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  1. something seemed "off" about the whole design and colors.
  2. Her newest instagram post: Some people are lucky enough to get forever the first time but no one should be shamed for things not working out and no one knows what goes on behind closed doors - remember that before making judgements and assumptions… and this woman / mama is still lucky enough to have this man choose me.
  3. And shockingly, Leah's tumor is not cancerous. Jade seems to be a better parent without Sean.
  4. edie3

    S10.E29: Backslide

    I really think MTV needs to step in and do something about Jade and Sean. Parenting classes, something. I am scared for Kloie. And Leah, I just want to slap her silly every time she says tumor. How about waiting to see what it is before freaking out your kids.
  5. edie3

    S10.E29: Backslide

    She would have done him right then, right there if she could have.
  6. I ended up on Ant's Instagram and there are so many cute photos of him and Hudson. I know things on there can be manipulated, but he looks like an incredible and totally hands on father.
  7. She has a new boyfriend, a realtor from Texas. Joshua Hall. Hall is the older brother of Jessica Hall and Stacie Adams, who have both had their own time in the spotlight. Adams gained fame for her role on The Hills, where she was known as "Stacie the Bartender," while Jessica, a former Playboy model, has appeared alongside her friend Kendra Wilkinson on Kendra and Kendra on Top.
  8. Isn't over the stove a bad place for a computer? I keep thinking of steam from boiling water, etc.
  9. I just knew that one of them was going to beat the crap out of Kloie.
  10. edie3

    S10.E27: Cut Out

    I know we never told my mom we were bored. She would find us something to do right quick!
  11. Do you think Tina would let her daughter have an engagement ring without a big honking diamond in it?
  12. Now that I think of it, you are right. I have seen houses like that. And to me, some of them are jarring. Like a older home or arts and crafts style home where all the beautiful wood has been painted white, and made totally modern.
  13. He could be a comedian! I loved his honesty. He was very realistic, too.
  14. Call me an awful person, but Jade deserved every bit of that pain just for being stupid! For the money they spent in plane tickets, the AirBnB, etc. they could have paid for a private duty nurse. And Kail wanting to freeze her eggs. FFS! An taking someone who just got their ankle monitor off to go wine tasting in Napa? None, I mean none of these women have any sense.
  15. Like I said, my degree is from Pinterest. But if the house is Mediterranean on the outside, shouldn't the inside reflect that to a certain point?
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