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S05.E06: Four Wives in Two RVs

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Kody just wanted some bait for a reality television show and it didn't hurt that it gave him someone new to have sex with; plus since he gets to make up the rules in the quasi-religion known as What Kody Wants Kody Gets, she came complete with ready-made kids to add to his celestial planet scoresheet PLUS she could still churn out babies.

It's my opinion that Kody is about as religious as my cat, although at least my cat is more honest about it. I'm still not convinced that they "won't" talk about the religious rationalization for their shtick as much as "can't," because he's making it up as he goes along.

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Regarding that 60 second business meeting before their trip (and other business meetings we've seen in their homes), does anyone think they hold these useless meetings just so that they can deduct a portion of their household expenses, i.e. phone, internet, mortgage, because they have a 'home-based company? 


If so, I will definitely start my own home business and I will call it My Son's Closet (since it's still full of clothes, books and videos, even though he moved out two years ago).  lol

I am reading this at 3am on my iPad - burst out laughing - poor hubby thought I was having a heart attack!! I know exactly what you mean, our spare bedroom also has a closet full of our son's 'stuff' jackets, shirts, etc. he hasn't looked at it in almost 4 years!!! Nothing would fit him anymore anyway!!

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 Kody says something to the effect of "my wives are freaking out because they have to travel together." WTF? If they are supposedly this symbiotic family unit that lived together in the same house for years and years, why would travelling together be such an issue? Isn't the point of taking a trip to relax and have fun? Why the stress?



When you're in an RV, you don't have the luxury of being able to walk away from someone you dislike. So for anyone wondering if they hang out together at home, it pretty much tells you the answer.

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Is anyone creeped out that they're taking their children to meet some polygamist that emailed them? They could be total weirdos or sickos.

....or the Browns could be and there are the Williams ( or whatever their names are ) letting them in their homes. However, with a camera crew constantly among them,

safety isn't an issue.

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Huzzah! They're inching close to cancellation range!  They rated the same as "Pawn Stars" on History and "Guys Grocery Games" on the Food Network.   The writing is on the wall (literally all the time on this show), better make sure the place in Lehi is in order... if they can afford it.  They can recoup some of their investment melting the silver!

Sorry to crush your dreams but here I am zooming in from 6/7 months later with news of Season 6 for the Browns. Meri got divorced from Kody in the fall of 2014 & him & Robyn legally wed about 2 months later. However, aside from the dvorce, there's really little to base a series on as their jewelry business slid from dumb to dismal.

They make a big deal of getting into wherever they are going so late at night. But they talk about not leaving in the morning until 9 a.m. And then it takes too long to get ready so they are leaving at 9:30 or 10. Whenever we went on vacation when I was a kid, or when I do it with my family now, we are getting up and moving as soon as possible so we can get to our destination sooner. We liked to be there before dark, if possible. But these folks with no jobs prefer to sleep later, then bitch about how late it is when the snow is falling and the shit is flowing. Don't bitch about the late hour of arrival if you can't get up early and get moving.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the filming schedule, or they really ARE fat lazy asses in perpetual retirement.

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