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S03.E06: The Book of Resistance: Chapter One: Knocking on Heaven's Door

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Jefferson is torn between his loyalty to his family and his commitment to saving Freeland. Meanwhile, Anissa's commitment to Grace is deepening. Lastly, Jennifer makes an interesting discovery.

Jeff Byrd directed the episode written by Lamont Magee.

Airdate 11/18/2019


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Well, Odell's dead. Maybe. I hope so. While this episode wasn't as big a groin-kicker as usual, I was a little happier with Jefferson meeting the rest of the Arrowverse in the quick teaser. You think the others had to draw straws as to who has to tell Black Lightning that everything he's been fighting for might become moot pretty soon? Also, there's a shot of him with Frost . . . and Mick Rory. Oh, the fun to be had! "Wait . . . this guy is your idea of a hero?" "Maybe I'm like a delicious sandwich. Ever think of that, Sparky?"

Seriously, even with Lynn leaving Jefferson (due to the effects of Chewable Greenlight?), Anissa almost dying and Dr. Jace rearing her whackjob head again, this felt a little better. A resistance is being formed, Jennifer finds out more about the new kid (Dr. Jace killed his mother, which . . . yep), and Tobias is being sinister and snarky. And Odell's dead!! I hope. Maybe they could put him in the ground in Khalil's place.

Oh, and apparently this is Earth-73.

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Definitely surprised over how Odell went out, assuming it isn't a fake-out.  I guess all of the focus with his schemes, Tobias, and tension with Jefferson, was hiding the danger the Markovians still are: especially when they have a teleporter on their side!  I'll miss Bill Duke sliming it up the way he does, but I'm curious to see who will fill his void, assuming that is where this is heading.

I'm glad Gambi found a cure at the end, but I guess that virus was way deadlier then he thought, because he said Anissa had a week or two to live, but she seemed on her way out in a mere 30 hours!  Also, what was going on with Grace's tattoos moving again in the end?

Dr. Jace makes her first appearance of the season!

Brandon definitely has the coolest power ever, since it's basically a way to make him stinkin rich!

Lynn has now left Jefferson due to trust issues, but I'm sure it's more the green light effecting her.  Combine that with her being just a bit too trusting towards Tobias now, and I have a bad feeling!

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It was a good episode. But the Pierce family members are being completely idiotic. I don't understand why Anissa would like to keep something like she DYING completely private - especially with her having a mom as a scientist. 

I'm still disappointed with Jefferson demanding Anissa to bring Tavon home. That was such a dumb decision. He was safe. Just let Anissa take the cell phone video to his parents.  Jefferson's relationship with Anissa doesn't feel like a father/daughter relationship - it seems more of a brother/sister relationship. There's always this push/pull dynamic with those two.  I didn't like how he just let things go and left Anissa's apt.

And then there's Lynn -  she has got to be the most smart, yet simple minded lady. She's so easily manipulated - first by Odell and now Tobias. I know this is far off course, but I'm so hoping she doesn't start a romantic relationship with Tobias.  But it's not too far fetch since she is on drugs.

Jennifer is the least problematic for me right now, which is saying alot! I'm not sure why she broke into Brendan's apartment rather than simply asking him. After all, he did said her from revealing herself. I guess her breaking into his apartment added more to the storyline and showed us what his life looked like. I've always been team Jen/Khalil, but I really like Brendan. He seem so...uncomplicated compared. lol But I'll always like Khalil - I'm just waiting for his return, which will be a while.

Surprised Odell was killed?

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3 hours ago, LadyOracle said:

I didn't like how he just let things go and left Anissa's apt.

He's feeling guilty and I thought it was a good that he didn't push. 

I agree about Lynn - I miss shotgun toting Lynn.  I don't like Lynn who's going along with the bad guys because she can't think of anything else.  It's obviously the drug but it's bugging me. 

Anissa has been frustrating with not telling anyone about the poison - I never thought she would die, but she lied to Grace too.  Thankfully Grace is smart enough to call Uncle  Gambi.

What the hell, Jen?  Break into Brandon's place and then attack him? 

I like Henderson recruiting the social media woman, that was well done.

It was dumb of Odell to not think he might get shot.  If he stays dead, I'll miss him as a villain.  Dude could wear a hat, too.

I laughed at Gambi's detector coming up "EMPTY" at Khalil's grave for the benefit of those of us watching.

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I get why Lynn is pissed off, but she's also keeping secrets, and that undermines her case. THEY ALL need to talk-- THE WHOLE FAMILY. Why don't they trust each other?

I don't enjoy Tobias as a character. I haven't enjoyed any of the villains since they killed off Jill Scott's character way back when.

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First off, I don't think Odell is dead. It might take him a little while to recover, but I don't think he's going out like that. He better be alive, because I need him to be offed by Khalil when he comes back to himself.

Yeah, it didn't make sense not to tell her family and girlfriend that she was dying, but good on Nafessa and the makeup team for making Anissa look like death.

I'm pretty convinced that someone doesn't like Lynn in the writers room. She caved too easily against Tobias.

Again, I really need the family to come together, and soon!

So Brandon (Hair Teen) is an earthbender? Cool. (I think a firebender is the only one we haven't seen yet.) I don't think that really explains how he can absorb Jennifer's lightning, but okay. Seems highly unusual - even in this fictional city - that he would be able to get away with living alone, etc. as a minor. But I guess we can handwave that the Occupation is taking up everyone's attention.

So the Markovians are relevant again, but the ASA still seems like the bigger threat.

We haven't seen zombie LaLa in a while; what's he been up to??

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