewey Decimate said:

The Lehman brothers are so effing creepy and hilarious.

Marino is perfect casting. But so are all of them. 

Dawn, that rear can get eaten. Girl. 

Awesome to see Gus from Psych playing a smooth operator. 

Great call on the Hall and Oates song. 

One thing I like about Don Cheadle's characters is that they're good at their jobs. Coming up with underwriting the campaign was a brilliant idea. 

On 4/13/2020 at 9:57 AM, Joimiaroxeu said:

Dayum, Dawn's mama is definitely gangsta. Good casting.

That was a stellar written monologue, but the actor's delivery, even though it was only like 30 seconds was just sharp af. 

Funny how Mo was the only one not drinking coffee at the end. I'm rooting for him to figure a way out of it all. 

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