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  1. Harper's Island, perhaps?
  2. Which is where the Insidious-type ending comes in. In that movie, the family rushes to save the son from a demon that's after him only to have another ghost follow the father back from the spirit realm, a ghost that had been after him when he was a kid and that we as an audience only hear about in passing. (Which is where the title of the movie comes from.) With Once, Emma's temptation to the dark side was the demon going after the son, the immediate problem the characters are trying to avoid. And they do avoid it; through her own strength of will, Emma doesn't turn dark. The actual darkness coming out of Gold and taking over everything, necessitating Emma's sacrifice, was the ghost following the father out of the spirit realm, the danger lurking in the background that's only mentioned in passing. "Darkness creeps up on you." We're not really supposed to see it coming. It's a deflection and some might call it a cheat but it's a storytelling technique that has been used many times before.
  3. Not buying the elements of the story is different than the elements not being there at all, though. That's all I was saying.
  4. I don't think it's entirely fair to call the cliffhanger pulled out of a hat. Emma's whole story arc in 4B was that Rumple was trying to turn her towards darkness. In the end and in a very roundabout way, he accomplished his purpose. The show absolutely pulled an Insidious on us, where the characters and the audience think the danger is one thing when it's actually something else, but it's not like they didn't lay any groundwork for it, considering that the bit with the darkness killing Gold was introduced in "Heart of Gold."
  5. Dani-Ellie

    Continued Adventures: The Fanfic Thread

    Ooh, yay! Good luck!!
  6. I get that and believe me, I'm frustrated with the missed potential, too. And perhaps this belongs in the fandom thread, but I do find it very difficult to have a discussion when every discussion inevitably comes down to "well, the writers suck, so..." Because no, they don't. They've created characters that have touched every single one of us to the point that we're giving up our free time to discuss it on the internet. They've created a fantasy fairy tale show that's made it to at least season five on a broadcast network. That is insanely hard to do. Plus, these guys are first-time showrunners, and yes, it absolutely shows, but at the same time, there are bound to be some growing pains because of that. I just feel like we don't always give the writing team enough credit for what they have done. And I also feel like since we've been watching this show for four full seasons now, we know the show is going to zoom the plot along at the speed of light and we know they're not going to hit the deep emotion we seem to want. I've adjusted my expectations to match what we are getting rather than what we could be getting. I still enjoy the hell out of this show, and I just really wish there was more positive discussion because I don't want to constantly shit on it and it's very difficult to feel like you're enjoying something in a vacuum.
  7. From Shanna Marie in the Emma thread: Maybe it's just me but I really wish we could kinda back off the notion that more and more things in the writing are simply happy accidents. Regardless of whether it's how we would write the story, these guys are professional television writers who have a show on a national broadcast network. They have to be doing something right because ahead of this show's premiere, some of the ratings websites were taking over/unders on how quickly this thing was going to get canceled and here we are, going into season five. These guys are the ones who put thought into the color of the car Emma drives into town. They made it bright yellow to signify that she's bringing color and light to Storybrooke. That doesn't strike me as a detail they'd put in if they didn't want Emma to be something more than someone who just runs around saving everyone. That strikes me as a detail they put in because they wanted her to represent the light, the hope, coming back into these people's lives. I don't see why in the example of Emma's role as savior being a catalyst that it can't be simply that the characters have yet to realize they don't need Emma to do every little thing, which is why they always call for her, instead of it being a writing mistake. For me, it's getting increasingly difficult to discuss things here because it feels like every discussion ends up coming down to the various ways the writers suck or how the writers are going to screw up a plot we know nothing about yet.
  8. Dani-Ellie

    Emma Swan: 1000% done with your infuriating optimism

    Responding in the writers thread.
  9. Dani-Ellie

    Emma Swan: 1000% done with your infuriating optimism

    I like adorable Emma. :)
  10. Dani-Ellie

    Emma Swan: 1000% done with your infuriating optimism

    And that pledge was to get Regina to her happy ending, which I still maintain she can't attain if she's dead. I guess I just don't understand why the idea that Emma saved Regina has to come at the expense of the idea that Emma saved everyone. Regina is included in everyone, so the two ideas are not mutually exclusive.
  11. Dani-Ellie

    Emma Swan: 1000% done with your infuriating optimism

    Of course she saved Regina's happiness, because she saved Regina's life. That's also another thing that doesn't have to be an either/or. Regina can't have a happy ending if she's had all the light snuffed out of her by the darkness or if she's dead before she's fully attained whatever her happy ending is. Emma also saved everyone else's happiness because she saved everyone else's lives. Right now, the people who love Emma are miserable, but is there any doubt that they're going to save her? So their happy endings, along with Emma's, are still attainable, too. If the darkness consumed everyone and everything, no one would have a happily ever after. If this was the series finale, I would be a lot more angry about this whole thing, but it's not. It's a season finale, so this isn't the end of the story. The writers may have a Regina bias but I don't think it's as all-encompassing as it's frequently made out to be. Just like there are shipper goggles, I do think there are anti-shipper or anti-character goggles and sometimes what we see and hear gets filtered through those goggles, too. The fact of the matter is they wrote this big massive heroic moment for the savior, and we're sitting here debating whether or not it was all because of one person. I personally don't believe it was. The actress who plays the character has gone on record multiple times to say she doesn't believe it was, that her headspace when playing the scene was that Emma was saving everyone. One of those times was during a panel where the writers heard her and didn't jump in to correct her or clarify. Regardless of what Eddy said in one interview, the story as played out onscreen did not indicate that it was. Basically, I think we're all making a mountain out of a molehill, here, on all sides. Emma's sacrifice wasn't just for Regina, but the fact that Regina was included or even highlighted isn't a huge deal to me, either.
  12. Dani-Ellie

    Emma Swan: 1000% done with your infuriating optimism

    This. It doesn't have to be an either/or. And really, in that moment, what were Emma's options? Let it consume Regina and then move on to the next person? In the eighth episode of this show, Emma pulled Regina from a burning building, and this was back when they were mortal enemies. Now that they're friends (and regardless of whether I like it, agree with it, or believe it, that's also the truth of the story), there is no way I'd believe Emma not saving her. But it is also true that Emma would have done it no matter who was in the middle of that vortex. Hell, Emma would have done the same for a stranger, because that's who she is. That's part of what makes her the savior. Which then leads into Emma sacrificing herself for everyone. We were both told and shown that the darkness was not going to stop. It consumed the Apprentice and then moved on to Regina. After Regina, it would have latched onto someone else and then someone else and then someone else. Emma taking it on herself prevented the darkness from spreading throughout the town like a contagion. Like Jen said, Emma had like, a second to make her decision, and she chose to save everyone, Regina included, because that's who she is.
  13. Those two are the like, prince and princess of Cutie Kingdom.
  14. I have no experience with NerdHQ aside from this, so forgive me if this comes across as, "Well, duh, Danielle," but what I liked about that panel was that it was basically a no-holds-barred free-for-all. No one was there specifically to do PR for their respective shows, so it was just this big conversation. I felt like everyone could let their hair down a little bit and just go for it, you know? And it was nice to see them get into some of the deeper aspects of the entertainment industry, like how they don't always realize that what they do touches people's lives or what made them think about taking this career track in the first place.
  15. Oh, absolutely. That's why I don't like to read AUs as a general rule. I prefer the stuff I read to be based in canon because I want to read the further adventures of the characters I see on my TV screen every Sunday. If I wanted to read about the adventures of two kids in high school, for example, I'd go get a YA novel. But that's just a personal quirk of mine, so the stories I clicked into that had the characters wildly OOC just rubbed me the wrong way. This is ultimately my issue, too. People are absolutely free to write their fic and make their art and squee all they want. But when their squee is so zealous that it becomes abusive to real people, that's where I have the issue. When neither Emma nor Regina were canonically attached, it was a little different because there was that little glimmer of hope. But now both of them are in canon relationships with other characters, and I'm sorry, but Captain Swan and Outlaw Queen are not going to go away. It may be disappointing to some but that's life. The overzealous fans need to find a way to deal with that that doesn't involve being harassing asshats.