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S13.E02: Clash of the Collages

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To my eyes, the South team certainly deserved the win for the first challenge.  They did a great job of utilizing the space and were the only team to think about building something that exceeded the height of the bus.  Of course, there was some pandering to Nunez by making it a Miami scene.  That was very well done.

I don't remember many of the tattoos.  I will need to look at them again.  They did telegraph the bottom three about a thousand times during the episode. Enough. We get it.  They're making some bad choices. 

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Hey Arlene, if you don't want to get thrown under the bus, then maybe you shouldn't go around proactively telling people information that is the exact opposite of what's correct. 

You can basically guarantee right now that a pardoned contestant will make it to the finale. Ink Master has to show off their newest gimmick. 

Plenty of fat left to trim the next few episodes.  

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On ‎1‎/‎15‎/‎2020 at 1:18 AM, Emkat said:

Arlene and her "cataplexy" What a joke. Get a grip.

When she said heightened emotions or whatever trigger her attacks, I was like what the fuck are you doing signing up for this show???? This is show is ONLY heightened emotions and stress and craziness. I don't think her adhd/ocd/autism child is really going to get whatever message she's trying to send. 

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I actually cannot believe Arlene didn't go home this week; her compass rose was a mess. I also didn't necessarily think Emac's was all that bad. I think he got screwed because his canvas rejected his designs for literally half the time. That is one of the only times I think the "coaches" can be helpful, and when maybe the judges should step in - to try and smooth things with some of the extremely difficult canvases. 

Hiram got screwed out of a win; I loved his. I don't particularly like new school or traditional, but his is one piece I would actually want on my body.

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