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  1. I agree. Complicated, true. But thought it was funny. Calling in Grandpa as the last resort was so funny when he told the kids their "relationship had changed." Also, the end when the daughter got busted was well-staged. This show has a solid comic cast; I wish the network would give it another chance with better writing.
  2. Show has been canceled. It recently reached a pretty good rhythm with the ensemble of actors. They even dialed Carol down a bit. I was looking forward to Kelsey's pomposity tormenting everyone (and to them circumventing him). Sorry to see it did not make it.
  3. This is another show where I like the actors, but the material they were given sucked. Kinda sorry to see it canceled.
  4. Roseanne was also the one who pushed Dan to open the bike shop a few years earlier. He worried about the risk, but she used basically the same argument above to convince him to do it. (Just saw that episode and thought "yep.")
  5. That house should have been paid off by now. I guess they've had to keep getting new mortgages in order to live. I think Dan mentioned a second mortgage for truck repair? My first thought was that Dan should go ahead and let the bank foreclose. He could get a small apartment and the others would have to act their age and support themselves. However, Dan (or many parents) would never do that. I wonder if Dan will ask Bev for the money?
  6. First thing I thought of. The writers did not think of this? I know they have to keep the parents in-house for the story line, but at least explain why they can't sell the Florida house. If I thought of it, everyone else did, too. The actors keep me watching - I like them, but the storylines not so much.
  7. I loved the scene with Jill taking care of Wendy. It showed Jill's growth with compassion. Wendy shuffling the cards was a hoot.
  8. Run, Ben, run! Run far; run fast. Dan, move in with Louise and get away from toxic Darlene's mess. Force the kids to make a living and pay their own bills (assuming pre-COVID-19).
  9. Christina cracks me up with her um..proclivities. Adding to the fun - her brothers' knowledge of her tendencies and the way they talk to her so as not to set her off.
  10. I am glad that Bev removed Darlene as her Power of Attorney.
  11. I agree. Wolowitz on BBT aside (and it wasn't part of a show, just a brief mention after), I don't remember seeing a sitcom "man" who actually went through with the vasectomy. Not a great message to be sending.
  12. Agree. We've chatted about their bad decisions (the tattoos being the latest). All people make bad decisions at some point in their lives, usually when they are young. But most learn from bad decisions and make better choices the next time. This family does not. It's as if they see the better choice as "the man" telling them what to do and they will not be told what to do so they go the other way. Twenty years have passed. The Connors do have some advantages and skills that indicate they should be doing better by now. Would love to know what the heck has been going on the last 20 years. It is also interesting that Sara, who heads the show, allows her character to be so horrible.
  13. That crossed my mind, too. Especially since Darlene convinced pregnant Becky not to go through with the open adoption because she would be there to help Becky. I guess not. I thought Darlene did not tell Harris about the job because she (Darlene) has an aversion to work and perhaps did not want her daughter showing her up.
  14. When Erica kicked into a ramped-up "Bev" mode to take down the a cappella group when they fired her (after she tried to take over the group), I could only think "Wow." The fictional bloodline runs strong.
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