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  1. I’m not exactly sure how Amelia has screwed Link over, or how she’s supposed to fix it - he wants to get married and she doesn’t; they want different things, it’s nobodies fault and not immediately fixable.
  2. Alex was never on the board even though he had Cristina’s shares - him and Bailey had to fight it out for the vacant board seat, and the rest of the board voted for Bailey. Alex was prepping for the presentation he had to give for the board seat and wanted Meredith’s help, but she was distracted with figuring out if Maggie really was her sister or not. I’m not sure what happened to Bailey’s board seat when she became Chief though, I don’t think that was ever addressed.
  3. Didn’t he live in Meredith’s house for pretty much all of season 7? I think him and April moved in there after the hospital shooting, and then moved out when Meredith & Derek adopted Zola.
  4. We are 17 seasons in, and Superior-Subordinate relationships have been a thing on this show since Day 1. It doesn’t make it right, but given everyone else’s relationships that they are in (or have been in) that crossed the superior-subordinate gap, I’d have more of an issue with it if they made it a problem for Maggie & Winston. At least in this case, they’re both attendings.
  5. Barely even mentioned again?!... He screamed at her that she “killed their baby” in front of all their friends/colleagues at Zola’s birthday party - and then he cheated on her because of how much he hated her for the abortion. And he had kicked her out of their house before she had the abortion - telling someone your marriage may be over with if they have an abortion seems a like an attempt to control their decision. He also had no intention of going to hold her hand at first, he thought she had already had the abortion but then Meredith told him that she hadn’t so he s
  6. The last season of Station 19 carried on for a few episodes after Grey’s season ended, which put it ahead of Grey’s timeline by the end of the season. Andy’s dad dying was one of the things that happened on Station 19 after the end of Grey’s season - so this episode with all the jumping around probably puts them back on the same timeline going forwards.
  7. Shepherd’s pie is made with lamb mince. Beef mince is used in cottage pie though.
  8. I’m glad Jo is getting the help she needs. I’ve been a bit uncomfortable with the whole storyline, due to how her mother has been spoken about as being in the wrong and as if she did something terrible to Jo - rather than being recognised as the victim that she was/is. I get that Jo is depressed, and that Meredith and Alex are her people so they want to support her, but I feel that they’ve all been quite dismissive of the trauma that Jo’s mother went through and is still living with.
  9. If they were going to fly commercial from here, surely they would have just flown straight to Seattle... If I wanted to get to Seattle at short notice from London there are no less than 7 different airlines that fly direct - at only around £100 more than a flight to New York from London. I think they must be wanting us to believe that they took the private jet all the way from London. Also, I’ve lived in London for all 30 years of my life and I’ve never seen fog like that - so I don’t know why she said it reminds her of home.
  10. Teddy’s speech to Amelia about how Owen is the only one that’s every made her feel this exhilarated and passionate (or whatever) was problematic for me because it’s easy for her to feel that way when all they’ve ever had is the will they / won’t they “thrill of the chase” type of almost relationship. She’s basically just romanticising the fact that he keeps her running around after him, and consistently chooses other women over her. She has no idea what it is like to be in a proper committed relationship with Owen - beyond how she has seen him treat the other women he has been with, which i
  11. It doesn’t come as a complete surprise that DeLuca is taking the fall for Meredith... I mean didn’t he drop the charges against Alex a few seasons ago because Jo was scared of her identity coming out in court, and DeLuca thought he was in love with Jo. And then he was going to give up his career and life to go on the run with that other doctor (Sam?) before she got shipped off to Cristina. So we have already been shown him as a “falls hard & fast and doesn’t make rational decisions when in love” kind of guy.
  12. Even the picture on Nancy’s bookcase was of Mer, Derek & Zola on her 1st birthday - like she doesn’t even have a picture of all 3 of Derek’s kids to display. Obviously you couldn’t have one of Derek with all 3 kids, but it seemed weird that Bailey and Ellis weren’t on display.
  13. It makes me particularly sad given that Ma Shepherd knows first-hand how hard it is raising kids on your own after your husband dies.
  14. Pretty much all the characters on this show should be in jail. I would love to see the series end with every single one of them paying for their many crimes.
  15. As David Rosen said earlier this season... The constitution is going down in flames :P
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