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  1. pawneeranger

    All Episodes Talk

    I'm a bit confused on why/how Jessica can resist Kilgrave. All his victims were traumatized by doing things they didn't want to do, including Luke. Jessica is the only one who was able to harness her experience to being immune to his "virus". Did I miss something? I've been searching other forums but no one has specifically explained that piece.
  2. pawneeranger

    Green Arrow In Comics

    While I'm not someone who is a superfan, I still enjoy a good story, especially when they feature strong, well-written female protagonists. I like the character Felicity, and since it seems as if Naomi is essentially the same, I have a feeling I would like her character too, which makes me want to see her in live-action format. I also am not a fan of killing off female characters to create more angst for the male hero, which was why I cited Gail Simone's Women in Refrigerators trope. (Full disclosure: I'm more of a Batman fan, and Barbara Gordon/Batgirl was my favourite heroine growing up, which influences my opinions here.) That said, you're right, I'm missing a lot of the context because I am not a Green Arrow reader. So I care, but I'm not really that passionate about what happens to Naomi either -- I would just think it would be a waste to lose her if she is as likeable or important to Oliver as Felicity's CW character in the show. I also agree that having overly similar characters together risks making a hot mess -- hopefully this can be avoided by giving each of them more unique characteristics outside being Oliver's potential love interest and being good with computers. @statsgirl, that would be interesting too, however, I think overall the general consensus may be correct to assume things aren't looking good for Naomi. It seems that having a smart, competent, female computer expert is like Highlander: there can only be one.
  3. pawneeranger

    S02.E23: Unthinkable

    I keep finding new things on rewatch and realized that Oliver's "I love you" confession was whispered. Amell puts a lot of thought into his acting such as showing symptoms of Oliver's PTSD; there was a Q&A where he told a fan who noticed it that when he is stressed, Oliver's fingers twitch like he's shooting an arrow. By choosing to whisper his ILY, Amell shows that Oliver was not saying it for Slade's benefit, it was just for Felicity to hear.
  4. pawneeranger

    Green Arrow In Comics

    Thanks for bringing this over, I wasn't sure where to put my last post, @Morrigan2575! I am really glad I can discuss this with someone familiar with GA comics, because the interwebs do not say anything about Naomi and whether or not she was the true inspiration behind Felicity's CW character. From the little that I do see, I would hate for DC to kill off Naomi or worse, fridging her (although I guess that was already done when she was tortured by Emiko). Plus, as a fellow woman of colour, I like that she is Asian. (Sidenote: From CW's main cast, I just realized that Diggle is the only person of colour. Wow.) Felicity wouldn't be the same if they didn't have her as a computer genius at the very least, so I'm betting Fyff will go. However, this doesn't solve for the romantic undertones already there between Oliver and Naomi, and adding Felicity in the mix as a trusted colleague/romantic rival would be terrible. On the other hand, it would be kind of awesome to have Naomi join the CW and become BFFs with Felicity, who hasn't really interacted with any female peers other than Sara.
  5. pawneeranger

    Green Arrow In Comics

    Interesting news for DC's New 52 Green Arrow series. If Felicity Smoak is going to be reintroduced again in comics canon, I imagine this could play out in several different ways on the TV show and our Girl Wednesday's character development: Arrow Executive Producer Andrew Kriesberg and writer Ben Sokolowski have been tasked with writing the New 52 series and said their take would be "more about cross-pollination" in taking what worked for the show and the comic balancing them out. If this is the case, Felicity may be doing more than being just the brain of Team Arrow, because in Green Arrow comics canon this role is already occupied by Naomi Singh. Naomi comic plotlines could parallel Felicity's in Season 4 and beyond. I can't find anything else about Naomi's backstory, which is odd because it seems that she's in several GA comics. Everything that we hear in terms of the show sticking with "canon" re: Oliver/Laurel is now turned on its head because now they share the same creators. If Oliver/Felicity become comics canon, this is a way for TPTB to have their cake and eat it, too -- while also taking it to the bank.
  6. pawneeranger

    Spoiler Discussion Thread

    SA said that we would see if Oliver was telling the truth or not right at the beginning of S3. Since the show happens in real time and the premiere would be approx 5-6 months later, what if we discovered hints that Oliver and Felicity had already gotten together and broke up off-screen? (I feel like that happened in another show, I can't remember which one, but it would be really refreshing and outside the usual tropes.) We still get the slow burn of them getting together but with a twist and a little mystery, which also incorporates their tendency for flashbacks.
  7. pawneeranger

    Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I just had a thought about how the writers could allow Slade to kill "the one [Oliver] loves most" without jeopardizing any of their ships or fridging any female characters. Maybe Slade thinks Oliver loves himself the most. Everything Slade's done to break him (murdering Moira, destroying Starling City) is to kill Oliver Queen's humanity and sense of self (or any chance of becoming "the hero" he wants to be). If this is true, then in the finale, I agree that this probably will go back to Oliver injecting himself with Mirakuru and leads him to do something "unthinkable". This is why there is a lot of repetition about what it means to be a hero and thees of light and darkness. Someone feel free to poke holes in this idea, it's just that I think that it's too obvious a trope for the show to play something like this straight without adding some kind of twist. Especially with all the lead up and hype, if they wanted an impact, they would have kept it quiet and let viewers be stunned that x got kidnapped and Oliver loves this person. It feels like it's shipbaiting.
  8. *raises hand* I've been lurking the past few weeks, I recently have been catching up, but... Maybe all the focus on how she knows Oliver is misdirection. Wouldn't it be interesting if the writers tried to remedy all their Black Cat/Laurel issues by making Katie Cassidy's character realize SHE isn't who she thought she was?