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  1. I think Gladys is going to push Sasha down an elevator shaft. Tock.
  2. Peter's fake passports? Totally fake, using smiling headshots of LWB and KSt.
  3. I'm skittish of non-hospital births. My bestie's sister's baby was born with cartilage blocking her nasal passages. They had to life-flight her to a hospital 1700 miles away to find a specialist that corrected this. If it were a home birth, she would have died.
  4. Yes, give the child a name that will be mispronounced her entire life. I like IR, but he's a bit of a nutter. His wife is lucky she didn't have to give birth in the woods. Go to a hospital. Home birth. Geesh. This isn't good enough for me. I want him gone, gone, gone. Forever.
  5. Like the scene in Airplane, where they distract the passengers, getting them to look out the windows while they drag the unconscious crew members down the aisle. Tiny Finn and Liz, hauling Peetah's body out of the stairwell to stash him somewhere. Then they went back and mopped up the blood.
  6. Sean and Alexis's crimes. Still not.the.same.thing. Sean, brings a gun and shoots at Hayden. Premeditation. Alexis, grabs a syringe and injects Dante. No premeditation. No gun crime (not sure of the NY state laws on gun crimes, if they're different). That, and the Jason stabbing mentioned upthread.
  7. I like my apples room temperature, so mine are on the counter, next to the moss. Odd behavior for Jax, helping himself. Maybe he's channeling Franco?
  8. Does Lenny seriously care about Mike's love life? Who keeps apples in the fridge, other than Carly Corinthos?
  9. Change that to Jason going in, and Jason would have saved the day. Too bad he was following Carly around like a puppy.
  10. But she gave Leo back to Olivia (offscreen, of course). Mac and Spin raise Maxie's kids, anyway.
  11. Characters shot recently. Jason Jax Gladys Cyrus Curtis And Jax has a rapid healing rate.
  12. Liz did paw through the passports, which conveniently (and irrationally) ended up fanned beside Peetah's body.
  13. Does Portia's house not have a back door? The stupid, it burns. Hilarious how everyone is standing 5 feet away from the house with a gunman in it. Cyrus can probably hear what they're planning. Kevin! I ♥ Kevin.
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