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S02.E01: Phantom Lady

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Thirty years after the Bancroft case, a Meth tracks down Kovacs to offer him a job, a high-tech sleeve and a chance to see Quellcrist Falconer again.

Dropping on Thursday, February 27, 2020.

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Hey, this show is finally back!  Feels like it has been forever.

Safe to say that a lot of change has happened here.  Brand new planet, almost an entire new supporting cast outside of Poe (yay!) and Quellcrist, and Takeshi Kovacs has traded in his Joel Kinnaman sleeve for an Anthony Mackie one!  Hey, if you're going to walk around in a comic book character sleeve, The Falcon is certainly a better choice than Rick Flag!

So, it seems like this planet is where Kovacs was originally from, and he doesn't seem to have fond memories of it.  There also seems to be some kind of rebellion/civil war, which will involve this new governor character played by Lela Loren.  I'm guessing Kovacs will somehow end up getting involved with that as well.

Since she was listed as a regular, I'm guessing Simone Missick's bounty hunter will be back.  I wonder when they shot this, since Missick's now get herself a fancy network show on CBS, I believe.

Hey, it's Michael Shanks!  And... he's already dead.  But since he's one of those rich guys, I'm sure he has plenty of extra Michael Shanks sleeves in his closet!

Curious to see how this season will go.  Anthony Mackie seems to be a good fit so far.  But, really, I'm just happy they found a way to keep Poe around, because he's the best!


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I love that we can have a different actor every season playing the same character in a new sleeve.  I hope they never change Poe, though.  He's perfect the way he is.

My god, but Quellcrist Falconer is a ridiculous name!  It sounds like something out of an old nighttime soap opera like Dynasty or Dallas.  I just can't take it seriously.


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I, for one, am happy it's back! Very well produced. Great integrity to its tech commitments/world.

HAD to find a forum with fans; it's the First time I've seen addressed the "cloud mind" concept being subject to physical body's mind.

Currently, science had proof of physical "minds"of the body; unique cellular and neural constructions which make a unique individual whole. Effectively, the human being exists in more than the mental mind.

It's interesting because even in our day and age, there's talk and even work on "cloud storing" a human being. NOWHERE have I seen the issue addressed that, effectively, the human body is a significant, if not key, party of an individual human. As much as I'd love cloud storage and "forever" lives, there's a complexity being just the currently 3.3 GB or whatever is the current number of space it would require to store a human. 

The body, and other forces we're not accounting for, would render a cloud restored human as something not fully what they were, if anything, without implementing a solution for the human body, heart, mind, soul as a whole.

I mean it's all up in the air at this point and doubtful they'll even have a decent 1.0 level "storage" by the time I kick it but, it's cool.

I'm just Super Impressed that they addressed this issue in the first episode of season 2!!! Very impressive. Folks who are truly studying sci fi as a reality. 

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I was looking forward to this show returning. It has the look and feel of a true sci-fi show (tho I'm not sure how Netflix pulls that off). 

I also like that Kovacs is getting a new body for this season ... but Mackie does not seem very comfortable with all the techno gobbledygook dialogue. Perhaps looser, more easy-going characters come more naturally to him as an actor. 

It feels like a lot of characters and situations are being thrown at us - - to the point I stop paying attention to names and wait to see who manages to live through the next sure-to-be-coming gun/blade  battle.  

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Well THAT was an interesting kick-off to the new season.  I will confess that I'm watching now for the second time after having gone-back and binge-watched season 1.  That helped. I was REALLY confused the first time I watched this.  Too much time had passed.

My favorite bit?  When Tak, in the sleeve of an Asian torch-song singer, sang "I've got you under my skin."  Nicely played show.

My LEAST favorite bit?  This nonsense that if Tak stabs himself that will somehow reveal to him who killed his employer (and quel surprise, is Quell!).  I can swallow a lot of SciFi technobabble but that . . . that was just dumb.  It was also ineffective since it's well established that Tak talks to "visions" of Quellcrist all the time.  So it is really confusing of them to introduce another version of not-really-there-Quell.

I'm also glad Tak was able to evict the drug dealers from the hotel and I do find Poe's nanobot cleaning capabilities satisfying.

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I love how we get a different Kovacs every season, I am excited to see Anthony Mackie in this role, he has a different energy that I am interested to see more of. Glad to see this show back, and after so long! It has so many interesting concepts to play with, and the world building is really fascinating and well crafted. 

Basically a re-start to go along with our new body, a new era, a new supporting cast, and of course, a new Kovacs. Luckily we do at least have Poe still, and thank God for that, every scene's automatically made better with Poe! I am so happy that the found a way to keep him around, and that Kovacs is taking him around for his adventure. 

I kind of wish we could have had lounge singer Kovacs for a bit longer. Heh, "I've got you under my skin." I see you show, I see you. 

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