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S02.E03: Harley Gets Replaced

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On 11/2/2019 at 10:17 AM, Trey said:

Fun episode, although there was so much David Arquette that there wasn't room for much else. I did not know Sam had a sister.  Wonder if she will be around for a while.

I covet the zebra print blouse Sam’s sister Simone was wearing. 

Who better to play exposition fairy regarding the impending Sam+Harley relationship development than hunky First Nations actor, Meegwun Fairbrother (playing Waabakwa)?

Kudos to David Arquette for playing a part that had no meaning beyond mirroring the show’s lead character —and I doubt this little show had the budget to backup a truck full of money in Arquette’s driveway.

Or maybe it’s kudos to Jerry O’Connell for being such a nice (and fun) guy to work with.

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My daughter refers to this show as "controlled insanity" and this episode exemplified it.  I bet that David Arquette is friends with Jerry O'Connell in real life and that's why he agree to do this episode because they really had the vibe of two guys hanging out having laughs.

This is the real life Jerry O'Connell.

I love the twin wailing that they're driving by the high school. Oh, the traumas of being ten!

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