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  1. babyPhat279

    Deutschland 83

    OMG this is so annoying. I also don't really like the rollout of this season. Fridays and Saturdays at midnight? And I watch using the SundanceTV app which only keeps each ep up for a couple of weeks so I can't binge it. If they were going to make this difficult, why bother paying for the rights anyway?
  2. babyPhat279

    Big Mouth

    Oh I see, thanks. I must have blanked out at some point.
  3. babyPhat279

    Big Mouth

    So, from the sketch episode are we to assume Andrew's dad is not his biological father? Does the dad know that, or did his mom try to pass Andrew off as his kid?
  4. babyPhat279

    S03.E08: Ghost-Like

    Am I the only one who doesn't think what Molly did at work is that bad? It would have been better to discuss the issue with her co-worker directly but I honestly don't think that would have helped. He's passive aggressive and micromanaging, and it's better to ask forgiveness than permission. That's the way it is for me as a developer, anyway. And her co-workers aren't going to hate her, they'll move on in a few days and stop thinking about it.
  5. babyPhat279

    S01.E07: Falling

    Is it just me, or does it seem odd that Camille didn't figure this out sooner, unless she was blocking it out (who wants to believe their mother is a killer)? The Sixth Sense came out a few years after Marion's death, and I felt at the time like EVERYONE saw that movie, especially after it was nominated for an Academy award. Spoilers if you haven't seen it, but Anyway, the part of this that is so confusing is that for the most part Amma seems ok. I would think she'd be a lot more sickly/weak, unless Adora learned from the gossip the first time around that she had to spread out the poison sessions. I wonder if what Jackie was saying about how it's just easier to go along with things, is that Marion knew what was happening to her but didn't have a strong enough will to fight it. So for the other girls? Yeah it was probably Amma (anger at losing her mother's attention) or Amma's father, perhaps he thought this would take up Adora's attention and put a pause on what she's doing to Amma. I also wonder if Camille killed her roommate and blocked it out, thinking she was saving her from more pain later, or some weird learned behavior. Finally, I just want to say that I love that Camille unwittingly survived Adora by just wanting her to go away when she would try to care for her. Maybe she subconsciously knew? I would have thought she would love some (seemingly) positive attention from the woman.
  6. babyPhat279

    S02.E09: Smart Power

    So did I miss something? I thought June believed, until now, that Luke was dead. But she didn't seem that surprised that he wasn't? I mean, there definitely was a reaction, just not the one I expected. Also, I'm surprised that no one suggested those letters were forgeries. Perhaps some of the authors had since escaped Gilead and came forward to verify? We know they are real, but I can see a lot of people being skeptical, especially in this age of fake news.
  7. babyPhat279

    S02.E03 Money Bag Shawty

    For the record, I'm a white girl and I can't get people to accept $50 bills from me, much less $100 bills. I learned a long time ago to just always get $20s from the ATM.
  8. babyPhat279

    Master Of None

    I'm surprised people aren't more upset with Dev's actions regarding Chef Jeff. I think we are to assume that after talking with the makeup artist, Dev either hadn't decided how he was going to precede yet, or he was just going to accept it and continue BFFs. If it's the latter, then I feel like this is a big issue with me. I mean, I don't expect him to go to the authorities as it's not his accusation to make, but why didn't he pull out of working with this guy? Or at least make an attempt to? Did he really think the truth wouldn't come out eventually or that it wouldn't make him look bad, as a a costar on the show? It's like him sleeping with the possibly racist girl x 100. That was a little sketch but more on the funny side; the stuff with Chef Jeff was not. Also, I really disliked how annoying they made Pino. I guess that's so you are more invested in Dev/Francesca, but I kept just wondering why it would take Francesca so long to want to break up with him. And I wish they had at least discussed the idea of Dev moving back to Italy rather than just assume Francesca would move to America.
  9. babyPhat279

    S05.E10: Darkroom

    Boy, I had a VERY different view of the ending of this episode than you guys did. Was Pastor Tim venting and going overboard in his diary? Probably. Could Paige change and overcome her childhood? Also possible. Is what P&E have done to her considered abuse? In my opinion, ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY YES. They are still doing it. They just exercised lying by omission to paint themselves as heroes with this wheat business. Their entire relationship with her is head games. And where could it lead? If the Soviet Union didn't fall she'd either be involved in their ugly business herself or lying to everyone she knows for the rest of her life. Or her parents could get arrested and then she'd have to deal with the trauma of that. Or they are all sent home as heroes and she needs to learn a new language and completely different style of living. Not that it's impossible, but her life has been pushed into a bunch of no-win situations. I can sympathize with P&E. They joined the KGB when they were really too young and uninformed, and now they are all stuck. But Pastor Tim ain't all wrong either. And good that someone has maybe called them on their bullshit, even if indirectly. Questions: 1. Why does a Russian-Orthodox-KGB-friendly person exist? Wouldn't he have been arrested or something for not being atheist? 2. Was this not the season finale? I thought this season was only 10 episodes, but I saw some people talking about what they think will happen next week.
  10. babyPhat279

    S04.E13: Persona Non Grata

    I don't think it really makes sense that Gabriel left this decision up to them. If they decide to stay now with higher chances of getting caught, they could potentially give up a lot of secret information. I would think he would simply order them back to the USSR, but I guess the writers need an "out" to keep the show going in the US. Though I do think it would be very interesting to see them trying to adjust to life back home. It's funny how every time EST comes up there's some long explanation of what it is. Maybe at the time there was too much of a stigma to just say that EST is a form of group therapy. So are we supposed to think Mischa Jr. is anti communism, or just anti fighting in Afghanistan, like how a lot of Americans were anti fighting in Vietnam?
  11. babyPhat279

    S04.E12: A Roy Rogers in Franconia

    I do think it's a bad idea, but I also have to point out that she did give them info they didn't have, and it propelled Phillip into having Gabriel call Martha's parents.
  12. babyPhat279

    S04.E12: A Roy Rogers in Franconia

    Did anyone else roll their eyes at Gabriel's speech to William? It just seemed like the same bullshit they tell everyone, "you will be treated like a hero," blah blah blah. The only reason I can see that William accepted it is the hope that this really will all be over soon, not how he will be treated at home or when he will be sent home. Interesting though that post-vacation (or whatever we are calling the 7-month jump) that Phillip seems to be more willing to stay in line. Or perhaps he feels that way because he doesn't have to worry about Martha anymore. As for Paige, yeah they have let that girl walk all over them for years and she knows it. The fact that she didn't shit her pants way back when Phillip tore pages out of the bible leads me to believe that she knows she can get away with quite a lot. I'm not sure why they don't lay down the law. I also find it interesting that she doesn't ask why they think their country's way of life is better, especially with all the anti-communist propaganda she's probably heard growing up.
  13. babyPhat279

    S04.E05: Madonna / Whore

    Oh, c'mon - I thought Knick Jr. was great! "You're gonna spoil your appetite for dinner!"
  14. I kind of love that this show is the epitome of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. City trapped in a snow globe? Parents trapped as puppets? A bunch of people spending eternity in a river of tormented souls? And everyone's just like "lol, what're ya gonna do?"
  15. babyPhat279

    S03.E04: Maleant Data Systems Solutions

    Why is he called Big Head again? I know his name is Bigetti, but why the "head" part? His head doesn't seem unusually large for his frame.