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  1. Thank you for mentioning this one. I borrowed it from my library after reading your description and just finished it tonight. I enjoyed the heck out of it!
  2. I finished Riley Sager's latest, Survive the Night, yesterday and loved it to pieces. I really enjoy all of his books. Each story has been different so it doesn't seem like he has a formula yet and I like the care he takes to make sure the conclusions make sense. (Which you would think would be a normal thing but I read a lot of thrillers and sometimes I feel like authors feel like they have to come up with big twists in order to get people talking, whether or not said twists actually make sense for the story.) Every one of his books has been an immediate "oh hell yes" for me.
  3. I don’t read the last chapter of a whodunnit first but I will flip to the last page or two of a missing-kid book. Not to find out the whos and the whys, just to make sure they, y’know, find the kid. Because a missing kid is one story and a missing-and-dead kid is a vastly different story and I want to know ahead of time which one I’m getting.
  4. I didn’t think this was nearly as scary as the first two but man, I could watch Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga read the phone book together.
  5. I enjoy CJ Tudor's books a lot. The newest one, The Burning Girls, I think is my favorite.
  6. Also not a huge fan of The Silent Patient. It was a quick read for me but I was pretty meh about it. The twist was what turned me off; it didn't feel earned to me. I never read The Guest List but I did read Lucy Foley's The Hunting Party and didn't care for it. It wanted to be Ruth Ware's In a Dark, Dark Wood so very badly, to the point that the plot progression was eerily similar, but frankly, if I wanted In a Dark, Dark Wood, I would have just reread that, as I found it infinitely more engaging.
  7. I would categorize neglect as abuse, though. I believe abuse is a spectrum. On one end of the spectrum is beatings and bruises and on the other is the emotional. Emotional abuse can also leave a child questioning their own self-worth, wondering what it is about them that is so unlovable that even the people who are supposed to love them the most in the world don't. As far as this scenario, there is a difference between "not hovering" and apathy. These parents were portrayed as so drowning in their grief for one child that they completely disregarded the emotional needs of the two living c
  8. This. When I was a kid, I was daddy's little girl but my dad began emotionally checking out when his father died. (I was 10.) It hit critical mass when I was a teenager and I spent a good long time afterward wondering what I did wrong to make him ... not like me anymore. I'm 39 now and I'm still working on coming to terms with/remembering that I did nothing wrong and it was always his issue, not mine. It still hurts. Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Buckley clothed and fed their children and kept a roof over their heads but it is hard growing up feeling like your parent(s) don't care about you or love y
  9. The plague doctor pops up a lot as a hidden ghost. Much like in Hill House, this series is filled with ghosts hiding in plain sight in the background of scenes, only this time the ghosts aren’t random extras, they’re the ghosts mentioned throughout the show. The easiest sighting of the plague doctor is in the first episode, watching Dani as she makes her (terrible) tea in the middle of the night the first night she’s at the house. The camera actually lingers on him a bit when she leaves the kitchen. You can Google “Bly Manor hidden ghosts” to find articles/videos pointing out the hidden g
  10. My first exposure to "The Turn of the Screw" was a TV movie adaptation called The Haunting of Helen Walker with Valerie Bertinelli in the nanny role. I was maybe 14 or 15 when I saw it and that movie is the reason that ghost possession freaks me out. It amused me in the episode threads when posters mentioned the ickiness of Quint and Jessel possessing siblings because there were more than a couple of scenes in Helen Walker with Flora and Miles fully possessed and yeah, they were made of squick. It was nothing outwardly inappropriate for the young actors but seeing a 10-year-old boy brushing hi
  11. I bought this one yesterday and finished it today. I loved it! Very glad I purchased it instead of waiting on the wait list for my library because I can totally see myself rereading it, probably more than once.
  12. In terms of the fight, both brothers said things they shouldn't have, hurtful things that are going to be hard to come back from. In terms of the catalyst for said fight, I firmly believe that Randall was in the wrong. He should not have guilted Rebecca into doing the trial. Yes, Randall seems to think this is the best option, but there are all kinds of variables that it doesn't seem like he considered. 1) They call it a trial for a reason. The drug may not be as effective as the trial runners think. 2) She may get the placebo. 3) The stress and uncertainty of uprooting her life (for the
  13. This is correct. I'm in Massachusetts and have been third-hand exposed. I also have asthma, so coronavirus was already a big concern for me prior to my discovery that I was third-hand exposed. (My asthma gets thrown out of whack even when I get a cold, never mind something like this.) I've been experiencing symptoms (scratchy throat, chest tightness, mild cough) that I'm reasonably sure are due to my seasonal allergies but my doctor's office told me that my symptoms aren't severe enough for me to be tested. So now I'm stuck in this limbo where I probably don't have it but I have to behave as i
  14. I love me some Cold Case, and the music is exactly what hooked me. I didn't watch a lot of it first run (mostly because I had conflated it with Without a Trace, which I didn't like) but I happened to catch a syndicated ep of a case set in the 60s. My oldies-loving self adored the soundtrack and I never looked back. I love that StartTV airs it now, music intact. I try to catch it anytime I'm home in the afternoons.
  15. I thought it was rude that neither one of the parents met Jo at the door the day they invited her back. Also, YES. If the kids had some more activities to do or a couple more toys to play with, they might not be running around like little hellions. Give them something to occupy their time and their minds, for crying out loud.
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