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  1. I have no idea why Ben stays with Darlene. She is toxic in every way and he could certainly do better. Unless she has a "magic vagina" (stealing a line from Two and a Half Men).
  2. Kudos to the wardrobe and hair/makeup departments. The outfits the women wore to the banquet were beautiful, simple & elegant, and perfect for each actor. Wendy's dress was pretty - too bad it was used for a gag. It was nice to see the ladies out of their jeans and hoodies for a few moments. They were lovely.
  3. I was happy to see Lorne Cardinal (Bruce Stone). He was one of my favorites on Corner Gas.
  4. Drew's house has apparently joined the sitcom competition to see how many characters they can stuff inside. The Conners is still in the lead.
  5. I am still on Team Andy and hope Jill and Andy will find their way back together before the show ends. I kinda expected a woman's voice to call out to Andy from inside his apartment in order to complete his and Jill's breakup. Since that did not happen, I have hope. On the subject of Bonnie working with Tammy, doesn't Bonnie have a full-time job as the apartment manager? I know they've played fast and loose with her work hours over the years, but Tammy works full-time during the day on her contracting business and part-time at the bar at night. Bonnie's part of the business may not be full-ti
  6. I'd love it if Molly's shy sister Charlotte grew up to be wildly successful. (Someone in this town should.) Also, Run, Ben, Run!
  7. Darlene: "Oh, I am so stressed. The best way to unwind is to go to a humid germ factory known as an indoor pool and fall asleep in a chair." How 'bout a walk in the woods or beside a lake? The writers keep trying to portray Darlene as intelligent, but I have yet to see her do anything remotely intelligent.
  8. Forgive me if this has been discussed, but I just found out that Gina Yashere who plays Kemi is co-creator. executive producer, writer, and actress for the show. Kudos! https://www.yahoo.com/news/gina-yashere-her-chuck-lorre-211325895.html
  9. Rainn Wilson kills it when Trevor goes into therapist mode. Treavor/Rainn could be my therapist any day. I am glad they did not have Trevor make an iffy decision with Jill.
  10. I love how George Sr has taken over the adult training of Sheldon - trying to teach him how to navigate a world he is not yet ready for. I doubt Mary could do this - Shelly is her baby and it is hard for her to be tough with him. George Sr understands the academic funding dynamics, which helps.
  11. I am glad we seem to be done with the philosophy story-line. I am a fan of Melanie Lynskey, but the character of Sheldon became way more insufferable than usual. Should have made it a one episode story.
  12. You are probably right! Perhaps the show-runner will make a bet with the show-runner of The Conners to see how many characters they can stuff into a single house.
  13. I am curious about Mary's 1950's house-dresses. The dresses are pretty, but seem way out of sync with the rest of the cast's costumes. Perhaps they are meant to show Mary's conversion from wild-child teen to religious mom? Zoe Perry wears the dresses well, but i liked seeing her in casual campus attire when she took Sheldon to campus and was mistaken for a student.
  14. The final scene with Marty and Malcolm trying to exit the bedroom after hearing their parents cracked me up big time. I don't often laugh out loud while watching TV, but this scene brought it out.
  15. Wasn't Chuck the one who convinced Dan to quit the garage (and life-time benefits) to pursue the short-term, but lucrative prison dry-wall project? But Chuck is right; the Conners immediately blew through money instead of trying to save. I recently saw a rerun of the episode where they took Dan's severance money from the garage and took the whole family to Disneyland. Just one of the many decisions they made over the years that continue to dog the family. Not saying families shouldn't have some fun, but better financial planning would have helped. I guess the show could serve as a warning t
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