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I Am A Killer

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This show involves prison interviews with various individuals behind bars for capital murder, and some of the periphery family, lawyers, etc.  Being a true crime fan, I was interested.  I watched about 5-6 of these in 2 days and it was just depressing how the same themes are repeated by the prisoners:  horrible home lives growing up, with domestic violence, divorce, parents in prison, childhood molestation/rape by older males, drug use starting at extremely early ages, running away, etc.   The series seems to highlight that homelife and nature vs nurture is a big factor in creating a lot of the monsters who end up on death row.  It's also crazy how many of the people behind bars were motivated to commit their crime to get money for drugs, and another standout fact is that Florida seems to be a hotbed for fucked up individuals getting their start there.

It was chilling to hear these people talk about deciding to kill strangers, family and friends for myriad reasons... describing the event like they're chatting about a day at the park.   To get an idea of what someone decides to kill for, one of the participants was in his late teens and decided he wanted his friends nice car, just cause, so he bludgeoned and strangled his friend.   The most maddening is the majority of the guys, some who have been on death row for 35+ years, how they want sympathy and understanding and to not be looked at as a monster.   Nope, can't do it.  These stories are a hard slog - I think I can make it through 1-2 more cause I'm curious about the stories behind the two women featured in the series.   I think I'll be full up on murder after then.


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