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S17.E12: The Knockouts, Part 2

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Nobody is really standing out for me this season.  I will say that I thought the "California Dreaming" girl beat the 4-chair turn guy but I could be biased because I thought he ruined one of my favorite songs.  "She Talks to Angels" is 100% emotion and he stylized the angst right out of it.

On a personal note, it also rubbed me the wrong way when Khalea felt the need to point out that the Celine Dion song wasn't easy.  That was implied when Kelly/Gwen said she made it "look" easy and only made her seem self-congratulatory.

Finally, Gwen's try-hard fashion sense is so over the top that it pains me to look at her.

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I really liked the "California Dreaming" song - can't recall the girl's name. I am very glad Gwen saved her. I think she has a great voice (so far). I liked her version of that song a lot. I didn't expect to, and it surprised me. 

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Halfway through the Knockouts, this is where we stand 🙂

Team Blake

Cali Jones (In the Top 24)-lesbian, kickboxing country hopeful from small town Iowa; TKO'ed Marina w/ a hypnotic version of Chris Isaac's Wicked Game

Kat Hammock (still to KO)-wispy voiced teen in the Dia Frampton lane. Eliminated Josie by playing to her strengths on "Take Me Home Country Roads", a song that wildly favored her going into the battle

Laura Hall (still to KO)-7 time Voice auditioner earned Blake's battle round steal with a bombastic (but losing) effort against Hello Sunday on Miley's Wrecking Ball.

Ricky Braddy (still to KO)-Once upon a time American Idol contestant, Recently out of the closet thanks to a supportive BF. We heard four seconds of his KO win over Jordan Chase that advanced him to the KO round

Ricky Duran (In the Top 24)-Has the sob story double with father's suicide and mother's death from illness. Won Blake's heart (and his KO over Joana) with a 90s alt rockified attempt at the Black Crowes "She Talks to Angels)

Zach Bridges (still to KO)-Blake wannabe, did Ol' Red to coerce a turn. Won a questionable battle against Corey Jackson to move on to the KO round. Still thinking (the collective) We probably needs one more VA Hospital X-Ray Technician a little bit more than one more mediocre country singer in Nashville

Team Gwen

Calvin Lockett (Still to KO)-smooth singing R&B artist, struggled between his Gospel background and singing secular music before auditioning for the Voice, won a barely heard, montage'd battle over Brennen

Destiny Rayne (STOLEN from Team Legend/Still to KO)-Florida singer impressively held her own against Katie Kadan's monster voice earning a Steal from Gwen and an attempted steal from Blake

Jake Haldenvang (Still to KO)-long haired rocker, knocked off Gwen's first attempt at a pretty teen princess (Caroline) in a closer than expected battle

Joana Martinez (In the Top 24)-15 year old will be Gwen's second attempt at a pretty teen princess to mold after Joana's strong performance against Ricky in a losing effort

Kyndal Inskeep (In the Top 24)-Kyndal the chameleon sounded like Maren Morris on her song in the battles, and then sounded an awful lot like Sia on Sia's Elastic Heart to easily beat an out-of-his-depth Jessie in her KO round

Myracle Holloway (Still to KO)-At 44, I think our oldest competitor. Battled back from substance abuse issues to give the Voice a shot, and pretty easily defeated Elize in her battle

Rose Short (Still to KO)-couldn't get John Legend to turn on his own song, did get a turn from Gwen though. After dealing w/ wardrobe concerns, she easily knocked off Jessie Lawrence on the Weekend's smash hit

Royce Lovett (Still to KO)-Reggae/R&B fusion artist seemed tailor-made for Team Gwen from the first few notes..Bob Marley exhibition in the B

Team John

Katie Kadan (In the Top 24)-Monster voice carried the day in Tiny Dancer battle with Destiny, and a KO win over Max

Khalea Lynee (In the Top 24)-

Marybeth Byrd (Still to KO)-4 chair turn (w/ a Blake being blocked by Kelly), pretty spot on rendition of Angel of Montgomery

Preston Howell (Still to KO)-14 year old crooner (Isn't there always?) from Miami watched John play the youth card and pick him inexplicably over the much better and much more ready Mendeleyev in his battle round

Will Breman (Still to KO)-defeated Jared in a battle of fodder on Team Legend

Zoe Upkins-(SAVED by Team Legend/Still to KO)-Precocious teen did well despite singing a song on Khalea's turf. Got John's save, could've been stolen by Kelly or Gwen

Team Kelly

Alex Guthrie (Still to KO)-one of the plethora of WGWG's this season. From what I recall, felt freeflowing and loose...like a jam band singer. Took down Injoy on Marc Broussard's Home (A great Voice song IMO)

Damali (Still to KO)-Military high school kid has to be one of the 2 or 3 most least deserving turns of the season. Thanks, Kelly. Bizarrely got Kelly's pick against actual contender Brooke Stephenson in a suspiciously montaged battle. Thanks again, Kelly.

Gracee Shrivers (Still to KO)-With Blake's team full, Kelly lucked into a 16 year old with a deep and rich country voice for her final contestant. Won a montaged battle against Brennan

Hello Sunday (Still to KO)-27 year old (combined) duo, were Kelly's pick against Laura in Kelly's final battle

Jake Hoot (In the Top 24)-Stepped up multiple levels to defeat Steve on a Willie Nelson classic and then multiple levels again to beat Melinda in their KO round face-off

Kiara Brown (STOLEN by Team Kelly/Still to KO)-

Max Boyle (In the Top 24)-unsurprisingly lost to Katie in the KO battle on Team John, Kelly came to his rescue though.

Shane Q (Still to KO)-visually a reminder of the late stand-up comic Ralphie May (r.i.p.). Maybe just barely edged out Melinda on a Sam Smith song that was in his wheelhouse. Definitely a frontrunner on Team Kelly.

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19 hours ago, leocadia said:

Finally, Gwen's try-hard fashion sense is so over the top that it pains me to look at her.

I agree she is so over the top. And if I still drank I could get drunk playing the game, drink every time Gwen says "personality" good grief that's all she talks about. 

I thought the last girl that sang California Dreaming was so cute with her excitement meeting Taylor Swift and even though I like her voice I didn't care for the way she sang the song. I love that song and the way the Mama and Papas sing it which is more softer.

How many more knockouts do we have?

Thank you PhD-Purgatory15 for the update :-) 

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