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  1. The magician got on my last nerve. He was too snarky and I didn't like looking at him either. I only watched to see what 1/2 a million would buy.
  2. I am a dog owner and lover, but it really bothers me to see a dog inside a restaurant. Outdoor seating is fine with dogs, but yuck to inside.
  3. trouple or not, they were irritating as crap!
  4. If I have a thing like that hanging thing, can someone come and paint it to match the only dress I can fit in? You know, make it blend in?
  5. Michael looked like he had tears in his eyes as she walked down the aisle.
  6. In her bra, of course. A local gas station puts up a sign during the summer that they will not take wet bills from bras or socks.
  7. She needs more help than Dr Now can provide.
  8. That is me! I am so heartbroken. Someone has big shoes to fill! The Carolinas have lost a great coach and a even better person.
  9. Dr Now had several jokes tonight. He was quite jovial!
  10. I was ready for her to choke on a worm before the show was over.
  11. Tarik rolls his eyes and Christina screams at least once!
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