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  1. I think she looks (and sounds) a little like Aesha.
  2. I was impressed by Colin owning up to Gary about gossiping. Just the fact that he said to Daisy he was mad at himself, not her was something we never see on Below Deck. Natasha impressed me as well with her self reflection speech at dinner. She acknowledged she was being defensive and that chefs can have an ego. At the beginning of the season I was confused about how Daisy and the other stews have their Pita Party podcast with Natasha. At first I had the impression that their relationship was strictly professional. At the end of the season with Natasha's apology, I can see how they w
  3. Kody made a point of saying he didn't want to go in Christine's house (which is why they met on the back porch.) If he went after Ysabel, he might get the COVID! Then cut to the next scene where Kody is seen coming out the back door of Janelle's house to meet Janelle on the back porch.
  4. Well that explains it. I only saw a little bit and I heard the brother say “fillings” when he meant “feelings” and it reminded me of Meri.
  5. He kind of looks like the long-haired Anakin Skywalker lego figure -
  6. Since they can't leave the boat to go out and party, it will only get worse. It's almost a Real World Las Vegas vibe to me.
  7. Maybe he knows Trevor the hair model from Season 4 of regular Below Deck. People were jealous of his hair, too.
  8. Did they switch boats?
  9. I think I'm going to bail out on this. I'm not in it for pot-smoking and Soylent Green eating.
  10. I think nonpareils is correct. The silver ones are sometimes referred to as dragees.
  11. The terrible mistake that Elizabeth has made is that she's not dependable AT ALL. When you only have 3 stews, you need to do your part. They can't rely on Elizabeth and the work falls back on Francesca and Ashling. If this were some other sort of job, Elizabeth would be fired because she's not completing her work. Is she working? Yes. But she's not accomplishing the tasks and other people have to pick up her slack.
  12. Even James was hesitant to jump in before Lee got there. I mean James was really in no rush, compared to when Malia saved the guests wearing life jackets. I'd like to see Lee start moving the boat back to shore with Delores swimming behind.
  13. It looked like Francesca tried but I think she let go of her so she wouldn't fall in to the shark infested waters.
  14. I forget what season but in the past we’ve seen Kate train a stew on how to pour the wine, which is they have the bottle wrapped in a napkin and they hold it at the bottom. I’m not sure why...maybe it’s just the “proper” way to do it.
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