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  1. That wasn't a baby sprinkle, that was a tsunami! Did anyone notice Amber was drinking out of a sloth cup? How appropriate! And she lets down Leah and James by not making an A? No, honey you let them down by not spending any quality time with them. And forgive my lack of knowledge about being bipolar, but if you are half way between depressed and manic, isn't that "normal" behavior? The expert MacKensie hired did not do them any favors.
  2. I guess I did not word that very well. She seems reserved, and I want her to have fun. She is young, smart, incredibly talented and has won Olympic medals. I just want her to happy.
  3. I wonder if being in the bottom 2 might "scare" Sumi a little, and make her be more expressive in her dances.
  4. I just loved Inman tonight. He was so excited with his scores. And OIivia, don't beg for votes. It's not becoming to your "reputation"
  5. It's like that they couldn't decide how to design it, and just threw the whole book at the top.
  6. I really really like them. Especially Inman. Maybe because he is so tall, but graceful. And his partner is so short. That should be good for 1 extra point from each judge!
  7. How un American of you? LOL!
  8. Amber is such a slug. No one wants to read your book, no one cares if you are bisexual, no one cares you are in school. You have 2 kids to need to focus on. Just shut up and go lay back down. She is such a waste of oxygen.
  9. I know why Amber got her brows microbladed. So she could lay down! I'll see myself out now.
  10. Did you ever think you would say this?
  11. I thought it looked like skittles had thrown up all over it.
  12. Is there anyone who likes Tyra? I have heard or read nothing good about her on the show. But she's a producer on the show, so...
  13. Hasn't there been a couple judged before on their rehearsal video and not the live dance?
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