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  1. I've always thought it was Willow, given the animosity between her and Nina. However, I think the story would be more interesting if it were Nelle. Since Nelle stabbed Brad in the back (figuratively), Nelle has no one on her side. The Q's and Corinthii keep piling on her, it would balance the story more if she had at least one (*unpaid) person on her side. *Colonel Foghorn Leghorn Sanders
  2. This X1000! What happened to Jason? Wasn't he getting out his gun-in-a-box to shoot Cyrus yesterday? (Without considering T.J). Couldn't Jasus track Cyrus from the prison to Carly's hotel? Did he see a squirrel and get distracted?
  3. Hmmm, I was sure that Carly would get to Brando first.
  4. Exactly. Since they don't know where TJ is stashed, why kill the guy who can tell them where TJ is? Unless Johnnie's guys are still around, observing. 🤣
  5. ITA. Sad and pathetic for a man or just sad and pathetic? Name a positive role model for women on this show. Laura: Mob apologist and Sonny cheerleader Jordan: Dirty cop Sam: Nothing without her precious Jason Carly: Do I need to say anything? Willow: All Wiley all the time Monica and Bobbie: medical co-conspirators Nina: Ava: Sasha: (sorry I nodded off there).
  6. Don't you kind of feel bad for T.J., sitting around for weeks in the same pair of underwear? Can Molly really explain away why he wouldn't (eventually) return for his clothes?
  7. Except Molly already knows TJ's phone is at Jordan's house. Sam told her. Molly went steaming over there, but didn't go in because she saw Sonny and Jason leaving. eta. I fully believe Sonny thinks AJ pushed Carly down the stairs.
  8. All of them believe that. Michael, Jason, Sonny and Carly, the current writers. Michael repeated the story in one of the recent reruns. I believe "pushed" was used, when actually all he did was grab her wrist, which she yanked away, causing her to fall.
  9. So, is it Mike's Alzheimer disease, or is the real Brando really dead?
  10. I disagree. Sam called Alexis to a place where she would be vulnerable to her urge to drink, then harangued her, making her question her self-worth. 95% on Alexis, 5% on Sam. I doubt Alexis would know that Sam would personally attack her when she agreed to show up, so I don't think Alexis considered telling her no. If Sam hadn't summoned her, Alexis would be at home with her feet on the couch.
  11. Sam is the one who dragged Alexis out to said bar, started an argument with her and left her there. Yes, there are other bars in town, but Alexis wouldn't be at that particular bar after that particular fight if it weren't for Sam.
  12. I suppose. But he's taking Kevin's limited screen time away. No Ryan and a minute or so of Kevin. I'd much rather watch JL. As if they'd have a hokey latch like that on the door to the hospital roof. I'd like Julian to tell Sam off, but he'd have to air Alexis' dirty laundry to do so. Sure, Sam knows that Alexis is an alcoholic, but it's not up to Julian to tell about her fall off the wagon. Even if Sam can stop thinking about Sam for a minute.
  13. He is? The only sponsor I know for Alexis was Olivia Jerome. Isn't Finn a former narcotics addict? Do former narcotics addicts counsel alcoholics?
  14. I think Nelle is "hell no"-ing because she sees this as an opportunity. She now can blackmail Michael into giving her full custody. She gets full custody, she signs for the surgery. And Michael, being the good father -- radiant in his holy beam of light -- agrees for the sake of his child.
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