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S01.E17: Plus Ones

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When the interns tease Carol that her relationship with Dr. Lewis might be moving too fast, Carol tries to sabotage his chance at winning a romantic getaway for them; a woman gets a curling iron stuck in her hair before her wedding day.

Airdate: Thursday, March 5, 2020

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I'm glad Dennis acknowledged the fact that Dr. Frost has a thing for Carol.  They've hinted around it for so long, but I think this was the first time it was acknowledged.

Other than that, boring episode.

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Carol looked beautiful at the party. I like Dr. Lewis but I really like Dr. Frost. Although it might be weird if they started dating since he's her mentor.

I like that Daniel was called in to fix that girl's hair. He did a great job. I wish he was available to fix mine, lol.

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I'm also glad that Dr. Frost's interest in Carol was brought back.

But I like Dr. Lewis…despite his distracting mod hair style, I like his character.  I don't want to choose between the two men…

I liked Carol's daughter's name's dress more.  It was not flashy, but still striking.


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18 hours ago, MarthaEllisanne said:

Loved the homage to Everybody Loves Raymond with the curling iron. 

I was waiting for Carol to show up and say something like 'Don't worry, this happened to me one time.....'

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