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Amelia's triple-wide, real-time video relay rig (with bi-directional audio) is getting vanishingly small.  Two more episodes and it won't be visible at all.

12 minutes ago, rhys said:

The body farm was fun/interesting.

Those places are sick AF.  I keep waiting for someone to pop up and say that it's secretly a test of the mental health of the researchers.

Next week LR takes delivery of his new, modified Porsche 911 Targa and takes it for a spin.....

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I liked this episode although i suspected Mom's friend from the beginning. Had a different motive though, figured it was a jealousy/unrequited love thing.

I like that the Bone Collector is now back in NYC. I'm actually hoping the little psycho plants himself back in the NYPD and works/torments in person Lincoln.

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