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I have had a free year of Apple+ since it launched but they initially didn’t support Windows so I never bothered, I can’t handle watching long things on my phone but boredom led me to check out if i could now watch on my laptop.

I enjoyed the first episode and Brooklynn is sensational. I will definitely continue to watch. 

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At first I felt as if this was written for tweens. Now with more grownup scenes it’s holding my interest more. The problem is they don’t amalgamate well. Tweens will like the kids’ scenes and grownups the scenes with the adults but not vice versa. The fact that the lead child character is so annoying (and sorry, but I think the actress is bad in this) is no help. Hilde acts more like a 5-year-old than a 10-year-old. She has no sense of consequences that most kids have learned by that age (to some degree at least). And if I have to hear her whine one more time about being a journalist... I’m finding myself fast forwarding through the kid scenes at this point (a few episodes in). I’ll watch to find out the conclusion to the mystery but I’m wishing the father would reconsider and use his reporting skills to solve the crime instead of Hilde.


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On 4/12/2020 at 4:09 AM, ferjy said:

Tweens will like the kids’ scenes and grownups the scenes with the adults but not vice versa.

I was thinking this also.  It could easily have used Hilde's poking into the story as a jumping off board for the father to regain his passion for reporting and take that route for the remainder.  Hilde was too precocious for my taste and I found her continued reporting and her parents catering to it in terms that went beyond indulging her within their own home boundaries absolutely ridiculous.  The actual mystery and elements leading up to it were actually serious and a bit heavy to be one of those "oooh, aren't those kids cute and clever" kind of shows. It's apparently been renewed for a second season already.  I hope there will be some changes made, but I'm not hopeful.  I wonder how many people like myself watched in spite of Hilde, not because of her. The young actress portraying her was fine, I just didn't care for the way the part was written.

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On 6/12/2021 at 5:25 AM, HerkyJerky said:

Anybody watching the new season? Any theories about what happened to Richie?

I'm back for the 2nd season but not sure how long I will last.  Too much Hilde.  My guess is the school librarian is Richie, only because there would be no need for that character otherwise. Again though...too much Hilde who I think is probably the most annoying and off-putting child character in the history of television.

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I knew as soon as the kid asked if Matt wanted to see his dad it was going to be Ritchie.  I think the next episode is the season finale.  I hope the spend the whole episode on Ritchie and really get questions answered.  After Sam's dad died, I can see the air traffic control guy being afraid for his life.  I can also see him being afraid for Ritchie if he somehow is the one who came across Ritchie after Ritchie escaped from the van.  But what I really need for them to explain is how/why they let Sam stay in jail.  As a kid, I can believe Ritchie didn't know but the other guy had to know.

Does anyone know if there will be 3rd season?  If not, I guess they've tied up a lot.  Ritchie has been found, PopPop is dead, Strata has sort of been exposed. Frank is back on the police force.

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If that was the end of the series, I guess they left in a good place.  In retrospect, I think Arthur had to be dead - otherwise there were too many questions he would have had to answer - why did he let Sam stay in jail, why didn't he let Richie's mom know he was alive, did Richie's mom know about the kidnapping plan?

I did not see the twist with Arthur coming - I wondered who the mysterious relative was that set up the kidnapping and whether we would ever find that out.  

I feel bad for Richie's mother - based on the story about the psychic, it sounds like she did not know what happened to Richie - that seems cruel.

If there is a 3rd season, I would like for the Lisko parents to pay more attention to Izzy - I feel like she gets the short end of the stick a lot.


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We haven't quite finished watching season 2, but has anyone else noticed how often the dialogue is "Are you okay?"  It's usually said from Dad to Hilde, but others say it as well. Try taking a drink every time someone says it and see what happens!

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