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S02.E08: Harley Gets to Be Best Man

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This was a very interesting episode and a little scarier than most of them.

 Poor old Dave - I hope something good happens to him soon.

I guess they've wrapped up Boyle's storyline.  I wonder if he'll return to New York now.

Two more episodes to go.

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I am enjoying this season even more than last.  I feel they have settled into their characters.  I love all the little jokes about it being a show.  Harley always commenting on how it is done on TV.  

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It was fun to see Katherine Isabelle again as Willow. I think she's an  underrated actor.

Nice twists in this episode -- Harley getting Dave a date, who then turns out to be a robber, and not really the Big Boss.  Boyle seeming like the villain beating up Ciccone. Kristin Bruun finally got to do more than play the sidekick.

I'm really ready for the triangle to end. Hate that shape.

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8 hours ago, statsgirl said:

I'm really ready for the triangle to end. Hate that shape.

Oooo, great turn of phrase. Should I attribute any future quotes to you, or is it from some famous source or meme?

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