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S13.E35: Hypnotize

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Mr. Yates offers Tristan writing help if he comes to his apartment; Imogen is enamored with Jack and attempts to prove that she can hang with the crowd.


- I was so uncomfortable watching the Tristan and Mr. Yates scenes... I was backing away from my TV and even had to pause and check the actor's ages (not that it makes a difference in-series but I just had to know, anything to help reduce my revulsion... eight year difference, if you want to know). They had sex, y'all. His first time... was with an emotionally manipulative predator. Oh god. This show rarely "goes there" nowadays but that was definitely a "go there" moment for me.


I'm glad Maya wasn't available so Tristan could interact with someone else, even though it ended up pushing him back to Yates' apartment. Loved Zig's, "what, the basement?", though I'm finding it weird to see him so perky and funny... still, it's preferable to his fake badass attitude. Based on the TeenNick promo for next week,

someone (probably Maya via Zig) tells Mr. Simpson about what happened, so hopefully this squicky relationship won't continue for much longer. *shudders*


- On the flip side, Jack and Imogen have such amazing chemistry... Fiona who? Everything in that dance studio was very natural and sensual, which was a good break from the creepiness of Tristan/Yates. And I like that Jack's stories have included casual drinking and weed smoking sans consequences. Like, she partakes in these things but stays active, in school, and doesn't push it on people... may not make parents happy but it happens and at least they're showing a positive example of it.


Unfortunately, for as hot as Jack and Imogen are, it's clearly going to mess things up with Becky and her responsibilities with the fashion show. Becky's already told her she's worried about losing her to someone else, so this probably stings.


- Frankie's plot was very simple but good. Sad that she jumped to wanting surgery after Winston acted odd around her and missing out on the role. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up with an eating disorder or something... I doubt this is a one and done thing (or at least, it shouldn't be).

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Again all three plots tie into each other! Young characters sort of forced into mature situations! Well, it's a stretch for Frankie but still.


A-Plot. Wow, it's been awhile since Degrassi "went there," and my mouth was agape during the first kissing scene between Grant and Tristan. I had to look up Lyle Letteau's age to make me feel better about that scene.


Mr. Grant is a piece of work. He's handsome enough to land adults and spends his time trying to get high school bussy? SMH. I'm glad the writer wrote the episode this way, Tristan was so enamored by him that he missed all the signs not that he's old enough to spot them. He was completely wrapped around his finger.


Speaking of Tristan, I'm finally glad they gave him an episode to himself that isn't romantic drama (I don't count this as romantic as he is young and being coerced). They've touched on this before, Tristan wanting to be wanted and being completely lovestruck and now we're continuing the trend. I liked his scene with Zig as well (why is he still living at Maya's), I really like it when he has scene with other male characters, it just brings out more in him as opposed to being Zoe and Maya's gay best friend.


B-Plot. Man, I was feeling the awkward Imogen was feeling in that dance studio. Jack must've looked so grown-up to her, whereas Imogen is still pretty innocent and child-like. I really liked the direction in those scenes, they made Niamh Wilson look beautiful and more adult...it almost looked like a different show. Can't blame Imogen for wanting to toke, anything to look cool for Jack. It's a shame that Jack will probably only be around until beginning-mid season 14, maybe they can hold her back.


C-Plot. I like this plot the more that I think about it. Just think, Mr. Hollingsworth praises the twins for playing along with the image, but it's becoming more and more apparent that it's messed the Hollingsibs up in different ways. We all know Miles is crazy, Hunter retreated into online worlds, and now we see Frankie is an insecure mess. I think it's clear Sara Waisglass is being positioned to be a lead, and she did a good job with Frankie's fretting about her looks and devastation at not being picked for model.


So all and all, good episode which a much needed break from Clare and Drew.

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I also really enjoyed all three plots this week. 


Tristin and Mr. Yates was so very awkward. Tristin is being spectacularly manipulated. It was a nice touch that he had his scene with Zig, who is far enough removed from Tristin to assume that they were discussing an age appropriate relationship. Maya, or even Zoe, would have stopped Tristin because they'd understand he was talking about his teacher. This is definite pay off to the few scenes we had last season. The actor who plays Tristin is definitely stepping up. 


Imogen and Jack were very sweet. There are moments, such as this one, where Imogen looks very young and out of place with her giggles and bright colors. With fashionista Fiona she fit well, but with artistic and sensual Jack she sticks out like a sore thumb. And yet the two are wonderful together. They have a nice easy chemistry, and their contrasting personalities and styles compliment one another. I like how Jack seems to enjoy Imogen's silly nature, and I'm sure she won't care when Imogen decides getting high isn't for her. 


Did Imogen always design clothes, or is this a skill she picked up from the Fiona days?


Both of these stories are about people stepping outside of their comfort zone for a romantic interest, and I wonder if there's more to Frankie's story that we aren't seeing. Maybe Win didn't film Frankie's audition because he was so distracted by her, causing Becky and Imogen to not initially include her on the list. I have a feeling that he is going to come into play somehow in this story. Then again, I also thought Becky would be online role playing with her brother, so this could go in a very different direction. I like Frankie, and I enjoy that she's getting more storylines. She looks so young, and it reminds me of how young some of our regulars looked once upon a time. Remember young Maya. Young Clare! 

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Just watched.


Mr. Yates talks about the romance of the ritual when he brings out the absinthe but then never did the sugar/water ritual thing. And who serves a teenager absinth? Most adults wouldn't be able to handle it. That said, ew, ew, ew!!! He is so going to get fired because you know that Tristan is going to be over the moon crazy in love and lust after this and it is all going to end in tears and no job and disgrace.


I can't believe he said he thought Tristan was mature? In what universe? I am just shaking my head. Like literally.


I like Jack, sven though she's a bit too cool for school, but fear she will tire rather soon of Imogen who is another one who's very immature. She learned nothing during her time with Fiona.


Still can't get over Yates. Gross.

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I loved this episode! The merciful lack of Claire would have made it a winner in and of itself, but I found it really engaging. 


Poor, poor Tristan, answering those questions from the magazine quiz about how his 'boyfriend' made him feel, as if CreepyPredatorTeacher actually qualified. And, lord help be, but I actually really liked Tristan's song about 'drama' at Derassi. 


I hope they're positioning Frankie to be the lead---I find her so much more likable and interesting than Maya. It helps that Frankie is allowed to have stories beyond just being the third point of an eternal love triangle. 


I'm not loving Imogen/Jack as much as most. I've never been a huge Imogen fan, but I kind of feel badly that she seems so enamored and borderline worshipful of Jack while Jack just seems kind of mildly fond of Imogen in return. Jack is so eye-rollingly pretentious, super sophisticated and 'too cool for the room' for my taste. I like the actress who plays her, but I'm ready for Jack to be revealed as more vulnerable and human than we've seen so far. (Granted, I skipped a few episodes, so maybe this has already happened without my knowledge!) 


I'm way, way too old for this show, but I still love it nonetheless :)  

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Grrr, I am watching online so I am always at least one episode behind. This is the latest episode I have seen. 


So far, I think Jack is the most mature and even-keeled student in the history of Degrassi. Of course, she will probably turn out to have some dark secret. Let's run through the checklist:


1. Cool with Becky's freak out, tells her she's not trying to take Becky's place as Imogen's best friend.

2. Likes to stay active, tells Claire that basically any excuse to exercise is a good excuse.

3. Isn't fazed when Claire thinks Jack has a crush on her.

4. Doesn't judge when someone else doesn't want to drink or get high.

5. Has kind of pretentious tastes, but doesn't act like her way is the "right" way.


Seriously, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.


In other news, I just want to hug Tristan. Mr. Yates is such an effing cliche, using the carrot and stick constantly, the alcohol, ugh. Can't we pull kids aside these days in late elementary school (maybe at the same time that the girls are told about their periods) and explain the checklist of bullshit predators will use on you? I guess kids are still susceptible, even when given warnings.

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Tristan's opening number was terrible. Did anyone else think he looked angry?


I continue to enjoy Imogen's style. All the pink was super cute with the shimmery pink eyeshadow, fuchsia lipstick and bright pink blouse.


Jack's dancing better play a role in later episodes. Otherwise, girl is collecting too many unrelated hobbies. So she runs the marathon club (or whatever it was), throws axes, and is now a dancer. Make up your mind, Degrassi.


Oh, no! The creepy teacher invited him to his apartment and is plying him with alcohol? Run, Tristan, run!


Lol at the weird, sexy (?) smoke blowing. What was that?


What was with the weird jazzy/bluesy soul soundtrack this week? No way you're going to get me to believe that's what these high school kids listen to.


Also, nice try with your Martha Graham documentary, Degrassi. Ugh, Jack.


"I thought you were mature." Ahhhh!

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