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S17.E26: Live Cutdown Show

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Airs December 17, 2019


In anticipation of the season finale, artists' performances are revisited before the winner is announced; host Carson Daly, A-list guests and the final four artists check in live as they prepare for the live finale.

I actually think this should be "Countdown" not "Cutdown" but I just copy/pasted the episode description from Google. 


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I have no idea if this is the correct topic for posts regarding the results show.   If so - or even if not, I guess - I was not surprised at the outcome.   Nor did I have a favorite going in, so it is what it is.   Jake has a fine voice for classic country, but he has the stage presence of a wet noodle.  ---   Katy was made for Broadway, so it would be nice if something like that materialized for her.   ---   I appreciated Ricky's guitar skills more than his voice, so who knows where that could lead.  ---   I've liked Rose's voice since the blinds, but am not sure of her niche in the music business; what did miss?   ----   That's all I got. 

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