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  1. Watching older episodes the last few days. have to say that JB gave Josh some good advice before the wedding (about how women feel and it being a partnership). Of course, there were some cringe things too (the sex stuff). But overall, he was pretty decent. You can see that he does love his family in many of the episodes.
  2. I could watch Jill and Derrick on thier missionary stuff all day. They are both so sincere. I don't like heart jewelry, but Derrick did a great job with the necklace. I too am liking Jim Bob on this trip (except for the whiny at the barber shop). Derrick needs togrow back the beard.
  3. It is so obvious that Jill and Derrick totally have the hots for each other. They're all giggly and googley eyed. They're very cute. This is the first time I've seen Jessa get smiley with Ben. I agree, she needs someone older. Jessa, if you need to be coached on how to react to your man...he is not the man for you.
  4. I missed most of the show because of storms. Just saw Nene and Charlie. Argentine Tango is my favorite and Nene ruined it! Knew she was gone when they put Charlie in danger. There is no way he was going home. I was so mad at Len, Charlies Paso was awesome. Yes there was a bobble, but he got the same scores as Danica and Nene? No way! Oh yeah, saw Danica too. I agree with Ricky, she is one tough chick! Oh yeah, Tony made a huge mistake with adding other dancers, especially when they did the same thing Nene did. Totally empasized how horrible she was.
  5. I really didn't like Meryl during the Olympics. she seemed so above it all and I just didn't see her looking joyful. In DWTS, she is showing personality and joy. I am really liking her now. I'm loving Danica, she's just such a nerd girl getting her geek on in a great way. If you watch the shows that Drew Carey has done, it's his supporting cast that make the show. if you watch him on "Whose Line" you can see he really doesn't have that great of a TV personality. I'm really liking Charlie's "this scoring is bullshit" attitude. He knows when he deserves a bad score and doesn't really loo
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