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Princess Aslaug: Haver Of The Cheekbones

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UGH I can't abide this woman. She is prissy, whiny and selfish.  So many people risked their lives to save her family and yet she was unable to "lower" herself to actually work in order to help provide for the group. 

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She serves as a nice foil to the main crew, especially the women.  Even Siggy looks diligent and hard working in comparison.  Of course, there are plenty of cases where a woman was valued because she could pop out sons and look pretty, even when there wasn't much else.  I am a bit sad that her wit and intelligence didn't get focused on once she got with Ragnar; I was hoping when she was introduced that she would be a crafty and smart woman in the group.

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She had three sons before Ivar the Boneless, does anyone know where Sigurd snake in the eye went? or maybe it was one of the eldest who disappeared, just kind of confused.

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