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  1. Wales must get that from Popsie. On last night's episode, Popsie said something like, "I'm more tired than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest." 🤣 I also loved how he dressed the babies like him. I really enjoy when Popsie is on! Courtney hand Eric have their hands full with the babies in their terrible twos. That one shot of when one of the girls pulled the dog bed out from under Blu when he was standing in time out...oh my! They might need a SuperNanny crossover episode.
  2. He also said he has a guitar. My reaction was “Noooooo!”
  3. Just to play devil’s advocate, the sniffing sounds could have been edited in. He could have sniffed once and they could have used that over and over again. We really don’t know. Personally I think he was up to something, but we may never know for sure.
  4. I wonder if production thought everyone would love "supercouple" Adam and Jenna. We really didn't need to see them traveling in the van during the credits, and yet, there they were.
  5. Georgia, at least, seems self aware. I appreciated in her talking head she said that wasn't the person she wanted to be. If it had been Jenna in Georgia's position, she would have told Madison to get over it and probably felt she hadn't done anything wrong. Also, I cannot believe Jenna put Georgia on service so she could have a talk with Adam. Do that when you are off-duty! It made me think of how upset Courtney was when he sent her that text while she was working...and how upset she was that now she had to deal with that during work. And here's Jenna purposely taking care of personal business during work time. She's so unprofessional. Her management style is definitely "Do as I say, not as I do."
  6. Will Captain Glenn call Jenna out for poor service next week? One can hope. I hope he can see through her BS.
  7. My take on Madison this episode, especially at the dinner was that she was feeling lonely. First, the couples sperated themselves for a date night. The way that all went down, I felt like Jenna was saying “you’re not on a date so you can’t sit with us. Couples only At this table!” I don’t think she’s totally upset because she didn’t hook up with Parker, but she does miss her partner in crime. Then at dinner her other partner in crime is more focused on Flirting with Chris, essentially preventing Madison from even trying to have a regular conversation with Chris. I’ve been there, so I can imagine how she’s feeling. And it all built up and came out in her outburst at dinner.
  8. Parker had a point: why does Ciara get away with being disrespectful to Paget?
  9. I am pity watching, too. Each time I think, can it get any worse. The answer is always yes, it can!
  10. LOL at Kody saying that they didn't create the stress (of moving.) Of course you did, Kody. If you had just stayed put in Vegas you wouldn't have to worry about moving at all! He's such a dumb ass.
  11. I like Georgia and Madison. However I was shocked (shocked, I tell you!) when Georgia gave Madison a list of laundry items that needed to be finished and went to bed. Did I miss why Madison all of a sudden had to finish the laundry?
  12. My random thought: I don't like the name Paget. I thought I would get used to it, but no. Jenna always seems to be on service. Does she do anything else besides berate her stews? Ciara and Parker: she seems to not take him seriously. He could be an asset but I think she feels like he is interfering with the work her and Paget need to do. I was glad Parker was kind of vindicated re: the cushions.
  13. Michaela said she wasn't getting a signal...and then came to the conclusion that "they" must be blocking a signal. This show. I feel like there are different groups of writers writing each episode and they never talk to each other. The characters' behaviors seem to do 180s each episode. This episode Michaela didn't seem to show any disdain for Jared. Last week she seemed to hate him. Even the development of her relationship with Zeke. All of a sudden they are in love! It also bugs me that Olive called Cal "pipsqueak." I would think she still struggles with the fact that her twin is now younger than her. But she acts like she is the older, wiser sister. I mean, she lets Cal use her iPad, isn't that nice? The Dharma wheel. Oh show, could you be any more obvious?
  14. There is/was a big press for sheets on Valor. I think it was the season with Siera where they left it on accidentally?
  15. It was like straight out of Mean Girls..."YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US!"
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