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  1. Her posts all basically say, "Look. I saw a thing. Other people say stuff about the thing." Nothing to offer. No value added. She's that person in the office you desperately try to avoid meeting alone in the break room.
  2. Stumbled across an interesting short documentary on the LuLaRoe scam today. Anyone else seen it?
  3. Well, we already know what a coercive, cookie-stealing monster he really is.
  4. It's the tradition of the Brown's giving each other Claddagh rings. Similar in nature to their old tradition of "mock" desserts and rewriting their personal histories PRN.
  5. I've only kept current with Mykelti and FT in a cursory way--momentary snippets of the show, glances at social media when this forum links to it, etc. Even so, the dynamic between them is disturbingly familiar to me. I went into my first marriage with the same headstrong romantic blindness that I see in Mykelti. And just like FT is for her, my husband was a terrible choice for me--and the fact that our marriage was a glaring error was obvious to EVERYONE. I was deeply entrenched in a religious ethos that treasured the submissive, Proverbs 31 woman; getting married and starting the engine on th
  6. I don't care that the place is in the boonies, and it's cute from the outside. But the rooms are absolutely god-awful. The wallpaper bonanza screams 'IT'S THE MID-1980s AND MY HOUSE IS EARLY-AMERICAN CHARMING!!" The gobs of fake flowers in every freaking room set my teeth on edge, and the carpeting is just butt-ugly. From the outside, there is a strong farm house feel, and I'd expect to see original hardwood floors, light/bright paint on the walls, simple breezy curtains, etc. Leave it to one of the Browns to get a venture so very, very wrong.
  7. The Browns are drawn to super-hyped, quick-money bullshit like vultures to road kill. I love that one of the FAQs at IIN reads: "IS IIN A “RIP-OFF” OR A SCAM?" and their answer begins: "No way." Whew--what a relief. Rest easy, oh gullible marks--we're not a scam because we say we're not a scam! Of all the things Janelle might apply herself to, being a health/wellness/nutrition coach is absolutely the most asinine choice imaginable. If I was selling classes on home organization and my house looked like a candidate for Hoarders, I wouldn't make a lot of money. If Janelle actually got health
  8. Marathoning in preparation for S8. I love the exuberant evil of Negan, and I don't even mind his long-winded monologues. But it only took the first exposure to a Negan scene to make me all the way over two of JDM's recurrent mannerisms: the patented lean-back, and the habitual lip-licking. Enough of that, already.
  9. Can we assume Hunter is still here? This is the same place that had to be upbraided by Superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria earlier this week for racial slurs having been scrawled outside the doors of black students. Criminy. https://www.rawstory.com/2017/09/active-shooter-reported-at-air-force-academy-preparatory-school/ ETA a working link (It was a weird phony active shooter story.)
  10. You can buy a used copy on Amazon or elsewhere. Any funds you spend will only go to the immediate vendor.
  11. I'm not one to judge any woman for her wardrobe. Those "No woman over 40 should ever wear..." clickbait titles make me itch to slap someone. But...I am convinced the wear-leggings-everywhere thing is a fashion trend that people will look back on in several years sort of like we now look back on the huge shoulder pads and "Hammer pants" of the '80s: OMG, what were we thinking??!?
  12. If you haven't seen The Principle Tumbler, here's a bit about Christine that does describe her relation to Ervil, and thus Anna LeBaron: http://politicsrusprinciple.tumblr.com/post/113638995826/christine-lebaron-allred-at-her-high-school
  13. Kody has made a whole lot of tweets that are explicitly and staunchly conservative; I have a hunch he's voted for a LOT of people who don't give shit one about his freedom to practice plural marriage. Ow. The irony, it burns.
  14. Boo fucking hoo. Whatever difficulties Kody faces by being in simultaneous relationships, well, them's the breaks. He's living the exact lifestyle he signed on for, under the strictures of a religious ideal that values patriarchy and subjugation of females (no matter what high-flown bullshit they spout about the glories of womanhood). Plural marriage is a narcissist's dream, and we've all watched him strutting around like a tool, shaking his hair and announcing to all and sundry (even when no one asked or gave a frig), "I AM KODY! I HAVE FOUR WIVES! AREN'T YOU IMPRESSED WITH MY MANLY PROWESS?"
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