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  1. Not sure if it is the lighting, but too many have pale chests and tanned stomachs. They dont match.
  2. I hate to hear that, I always liked her.
  3. and talk about rude...bringing a kid to a girls weekend without letting the hostess know! Why, Ashley would have needed at least 4 more servants! And if I had an extra $25,000, I could throw a kick ass party!
  4. It has a custom gold couch and an alligator desk!
  5. That description is him to a T!
  6. Didn't you want a girl? LOL!
  7. I am sorry you went through this.
  8. jeeze, the Ice Princess and Status Queen are getting on my nerves. You can probably guess who is who. Not showing them in a good light. You wanna be on TV that bad? At least Whitney and Marielle are good for laughs.
  9. Am I just getting crankier in my old age, or are the clients becoming more irritating?
  10. yeah, Ryan isn't clean. He was slurring his words.
  11. Yuck, that Victorian. It was too over the top, just like her. And a staircase in the bathroom?
  12. did anyone else notice that the wife mentioned the dog before the child?
  13. Dating myself, but it remind me of the Patridge Family.
  14. The Winston-Salem one was my hometown. I wish I knew where those neighborhoods were. Did you get a glance at our phallic building?
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