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  1. I haven't been watching the show from the start, so I'm not sure, but isn't Malcolm having night terrors because Girl-Box keeps saying find me? And yes, Malcolm would want to give closure to Eve. Sadly, Eve's mom won't know because she died. I don't think Dad would give up location of body. It doesn't seem most serial killers do that.
  2. I agree, 😄 Edrisa was great. Wish we could see more of her, but that would mean less screen time for another character, and…I’m not sure who to reduce. If I had to make that semi hard decision I would reduce time for Dani, or JT or Ains, have only one detective around, have only one kid of the Surgeon around. Did you guys notice how Edrisa stopped Malcolm with her hand from moving closer to the body because of her warning about er the DB’s gases was going to make it very likely the cork was going to pop. Her hand was the top of her chest. Then Gil said Edrisa your hand... and you see her hand had traveled down a bit to the middle of Malcolm’s chest. Haha, Edrisa feeling on her crush Malcolm, copping a feel on him and Gil warning her. Good stuff. And of course later getting to jump on his bones was awesome for her, too.
  3. Probably not. It’s clearly and crassly unromantic to look/like a man for his monetary value, but there is some value in that. It’s just something that shouldn’t be mentioned, looking at people as potential serious life partners with good financial stability. Saying it out look makes a person look greedy, a golddigger. Of course, for me, I wouldn’t stay with a rich guy if he has a dirt bag or other undesirable personality. I’ve always had this fantasy of meeting and getting involved with a very rich celebrity and tell him don’t worry I’ll treat you normally and won’t run around on you and not get messed up in the head by your wealth. (I hope on that last bit, lol)
  4. I really get the touchy subject feelings. My life has been touched by a close one’s addiction, it wasn’t a long ago to have the effects lessen a bit, and it’s very, very difficult to forgive and let go. I think for some betrayals, when it’s a huge one, the relationship is shattered into tiny pieces and it’s not worth it to forgive, even if the other person is remorseful or addicted. For the sufferer to go onto a peaceful life, it’s better to walk away and close the door. I could not forgive in the situations where a parent abandons a child because he/she is too young/party happy to handle child raising. This was a storyline in Younger tv show, and I did not like the mother for that abandonment act. (She did it for a different reason-because she felt she didn’t have an identity anymore as a person, just a mother to 2 young daughters and a wife-still an immensely sucky reason) Then don't have kids then. Know yourself. Some people feel they don't like kids/want to pay more attention to their career, and so they don't have kids. Don't have a kid to set them up to suffer tremendously for your selfishness. Regarding the 22 minute comment, yes, maybe it isn’t that they only have 22 minutes, but they executed a less developed story than they usually do when they have done better jobs of completing a story and character development in multi episodes.
  5. When Maurice popped up in my awareness because of this episode, I wiki'ed Northern Exposure and it noted that Maurice was a "multi-millionaire businessman, retired fighter pilot and celebrated former astronaut". That's a pretty amazing career life. I'm trying to guess what came first, the pilot career or the astronaut career. I guess the astronaut? He must have gotten some lucrative speaking engagements out of it, which he bankrolled into millions of dollars. Nice. Not quite made up for Maurice the character being a real d- at times. (An entertaining one if you only have to see him on tv)
  6. I agree with all of your points but I'm really struck on the detail of the cafe's name, that seems really ridiculous. I've seen plenty 50s decor theme diners, but that cafe name, it would be like a 1940s noir diner and I've not seen that and if one exists, you would see some type of noir decor-Sam Spade stuff, not typically dark and leathery, generic diner decor. Nice about the watch clue. I think Eric could have spit out saying my watch, but dying and talking a bit coherently was apparently too hard and it worked for the plot's drama.
  7. As we all know, alcoholism/any addiction can't really be controlled by a person alone. It may seem a person is choosing drugs and alcohol over their marriage to a loved spouse, to loved children, but we know it’s not a choice they can entirely not choose. It doesn’t wipe out the anger to be felt toward an alcoholic, but it lessens it a little. Addiction really truly destroys marriages, families, children. As good as Mom is at times, it’s a typical tv show with sometimes typical lazy tv writing. Marjorie choosing her cat over granddaughter baby is just plot machinations and resulting bad, sloppy, lazy tv writing. It isn’t the first tv show being lazy, successful or not, and it won’t be the last. We’re watching pretty much 22 minute episodes. Why can’t writers just write a well developed episode instead of doing a bit too much and serving half baked episodes that annoy viewers with their plot problems?
  8. Sleeping on the couch in his sister’s house is a misleading detail, but it could have also meant when he divorced Carol, she ended up in their house, and he hadnt set up in his own place yet so for a time he’s crashing on the his sister’s sofa. Grammar could be an extended guest star. He’ll be great for the show, whether he’s a longer term guest star or a regular. I had to laugh a little about 3 men being too much. In Japanese romance manga (their word for comics) there is a genre - harem manga. The harem manga storyline is one guy, many girls interested in him and a reverse harem storyline, one girl, many guys interested in her. It's fun and romance drama deluxe/maxed. I enjoy those mangas. It's messy and silly to choose one guy over another, so I root for them all and wait for the author to decide. (and boo what the author picks, but I don't really care because it's only a story). Sometimes, the author doesn't pick at all. 😑 😒
  9. I can see the point of view from some of the previous posts about Marjorie. Parents of a first child are very sensitive to any risk toward their child, and a first born passed out of a grandmother’s hands-who is babysitting for the first time and wasn’t long ago trusted-and passed into many hands is a HUGE NO NO. It’s strange how 3 mothers-Marjorie, Bonnie, and Christy don’t remember that. It's pretty clear it happened this way for plot machinations. Why did that baby looked so cute with that hat when in an almost different light she looks like she has pig ears popped up? I never noticed before how Bonnie has long lashes up and all the way to the sides. From a short distance she looks pretty and up close it’s like wings of mascara. Christy-actually Anna Faris-looked very skinny in the scene in Marjorie’s house, long skinny arms. And so you all know I’m not only obsessed with physical details, it’s so nice to see Hodges-actually the actor-on the screen again. Just because you played a character for a long time doesn’t mean you can’t be seen on the tv screen not too very long afterwards.
  10. Underlined sentence - That is a plausible explanation. I can be less irritated by them then. I heard a story back in the day that Maria Shriver had several children so that she could have a girl. It happens the other way too. Having several children to get a boy. Thanks Ailanna.
  11. so much tv, that is good to know. I like spotting and recognizing actors in other roles 🙂 small talk thread eh? speaking of tea, to have a healthier lifestyle, I began drinking tea at work after winter was over and drank it through the summer, so basically year round. It wasn't too hard in a temperature controlled environment as the office that I am stuck in 8 hours a day.
  12. I think that pizza was eaten by Bob and his siblings. I don't think he's able to change his food choices, even after a heart attack scare, sadly. On another note, the see thru fridge is awesome. What's the going lowest price for a fridge like that?
  13. I looked up jollof rice after it was mentioned in an episode. It seems a fairly simple recipe, so I might try to make it one day. It's interesting learning about different cultures. Nigerian food seems very exotic from the perspective of an average American, but maybe one day it won't. It'll be more known, like salsa, siracha, risotto, etc. ^v^
  14. Oh you think Abisola supports her aunt and uncle? I don’t know if yes or no on that detail. I have wondered how they’re able to pay for living in an apartment and other expenses. Upon thinking over it, I don’t think so. Abisola is a grown woman, so her mother doesn’t need to send money to her sister (A’s aunt)-A's name is long to type, ugh. Ab probably puts in money for a share of the rent. I find Ab a sourpuss, but it may be the reserve from her culture, so I’m not sure if I don’t like her or cut her slack. Think over it more. Kemi, shaking my head, trying to wrestle a mama’s boy from the mama. Good luck. Those women are awful.
  15. chiming in, I don't have the time to watch 2 hours of tv in one sitting, finished now to comment. I was irritated by the parents that seem to be making more children just to have a girl. Children are very expensive and child bearing hard and risky on a woman’s body so to keep getting pregnant to have a girl isn’t…a good reason to have many children. But hey, it’s your (fictional) woman’s body, your income, your (fictional character’s) decision to bring many children into the world. Further on this story, if I struck out twice already having a girl I wouldn't have tried for a 3rd time. I was kind of hoping TK character decided not to be a firefighter anymore and leave the show. Darn... Shouldn’t Michele’s sister be told she has schizophrenia? She may not believe it, but at least she’s told, and then maybe the whole family slowly can work at getting Iris to live with either the mom or Michele. I cried during the astronaut story. Best emotional story out of the all the emergency situations. Buttercup smiling is awesome. Why that name? It's a very cute name but he isn't yellow (color of the flower). Is it a reference to Princess Buttercup or the Buttercup song? (Only Buttercup references I know) That fur looks so thick and heavy. How does he handle humid weather. I'm liking now Judd's and Grace's loving, close marriage atmosphere. It's nice. When I read a poster noting the actor name Barry Corbin, I had a jolt of recognition. Northern Exposure. He was very good in that show when I watched it. (Yes, I'm not...young) Glad he had work after that show.
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