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  1. SometimesBites

    Robyn Brown: Her Sisterwives Have a Closet!

    Well, we already know what a coercive, cookie-stealing monster he really is.
  2. SometimesBites

    S09.E04: Meri's Crazy Idea

    It's the tradition of the Brown's giving each other Claddagh rings. Similar in nature to their old tradition of "mock" desserts and rewriting their personal histories PRN.
  3. SometimesBites

    S09.E02: Groomzilla

    I've only kept current with Mykelti and FT in a cursory way--momentary snippets of the show, glances at social media when this forum links to it, etc. Even so, the dynamic between them is disturbingly familiar to me. I went into my first marriage with the same headstrong romantic blindness that I see in Mykelti. And just like FT is for her, my husband was a terrible choice for me--and the fact that our marriage was a glaring error was obvious to EVERYONE. I was deeply entrenched in a religious ethos that treasured the submissive, Proverbs 31 woman; getting married and starting the engine on that happily-ever-after machine was an all-consuming goal. All my closest friends were pairing off and getting engaged; meanwhile, I was desperately hoping my Mr. Right would show up. The trouble was, when he did show up he was all kinds of wrong--and part of his wrongness was being incredibly possessive over me and having an ego that got off on having someone show him romantic interest. Mykelti's post (Twitter?) extolling the glory of her one year anniversary didn't make me think, "Well that's so nice...they must actually be happy." Instead, it was like a nasty flashback to how really, REALLY hard I worked to pretend my marriage was everything it should be, everything I desperately wanted it to be. Despite every red flag imaginable, I put my head down and bulled my way to the altar, then spent 18 years trying to prop that mess up all by myself. My impression is that Mykelti was desperate for validation, and after a lifetime of being taught that the pinnacle of a woman's life is to become the object of some dude's romantic interest, she dutifully put on blinders and forged ahead. If I had a crystal ball, I think it would tell me she is already often quite miserable, but that she'll stay in the ever-growing misery even after the point when she can't stand FT anymore, if only to prove that she knew what she was doing when she married him. I honestly feel so sad for her.
  4. SometimesBites

    S09.E01: Meri Moving?

    I don't care that the place is in the boonies, and it's cute from the outside. But the rooms are absolutely god-awful. The wallpaper bonanza screams 'IT'S THE MID-1980s AND MY HOUSE IS EARLY-AMERICAN CHARMING!!" The gobs of fake flowers in every freaking room set my teeth on edge, and the carpeting is just butt-ugly. From the outside, there is a strong farm house feel, and I'd expect to see original hardwood floors, light/bright paint on the walls, simple breezy curtains, etc. Leave it to one of the Browns to get a venture so very, very wrong.
  5. SometimesBites

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    The Browns are drawn to super-hyped, quick-money bullshit like vultures to road kill. I love that one of the FAQs at IIN reads: "IS IIN A “RIP-OFF” OR A SCAM?" and their answer begins: "No way." Whew--what a relief. Rest easy, oh gullible marks--we're not a scam because we say we're not a scam! Of all the things Janelle might apply herself to, being a health/wellness/nutrition coach is absolutely the most asinine choice imaginable. If I was selling classes on home organization and my house looked like a candidate for Hoarders, I wouldn't make a lot of money. If Janelle actually got healthy, people would probably throw money at her--the diet industry is wildly lucrative and god knows the world loves a success story. But even the most desperate have eyes, for crying out loud! Her lack of cred is literally visible to the world. This venture for Janelle is like Meri with Lularo--she got snared by the hype, threw money at it, and allowed herself to be suckered into the idea that she could make money doing the gig herself.
  6. SometimesBites

    S07.E03: The Cell

    Marathoning in preparation for S8. I love the exuberant evil of Negan, and I don't even mind his long-winded monologues. But it only took the first exposure to a Negan scene to make me all the way over two of JDM's recurrent mannerisms: the patented lean-back, and the habitual lip-licking. Enough of that, already.
  7. Can we assume Hunter is still here? This is the same place that had to be upbraided by Superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria earlier this week for racial slurs having been scrawled outside the doors of black students. Criminy. https://www.rawstory.com/2017/09/active-shooter-reported-at-air-force-academy-preparatory-school/ ETA a working link (It was a weird phony active shooter story.)
  8. SometimesBites

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    You can buy a used copy on Amazon or elsewhere. Any funds you spend will only go to the immediate vendor.
  9. SometimesBites

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    I'm not one to judge any woman for her wardrobe. Those "No woman over 40 should ever wear..." clickbait titles make me itch to slap someone. But...I am convinced the wear-leggings-everywhere thing is a fashion trend that people will look back on in several years sort of like we now look back on the huge shoulder pads and "Hammer pants" of the '80s: OMG, what were we thinking??!?
  10. SometimesBites

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    There ya go.
  11. SometimesBites

    Christine Brown: She Wanted a Family, Not Just the Man

    If you haven't seen The Principle Tumbler, here's a bit about Christine that does describe her relation to Ervil, and thus Anna LeBaron: http://politicsrusprinciple.tumblr.com/post/113638995826/christine-lebaron-allred-at-her-high-school
  12. SometimesBites

    Shameless Fame Whores: Sister Wives in the Media

    Kody has made a whole lot of tweets that are explicitly and staunchly conservative; I have a hunch he's voted for a LOT of people who don't give shit one about his freedom to practice plural marriage. Ow. The irony, it burns.
  13. SometimesBites

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Boo fucking hoo. Whatever difficulties Kody faces by being in simultaneous relationships, well, them's the breaks. He's living the exact lifestyle he signed on for, under the strictures of a religious ideal that values patriarchy and subjugation of females (no matter what high-flown bullshit they spout about the glories of womanhood). Plural marriage is a narcissist's dream, and we've all watched him strutting around like a tool, shaking his hair and announcing to all and sundry (even when no one asked or gave a frig), "I AM KODY! I HAVE FOUR WIVES! AREN'T YOU IMPRESSED WITH MY MANLY PROWESS?" In a fairly recent episode of tee-vee counseling, Meri and Kody both admitted that polygamy has long provided a way for them to avoid dealing with their marriage troubles because there are all those other wives he can turn to for distraction and recreation. The lifestyle is bound to set the women in competition with each other, because NONE of them is getting her relationship needs met. Kody, on the other hand, can turn tail and head off to a different woman whenever the going gets rough. Viewers have repeatedly seen him do this on camera, and he's explicitly stated that a wife's emotional life is HER business--not his. Kody's life a hell? Not even close. Kody's life complicated by the emotional trainwreck he's authored? Yes--and he earned it. No sympathy or empathy here for that beady-eyed douche canoe.
  14. SometimesBites

    Shameless Fame Whores: Sister Wives in the Media

    MrSmith, if you'd like to see the original convo about trashgate, it starts here:
  15. SometimesBites

    S08.E08: Tell All, Part 1

    She addresses that somewhat in another tidbit from their book. (Brace yourself for more skeeve...) “Adam was not completely committed to his fundamentalist faith and I was happy to welcome him to the LDS church. Not long after he converted, we began courting. Soon we were married in the temple, but my husband wasn’t really interested in either his new faith or the branch of fundamentalism he’d been raised in. In fact, he had very little spiritual conviction. “His family, however, fascinated me. I would tell my friends, “My in-laws are polygamous.” I was proud to know people in a subculture. They were a novelty. “One of the reasons I was so transfixed by Adam’s relatives was that they were so outwardly normal. In fact, they were completely conventional and contemporary. They didn’t live behind closed doors or practice any strange customs. They worked, they participated in the community, they sent their kids to local schools. My in-laws didn’t dress strangely, as some fundamentalist sects did. The women were strong and independent and had an equal say in family affairs with the husbands. “If only I’d been as enamored with my husband as I was with his family. Unfortunately, Adam and I had problems right from the start. We weren’t spiritually, emotionally, or romantically compatible. We lived together for only six months before he moved out.”