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Picard: The dreams are lovely. It's the waking up that I'm beginning to resent.

Picard: Sometimes you talk to me as if I were a benign old codger.
Laris: Codger?
Zhaban: Somewhere between a coot and geezer, I believe.

Picard: Everything in the quantum archive is locked in stasis, correct?
Index: Correct.
Picard: And no one besides myself has access, correct?
Index: Unless you prefer we sell tickets. 
Picard: Is that humor? 
Index: We're trying something new.

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Zhaban: Zhat vash is a term sometimes used to refer to the dead, the only reliable keepers of secrets. 
Picard: Ominous.

Laris: When I was a new recruit, one of my first handlers-
Zhaban: My mother.
Laris: Got drunk on Romulan ale-
Zhaban: My father.

Narek: Beautiful? No one's ever said that before about a Borg cube.

Narek: You find vulnerability and brokenness beautiful.
Soji: Is that strange? To find beauty in imperfection?
Narek: It's certainly not very Romulan.

Soji: Are we allowed to be sleeping together? Or is that a secret?
Narek: Very much the latter.
Soji: Is everything Romulans do a secret?
Narek: Ooh, I'm not at liberty to divulge that.
Soji: Is your name actually Narek?
Narek: It's one of them.
Soji: So is there anything you can tell me about yourself?
Narek: Yes. I'm a very private person.

Benayoun: Your medscan came in at or above Starfleet minimums in every category - cardiovascular, metabolic, cognitive. For a relic, you're in excellent shape.

Picard: If you feel that my rank makes me too conspicuous, well, then, I am content to be demoted to captain.

Jurati: She was a complete work of fiction. There's no record of her having actually attended R3SA. I'm no forensics maven, but my sense is that her entire identity was built all at once, about three years ag
Picard: By whom? Bruce Maddox? 
Jurati: He certainly had the ability. 
Picard: Motive?
Jurati: I don't know. People in the synthetic humanoid field tend to get a little secret-planny.

Soji: Why do you call them the Nameless? Their species had a name. We just don't know what it was.
Nameless is a name.

Zhaban: You can't do it alone. You need help. You need protection. You need a crew. Riker, Worf, La Forge.
Picard: No. I thought about it. And they would do it in a heartbeat, and that's precisely why I cannot ask them. They would put themselves at risk out of loyalty to me, and I do not want to have to go through that again.
Zhaban: Okay. You need someone who hates you and has nothing to lose.

Rizzo: Apologies, Commodore. This is unexpected.
Oh: A dirty word in our line of work. Perhaps the worst word of all.
Rizzo: So you need me to take care of Picard?
Oh: Your zeal and passion are commendable, but they are very nearly overbalanced by your impatience.

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On 2/1/2020 at 9:07 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Oh: Your zeal and passion are commendable, but they are very nearly overbalanced by your impatience....

...BTW, your long con is too long! Hurry up FFS!

Typical crap writing from Goldsman.....

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Raffi: Pro tip for future reference - on your next top secret, unauthorized synthetic girl rescue mission, try not telling the CNC of Starfleet exactly what you're planning on doing. I don't remember you being such a chatterbox back in the day.

Raffi: I'd show you around my estate but it's more of a hovel so that would just be, you know, humiliating. But my entire life for the past 14 years has been one long slide into humiliation. And rage. Also a fair amount of snakeleaf-induced paranoia, so some things never change.

Soji: How much do you know about Ramdha before she was assimilated? Have you read her Romulan dossier?
Hugh: Of course not. Wait, have you? How did you manage that?
Soji: I just sort of asked to see it. Usually I find that if I ask people for help, they're happy to give it.
Hugh: That has not been my experience - in particular with Romulans.

Picard: What happened to you?
Rios: I didn't die.

Rios: You breaking any laws or intending to?
Picard: I don't know. I'm not in the habit of consulting lawyers before I do what needs to be done.

EMH: He never gets any nicer.
Picard: Duly noted.

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Zani: You're making the admiral uncomfortable, Elnor. He dislikes displays of emotion and is not overly fond of children.
Picard: Not at all. Some day I may get used to the way of absolute candor.
Elnor: Why don't you like children?
Zani: Because they're demanding, distracting, and interfere with duty and pleasure alike.

Elnor: Last time you promised.
Zani: A promise is a prison, Elnor. Do not make yourself another's jailer.

Jurati: I caught up on two years of back issues of The Journal of Theoretical Cybernetics. I watered your plants - you're welcome. I was going to watch a holo but weirdly all you have onboard is Klingon opera.
Rios: Long story.

Jurati: I used to live with a guy who liked paper books. I bothered him too.

Jurati: What's your book about?
Rios: The existential pain of living with the consciousness of death and how it defines us as human beings.
Jurati: That's not a conversation killer at all. I totally want to talk about the existential pain of living with the consciousness of death.

Raffi: [Picard] can't even take a guilt trip without using a starship.

Picard: It seems a little odd that a working ship should have a hospitality hologram.
EMH: I came with the basic installation, sir, but you're right. Hospitality emergencies are rare on this vessel.

Raffi: Vashti is a hotbed for the Romulan rebirth movement but you're just going to drop in and pick yourself up a nun?
Jurati: Okay, now somebody has to tell me what we're talking about.
Raffi: JL wants to hire an assassin.
Picard: They are not assassins and you can't hire them.

Jurati: What's the way of absolute candor?
Picard: It's their primary teaching - total communication of emotion without any filter between thought and word. And it runs entirely counter to everything the Romulans hold dear.
Jurati: Anyone think the way of absolute candor sounds potentially annoying?

Picard: Do we have clearance?
Raffi: I'm working several angles but so far, no.
Picard: Call central station and tell them it's me.
Raffi: That was the first thing we did. Frankly, they were not impressed.

Elnor: You tell a story. I listen.
Picard: I had a friend called Data.
Elnor: It's usually a sad story.
Picard: He died.

Elnor: I regret your choice.

Picard: That man did not deserve to die.
Elnor: Yet he chose it.

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Raffi: Rios, you seriously, really need to sell this. You can't do your broody, existentialist spaceman routine. Your personality needs to match your clothes.

Raffi: Try to stay away from the lizard. Beta Annari can smell when you're not telling the truth. Also what you had for dinner and the last person you had sex with.
Rios: If they're not the same thing.

Vup: Have you had dealings with the Tal Shiar before?
Rios: To be honest, I've tried hard to stay out of their way. They are treacherous, violent, ruthless and subtle. Their concept of honor is rooted in their skill at deceit.

Rios: How do I smell?
Vup: Truthful. You also had some sort of smoked meat for breakfast, didn't you?

Raffi: Honestly, Rios isn't the one I'm really worried about here. I'm more concerned with you two.
Picard: Oh. I thought that I looked appropriately sinister.

Picard: What the hell is going on here?
Seven: I was not entirely candid with you.
Picard: Really?

Picard: Murder is not justice. There is no solace in revenge.

Rios: Revenge - I understand the impulse.

Seven: I will take two of your phasers if that's all right. A vigilante could always use a couple more.

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1 minute ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Seven: I will take two of your phasers if that's all right. A vigilante could always use a couple more.

They weren't even Picard's phasers - I hope Rios adds them to his bill!

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Elnor: What artifact? Maybe that's none of my business. I should out-butt.
Picard: Oh, not at all, Elnor.

Elnor: Was I in-butting?
Jurati: That time, yes.

Jurati: I've never slept with the captain of anything before.
Rios: Well, I recommend it.

Rios: What's wrong?
Jurati: I have a superpower. I can sense mistakes while I'm making them.
Rios: That's not much of a superpower.
Jurati: It's useless.

Narissa: I never understood your fascination with this toy.
Narek: It's not a toy. It's a tool. It helps me think.
Narissa: The only thing it ever made me think of was smashing it open with a hammer to get the prize inside.

Rios: In a few hours, we'll be crossing out of the old neutral zone and into Romulan space which puts us in breach of galactic treaty, but I'm fine with that because I know that you have a plan for how to access a restricted Romulan research facility on a Borg cube crawling with Tal Shiar without authorization - also without dying.

Emmy: Who authorized you to even be out there?
Raffi: I mean, you know Picard. Every part of that guy that's not ego is rampaging id.

Raffi: I don't want to end up on the wrong side of a disruptor cannon, Emmy. I'm still planning on drinking myself to death.

Hugh: A new name can be the first step to a new identity.

Picard: Elnor, I told you to stay on the ship!
Elnor: Yes, I didn't listen.
Picard: Thank you.

Elnor: My blade is pledged to defend you.
Picard: Then I release you of the pledge.
Elnor: I decline to be released.

Picard: Elnor, I will not leave you behind again.
Elnor: It fills me with joy to hear you say that.

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Picard: You might want to point that [arrow] at my head. My heart is solid duritanium.

Riker: That time you were flying off to Romulus to plan the great supernova rescue, do you remember what I said?
Picard: "So you want to be ass deep in Romulans for the rest of your life?"
Riker: I believe I also reminded you of Newton's fourth law of thermodynamics.
Picard: No good deed goes unpunished.

Picard: When I left earth, I had a plan, I had a ship, I even had a crew - of sorts. Now I've lost them all. My plan turns out to be, well, half a plan at best.

Kestra: Do you play the violin?
Soji: No.
Kestra: Do you like Sherlock Holmes?
Soji: I guess so.
Kestra: Can you run really fast and jump super high and bend steel with your hands?
Soji: It turns out, yes, I can.

Kestra: I think you're amazing.
Soji: Because I have mucus?

Picard: Commander Riker and I served together on the USS Enterprise.
Soji: And you were the greatest captain ever, I heard.
Riker: The greatest captain ever? Where'd you get that nonsense?
Kestra: From you!
Riker: From me? I must have been drinking at the time.

Riker: So I'm just going to speculate and say out loud what I've been saying in my brain. You don't have to tell me anything. You're worried about cloaks. That says Romulans. And the level of anxiety and fear for our safety tells me Tal Shiar. Next - you're not the one that's on the run. It's [Soji]. But why? What has poor Soji done to incur their wrath? Could it have anything to do with the fact that she's clearly an android? And not just any android. I'd recognize that head tilt anywhere. Kid's got Data in her DNA. That's why you're here. How am I doing?
Picard: Not bad for a pizza chef.

Raffi: Need some more milk?
Jurati: Yes, please.
Raffi: Chocolate?
Jurati: That's probably overdoing it.
Raffi: No such thing on planet Raffi.

Rios: Is that blood?
Raffi: Red velvet.

Kestra: Do you believe [Picard]?
Soji: I know he thinks he isn't lying, but that doesn't mean I believe him.

Riker: What are they like, this new crew of yours?
Picard: I would have to say they are decidedly motley.

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13 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Riker: That time you were flying off to Romulus to plan the great supernova rescue, do you remember what I said?
Picard: "So you want to be ass deep in Romulans for the rest of your life?"

Loved that line by Picard.

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That was a fantastic line and it was great to hear those two characters get to say that, something they wouldn't have said during the era of television the show was on.

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Picard: And you thought I was a desperate old man - quixotic, paranoid, possibly senile.
Clancy: Let's just leave it at quixotic.

Clancy: Admiral Picard, with all due respect and at long last, shut the fuck up.

Raffi: The Tal Shiar had a tracker inside your girl Jurati and it looks like she killed Bruce Maddox.
ENH: Well, that's bad news.
Raffi: Uh, yeah. Unless you like giant, all-encompassing paranoid conspiracy theories. Then it's kind of awesome. But, you know, in a horrible way.

Raffi: What are the chances that an octonarian star system would occur naturally?
EEN: Close to nil, I'd say.
Raffi: Meaning it would have to be built. You'd have to capture eight suns, move them across light years of space, and set them in motion. But why would you want to do that?
EEN: Showing off, saying, "Look what I can do!"

Narissa: I'm afraid I broke your gun.

Jurati: Well, I'm done murdering people.

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Raffi: Make that five bogeys and one of them's coming right at us.
Rios: What kind of bogey?
Raffi: Um, I want to say like a giant flower?

Rios: How many?
Raffi: 218 warbirds.
Rios: 218. That's not so bad.
Raffi: True. You really only have to worry about the first 109.

Elnor: I may never see you again.
Picard: That's true of any two people who are saying goodbye.

Altan: You can't be expected to keep a secret you don't even know you know.

Narek: Is this how you treat your prisoners?
Saga: We've never had a prisoner before. How do the Romulans treat their prisoners?

Narek: You misunderstood.
Soji: I misunderstood your attempt to murder me?

Soji: What a sad and twisted thing you are. You disgust me, Narek, but not a much as I disgust myself for pitying you.

Soji: When I heard about what Agnes had done to Bruce, I couldn't understand it, let alone imagine myself doing something like that.
Picard: Something like what?
Soji: Taking life to save life. Hurting some to save others. I guess I'm just trying to understand the logic of sacrifice.
Picard: The logic of sacrifice? I don't like the sound of that.
Soji: So you think there is no logic? No calculus of life and death?
Picard: I think it depends on if you're the person holding the knife.
Soji: She thought she was doing the right thing in that moment but now she's horrified by what she did.
Picard: Did she think she was right? Or did she simply believe she had no choice?
Soji: Maybe there's no logic in it at all. Maybe all rationale for killings just boil down to fear - the opposite of logic.

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Narissa: Have you found them?
Narek: Yes, they're all here.
Narissa: Have you fucked any of them?
Narek: Not yet.
Narissa: Killed any?
Narek: One.
Narissa: Well, I'd call that progress.

Picard: To say you have no choice is a failure of imagination.

Rios: Honestly, I'm a little afraid of it, like if I use it too much it's going to eat my soul.
Raffi: Well, luckily you don't have a soul.

Rios: To you, everything's a hammer.

Raffi: Those three beautiful words.
Rios: You were right.
Raffi: One more time.

Rios: I know that sound. Someone throwing rocks at my ship.

Elnor: I don't like you.
Narek: If we waste any more time fighting each other, we will all die and then whether or not you like me will matter even less.

Jurati: I honestly thought I was the worst secret agent ever but I'm starting to believe I have a gift.

Picard: Fear is an incompetent teacher.

Soong: Reason isn't everything.

Jurati: Are you not answering to build suspense?
Picard: I'm trying to pilot a starship for the first time in a very long time without exploding or crashing.

Riker: I'm supposed to sit around in the woods making pizza while you have all the fun?

Data: Knowing that you loved me forms a small but statistically significant part of my memories.

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