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Damn, that gangster rap song during "Greatest Hits"! I would totally listen to a rap album done in the style of 1940s gangster speak XD. 

LOL at all the Jar Jar Binks stuff throughout. And what an...interesting assortment of clips in "Newsflash" :p. I loved Ryan's reaction when they started showing some involving him, ha. 

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21 hours ago, Annber03 said:

What even was with that "Film Dub" clip :p? 

LOL at "Doo-Wop". Liked the rock opera, too. 

"Shame Cakes" XD. 

Film dub is becoming one of my favorite games. This one was hilarious.

Shame Cakes-LOL!!

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14 hours ago, Annber03 said:

Those women during "Sound Effects" were great :D. I loved Colin going to hug one of them afterward.

Agreed. Ryan and Colin kept looking at each other and even saying those were pretty good so they had almost no snarky asides they could make. 

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A virus in "Mixed Messages". How very timely. 

I LOL'd at Ryan's bit in "Scenes from a Hat" about getting a roommate to leave. Also loved Wayne's Dracula all excited to go to the beach. And on a similar note, the "nocturnal" and "Nosferatu" bits in "Newsflash" were gold :D. 

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