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  1. New Episodes have now been extended through Fall 2020 and January 2021. Saddle up Corkie, it's gonna be a long ass season
  2. G is for Gun, with 1-2-3-4-5... Six Bullets! Ah, Ah, Ah!
  3. Gary's on tomorrow's episode. Be aware, that the next new episode after this one will be June 1st. May 18th is a Penn & Teller Covid-19 special, and then May 25 we observe Memorial Day.
  4. One quote came to mind tonight: "Too Hot for TV"
  5. They've had guys in Sound FX before, rare thing. But two male audience members on a game is extremely rare.
  6. You'll see some Newsflash this season, count on it.
  7. Yeah, would be nice. Unfortunately the producers favor this concept
  8. We haven't seen Sound FX open the show since 2001!
  9. 'Chip Esten 3' has been scheduled for 4/20 Also new to the schedule -- We're upping our slot times on TheCW. We'll also be on Friday that week, Reruns after a Penn & Teller Rerun. Looks to be a one time thing before it becomes a regular thing in Mid May. So we'll be on the schedule on Mondays (w/a New episode) and Fridays (Reruns)
  10. Also great to hear them talk about future of the show too, scenarios and misc.
  11. 'Greg Proops 5' next week (Airing ahead of both Greg Proops 3 and 4)
  12. CW PR announced earlier that not only will we be airing episodes in Spring, we'll be on throughout Summer too. Spring we'll be the lead in for 'Roswell New Mexico' and then Summer we're the lead in for Penn & Teller's new season.
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