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  1. prospazzinator

    S02.E10: Unworthy

    I loved that nod to the Exorcist III. I knew what was coming and still jumped out of my seat when Bennett went after that nurse. Poor Andy. I'm just glad the kids got to stay together. I hope this gets renewed because I want to know what happens next!
  2. prospazzinator

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    I needed Rhaegar to have been a little more good looking than what we got. Yes, I'm shallow.
  3. prospazzinator

    Speculation With Spoilers

    Latest spoilers, some we've already seen: "Bonnie dies but is reunited with Enzo in her world. Hell is destroyed, all those seeking redemption, i.e John, Jenna, etc. go to Bonnie's dimension. Damon compels Elena and Stefan to forgot about him, Caroline, and each other so they can live out their human lives. Caroline works at the school with Alaric, and receives a letter from Klaus (JoMo was in studio for a voice over), multiple sources have said letter leads to a KC endgame. Matt is alive and is married with kids (mentioned, not shown). Damon lives but is all alone at the end. There will be a flashforward of about 3 years. And Katherine is locked in the prison world with Kai." Uh, okay.
  4. prospazzinator

    S08.E14: It’s Been a Hell of a Ride

    I'm so over Stefan/Caroline. I find myself hoping Stefan bites it just so I don't have to roll my eyes whenever they're on screen together or talking to others about each other. And given the crap they get themselves into, no way Stefan lives to be an old man. LOL, show.
  5. prospazzinator

    S01.E10: Chapter Ten: Three Rooms

    Loved it! Also: Bennett lives! Father Tomas, exorcist, is ridiculously attractive! Marcus is amazing! If we aren't lucky enough to get another season, I'm glad that this one ended well.
  6. If they time jump, I'd bet it's to show that Stefan can't let go of being the Ripper after all. I'm hoping they don't do that.
  7. prospazzinator

    S01.E09: Chapter Nine: 162

    Still holding out hope for Fathers Bennett, Marcus, and Tomas kicking butt in the finale. If I'm remembering correctly, Simon didn't say anything about anyone killing Bennett. He'd better be alive! Loved that moment when Father Tomas walked barged into the Rance house at the end. He's been annoying me all season, so I'm glad he's cut whatsherface loose and is back in the game.
  8. prospazzinator

    S08.E06: Detoured on Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell

    Oh I hope (yeah, not really) they spend the second half of the season looking for Elena's body. It could be what brings them all together. Good old, not quite dead Elena. Maybe Bonnie will get her powers back just so she can locate the body.
  9. prospazzinator

    S08.E06: Detoured on Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell

    Did he sacrifice himself to save them? It seemed to me that this was just one more tactic in his avoid hell at all costs strategy. I don't quite understand what we're supposed to make of Damon. He gets a glimpse of hell and decides he doesn't want any of that, so he willingly goes along with being Sybil's puppet. Oh, and turns off his humanity so he doesn't have to care. So are we supposed to be thinking "Poor Damon" because he's doing what he's told and so nothing is his fault? Or "Screw Damon" because he chose to have it that way and didn't put up a fight? They show us that Enzo fought back as best he could, but then go on and on about it being easier (but not easy) for him to do because of his past experiences. So if you're in the "Poor Damon" camp, then maybe you're thinking he never really had a chance anyway. But if you're in the "Screw Damon" camp, then maybe you're thinking he should have at least tried to resist. I'm pretty sure the show wants us to be thinking "Poor Damon," but that doesn't work for me at this point in the show. This is assuming I'm understanding everything correctly. Which is a pretty big assumption because this season is a mess and all over the place in its characterization.
  10. prospazzinator

    S08.E06: Detoured on Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell

    Oh no! Damon is dead! Yawn. And we still aren't rid of these freaking sirens?! Sigh. And over here we have Bonnie and Enzo crying and declaring their undying love for one another because we've haven't seen that at all this season. I did enjoy Matt being a good influence and getting Alaric to stake Damon. Should have let him keep punching for a bit longer though, Matt!
  11. prospazzinator

    S02.E08: Medusa

    Yeah, that spit trail was pretty gross. The whole kiss scene was just weird. No thanks, show.
  12. prospazzinator

    S02.E08: Medusa

    Oh. I totally thought Mon-El remembered and was just pretending he didn't. I think it was that look he gave her as she was walking away. Or maybe he was just constipated. I only watched this episode for the crossover, which ended up being .68 seconds. Nothing I saw makes me want to pick up watching this show again.
  13. prospazzinator

    S08.E05: Coming Home Was a Mistake

    I'm wondering what they heck they're going to do with Bonnie and Enzo if they don't manage to get themselves killed. Everyone else seems to be under the impression that Bonnie's going to die of old age so Elena can come back. Is Bonnie cool with that at this point? Is Enzo? I think I remember Bonnie saying Enzo was stuck with her "forever." I don't remember enough about the stupid curse to know if Bonnie can just become a vampire so Elena will still wake up.
  14. prospazzinator

    S08.E05: Coming Home Was a Mistake

    March 10th. So close, yet so far away. Sigh. At least they're in the loop about Seline now because I need this stupid storyline to be wrapped up quick, fast, and in a freaking hurry.
  15. prospazzinator

    S06.E10: Chapter 10

    That was a letdown of an ending. I might have felt better about it if I cared at all about Priscilla.