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  1. TheRealWendy

    Season 6 Discussion

    I didn't even watch Six Feet Under, and whenever I need a good cry, I watch the ending sequence. This season killed me. I really love these characters. Not the new ones so much, but all the cookies except maybe Pennsatucky.
  2. TheRealWendy

    S05.E12: The World Council of Churches

    I don't get who was in the spy car at the end--Russian spy or American spy?
  3. TheRealWendy

    S02.E09: Espionage

    Oh gd, me too. I never ever thought I'd say this, but MN made this show so much better. I think the show probably benefitted from Marti's storytelling know-how and SGS's realism and quirky personality. If it's just MN next year, the show could also go downhill. I think they probably work great together if they can keep from killing each other. Maybe sort of like Quinn and Rachel?
  4. TheRealWendy

    S04.E10: Munchkins

    Department 12 is Bioweapons.
  5. TheRealWendy

    "Skip" Gates: the Man

    I have taken classes with Gates, and you couldn't be more wrong. The atmosphere in his class is very collegial/collaborative. He never lectures at his students. (Or at least he didn't as of 20+ years ago, when I took classes with him.) Does he have flaws? Sure. But that's not one.
  6. TheRealWendy

    S01.E08: My Mom, Greg's Mom, And Josh's Sweet Dance Moves

    Maybe I read too many Tom and Lorenzo Mad Men recaps/analyses, but did anyone else notice that Rebecca and Greg were the only ones wearing blue in the California Christmastime number?
  7. TheRealWendy

    S01.E06: My First Thanksgiving With Josh!

    Is it sad that when Greg quit, I was most concerned that it might mean we wouldn't see the little kid (Chris?) again?
  8. TheRealWendy

    S01.E06: My First Thanksgiving With Josh!

    I'm wondering if at some point, the show's title will refer not to Rebecca but to Paula, as Rebecca's crazy ex-girlfriend. Also, I love Paula, but maybe I relate to her a wee bit too much (as a diehard shipper).
  9. TheRealWendy

    S01.E04: I'm Going On A Date With Josh's Friend!

    Why aren't we talking about that kid who hangs out at the bar and gives Greg advice on his love life? He's no Bert, but maybe he's somewhere between Season 1 Manny and current Manny. #cuteboycharactersontv
  10. TheRealWendy

    S01.E09: Princess

    I second this. I just caught up on the last two episodes because of vacation, but I have an observation about the relative merits of Jeremy vs. Adam. When Rachel has sex with Adam, her eyes are wide open, and she's smiling. She's on top, and they're facing each other. When she had sex with Jeremy the first time.... well, I forgot it already, but her face with Adam is the opposite of her face with Jeremy in the shower--miserable, facing away from him. I don't know if the actors or directors or writers are making these choices, but they're clearly Team Prince Charmless. Re Rachel and Quinn: Quinn is my favorite character, so you'd think I'd want them together, but I think they are too much the same. I think couples shouldn't be the same sides of two different coins.
  11. TheRealWendy

    S03.E01: EST Men

    When did Oleg become the most interesting character on this show? I loved his comment about getting out of Afghanistan, and I loved his comment about begging his father to help Nina. I loved him stalking Stan. In a way, if anyone is primed to be turned, it's Oleg. Philip wincing when he sat down is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. And I swear to God, if Martha doesn't shoot someone by the end of this season, I'll scream. They haven't just given her Chekhov's gun; they've given her Chekhov's gun lessons.
  12. TheRealWendy

    S04.E12: Heroes And Villains

    *moves to Offscreensville* That kiss was hot. I really loved this episode and genuinely squealed like the three little pigs when Belle showed up and kicked serious ass. It also helped that they showed how much Rumple cared about Belle in the Fairyback scene with the 3 villains. I was invested in these two crazy kids, and then ship go boom.
  13. TheRealWendy

    Season Two Talk

    I agree with you about her seeming kind of fake. However, I do think she is a wonderful actress. I have colonial-era ancestors all over the place, and so I recognized a name last night and can say I am Ben Affleck's 10th cousin.
  14. TheRealWendy

    S04.E02: White Out

    Sue me, I loved pretty much everything about it, even David's hippie hair. I like to think that while Kristoff was wandering around looking for a Land With Ice, he came across David tending the sheep on some far off, uh, brokeback mountain, and ...
  15. TheRealWendy

    The Parolees: From the jail to the kennels

    I saw Tia in Salem, MA last year at a P-Word Tour. She said she won't answer questions about her age or about her husband.