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S01.E03: Head Games

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How come I get the impression that the mom is a terrible mother. I admit she is very good with Tyler and Kinsey (although she sends Kinsey on a date with a boy she has never met or even asked what his name is), I feel she has spent zero time supervising Bode. Bode has been into a lot of questionable behavior, including multiple catatonic states, bear traps and wandering alone in the woods. Even when mom is having her dinner with the brother-in-law, the older kids didn't show up, but Bode was there, why wasn't he at the table. The mom is not working and Bode is not in school, you would think that Bode is the child that would need the most parental supervision and the child that the mom would have the most scenes with, but it is the opposite.

I am enjoying the show so far, they make sure you can't like "Well Girl" by having her toss that kid in front of a subway train. That was a great bit of dark humor.

That statement about the mom being as alcoholic 6 years ago came out of nowhere, I wonder what happened and how long she was on the sauce, because that doesn't leave a lot of time between when Bode was born and when she got clean.

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The keyhole in the back of the neck is sort of grossing me out. There's even a subtle gushing sound when it's inserted. I don't really get the point of that key either. Why do you become disembodied, or duplicated, when the key is inserted? Both Tyler and Kinsey could see Bode perfectly well so it's not like he's astral projecting.

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You'd think Bode and siblings would be more concerned about the Well Woman coming back at any moment and taking the keys.  Bode found the key in the portrait and then just stands around holding it in plain view like an idiot.  She could have come out of nowhere and grabbed it.  They are not nearly concerned enough about her!

Yeah, I don't get how the Head Key works.  I thought Well Woman mentioned something in a previous episode about a key that allows you to leave your body and be like a ghost (forgot her exact words), and from the way the Head Key functions I thought that was supposed to be the one but apparently not.  It lets you leave your body for some reason so that you can look into your mind.  I do like how the key drops when you remove it from your own neck but still not getting why it works that way.  I guess it makes it easier for the other characters to tag along.  Wonder if they will ever go into Tyler's mind?  Must be bad in there.

The mom seems off.  Wasn't expecting the alcoholic thing.  So, looks like Ellie remembers the keys despite being an adult!  The dad probably remembered them, too.  If so, then forgetting is unique to their mom.

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I don't get why no one is concerned about the Well Woman.  I know mom forgot her experience, but Kim and Tyler know what's going on.  I know the kids don't know something bad happened to dad's friends that he never talked about. but Bode did see Ellie go to the well.  

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"It doesn't bother me. People drinking around me." 

"Not since I found Valium!" I like how her friend thought she actually spends any time with her kids.

I still hope Bode dies a painful death and soon because he earned it. He is just too stupid to live. I'm actually using KindleUnlimited to read the comics because I don't think I can handle watching him be this annoying for many more epsidoes but the story concept intrigues me.


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On 2/9/2020 at 3:43 PM, AnimeMania said:

I am enjoying the show so far, they make sure you can't like "Well Girl" by having her toss that kid in front of a subway train.

That was kind of the moment when I thought, "What IS this show?"  The death off the father was a defining event for the series so while it was horrific it was -- presumably -- necessary for the narrative.  But creepy well girl killing a child for no particular reason?  Ew.  I guess the purpose was to show us how dangerous and amoral she is and to drive home the point that she is a genuine threat to the family.  But still.  Ew.

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