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  1. Sonny to Jason about Jarly's wedding night: Did I walk in on somethin'? Me: Man, that Sonny is perceptive. Jason: No, we were just about to read bible verses together and then sleep in separate rooms. Why would Jason rescue Obrecht, after what she did to Robin, especially after Britt told him he was never getting in her pants again?
  2. I don't know about Chase, but I'm a founding member. RoHo is just painful to watch. I don't know why he's this huge soap star, but then I never understood the Geary love, either.
  3. Why isn't Esme in jail? Everyone knows that Spencer was in the room at Windemere when Ava's car was torched. "Spencer told me to do it." isn't much of a defense. But then she wouldn't be able to intern at Ryan's.
  4. The Mets should hire Sonny as their next pitcher. Look how much damage he did to that watch. I have visions of Phyllis rappelling down a cliff to retrieve the watch. BTW, is Sonny ever going to look for his rings? You'd think if Phyllis wanted to bring him a memento, she'd go get his rings back.
  5. Sonny to Brando: "Is Sasha pressuring you to leave da bidness?" Why? Are you going to tell Brando he can always sue for custody and take her kid away? Hey, Sonny, remember Morgan?
  6. I'd like to see compensation for Ava's gallery and car. Criminal charges would be nice, too, but we won't get that. Let Spence and Esme pick up trash by the highway.
  7. So, the Tan-O burns to the ground, yet SMike's two shirts, cowboy hat and photos with Nina survived?
  8. "THERE'S NO SERRRRVICE". - Nikolas Cassadine. I guess the viewer would have to be the stupid one there, since Nik was on a boat docked in P.C.
  9. Sam's dress reminded me of this. Actually it looked like a shelf where one could set their drink.
  10. I find it out of character for Spencer to confess to anything. Like election tampering.
  11. I find it unbelievable that Spence would come clean. No evidence was presented, but he folded like wet cardboard.
  12. So... Carly can find Nina at the Q's. Jason can find Sonny at the graveyard, but can't find Carly, so he has to call Spinelli. Joss, in a red shirt, can trail Esme without being seen. Esme can find Sonny, a guy she's never seen before, at the hospital and casually run into him. Johnny's guys must be working overtime.
  13. Oh, and Sonny whining about why his headstone was still there, when he only came back from the dead 5 minutes ago, and then ordering Jason to do something about it, was typical Sonny. I don't know if he expected Jason to pick it up and take it with him, or what? Did he lose his cellphone (along with his razor) so that he can't call one of his goons to make sure the headstone is gone? Jason shoots people for you, he doesn't do windows.
  14. That's the Cassadine crest tattoo. Whoever this guy is, he's a Cassadine. I think the bar in "Crete" looked a lot like the one in "Turkey", and I expected Dev to come strolling out to steal a wallet.
  15. Peetah is looking pretty chipper for a guy who just got shot and jumped off an embankment. Do the writers even remember that?
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